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3 ways to get over 6000 views on a brand new YouTube Channel

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NOTE:  In this video I tested a software brand new to me which was pretty cool for a free version.  I give it 3 stars but if you want the banner ads gone just know many of the bloggers in the #IBCT recommend Camstudio for professional results.

Getting attention online is a funny thing to do.  Not funny as in a joke when you are taking this online marketing thing seriously.  What is funny is the crazy stunts people pull trying to get attention online.  This foolishness rarely works.  Even streaking like Will Ferrall for clicks or shaving your head and tattooing your logo or something won’t work long term.

The question remains what can YOU do in order to get people to watch your videos online?

Seriously, why should I watch your video when I can check out the gazillion of new videos uploaded every day?  It’s been reported that 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

That’s a lot of options why should I choose you?

Here’s what I did to increase my YouTube Channel TruckLicense  from 0 to over 3500 views fast:

1.  Create a recognizable BRAND not just another account.  People seem respond and relate faster if they see a consistent online look and message.  This is your brand.  Use your logo and your tag-line as often as you can to build a reputation with people when you’re starting out.  If they cannot “relate” to who you are then they won’t be interested in watching your video.  WHAT TO DO: Get creative and use an original color scheme, logo, and music to separate you from everyone else.  Remember: QUALITY ALWAYS TRUMPS QUANTITY.

2.  The best way to get comments is to comment.  If you want people to notice your account once you need to have your branding together and at least one video uploaded.  You need to get out there and comment on other videos in your niche.  I recommend you use the Google video search and look for the latest videos in your genre to post comments.  If you post interesting comments they will get replies and then people will be interested in checking out your channel.  The next thing you know you’ll be getting all kinds of plays.  WHAT TO NEVER DO:  Don’t spam people. This will get you reported and potentially could get your account closed.  Spamming will hurt, not help you.  Instead try to ask interesting questions or make comments that add to the discussion.  Don’t just fill up the screen with copy/paste URLs to your page like a clown.

3.  Follow up.  Don’t let discussions go stale if people comment on your videos.  The faster you reply the better.  If you let these connections go “stale” then your views won’t increase as quickly as you want.  No, you don’t have to sit on YouTube all day but check it regularly or have an email sent to you when a comment is posted so you can reply quickly.  WHAT TO DO:  Always thank your commenters or do something to acknowledge them early.  They will then become subscribers to your channel or worst case will watch more of your videos.

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