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101 Ways to Get Paid to Write

Freelance writers are always looking for the next gig.

That’s the biggest problem they have, finding the next writing assignment.

Imagine having one resource that you could use exclusively to find your next paying client for the next 12 months or longer.

Seriously, this is finally possible with the resource that I created, 101 Ways to Get Paid to Write.

101 Ways to Get Paid to Write

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I remember when I first started out, I searched and searched the internet for gigs but I was not satisfied with what I found especially in terms of a complete and UPDATED listing of paying freelance writing gigs.  So, I decided to put one together myself.

Why? To begin with:

  • Craigslist is over rated.
    Many of these “job” posts for freelance writers come from non-clients who only want you to send in test articles that they will then steal, or they’re content mills who want you to write 1000 word articles for $1.
  • Job boards are redundant and highly competitive.
    The handful of job boards promote the same jobs in many cases as they re-share the same RSS feed.  Also, it’s difficult getting noticed when you have to beat out the best writers around, it’s very competitive.
  • Out dated information.
    I ended up getting frustrated after finding what I thought was a legit freelance writing opportunity only to later realize that the website hasn’t had an updated post in 6 months but meanwhile they claim they are paying writers.  This helps you waste your time not get paid.

So, here’s your FREE resource I hope it helps you make millions and when it does all I ask is that you take some of that money and help others in need #PayItForward.

Good Luck

Darnell Jackson