Harsh Agrawal is the 3rd Annual 2014 #IBCT Champion

3rd Annual 2014 #IBCT Champion: ShoutMeLoud.com



Harsh Agrawal’s ShoutMeLoud.com is the 3rd Annual 2014 #IBCT Champion


Here’s some quick stats about his site:



Wait, what in the WORLD is the #IBCT?

In short the International Blogger Championship Tournament is a celebration of success.

It starts each year with the nomination of the top blogs in the world and after a four week competitive comparative exhibition tournament the champion is revealed as chosen by the people who vote.



What I learned from the 2014 #IBCT Champ Harsh Agrawal:


#1 – Success is objective.

It’s a numbers game.  It’s all about improving your online business in a meaningful and measurable way.

While many bloggers agonize over the smallest most insignificant design feature of their site like the color of the opt-in button on their “contact us” page Harsh seems to care less about any of this stuff.

He hasn’t updated his design theme in over a year and he seems content with improving on the hard numbers that indicate growth and improving engagement.

At the beginning of this years tournament when the nominations were released his Alexa rank was # 2700 and in just a few short weeks he’s already cut that ranking by nearly 400 positions.



#2 – It’s worth it.

Blogging seems like it’s very easy, you just type some words on the screen, add some pictures, and BAM you’re a HIT right?


If you want to get where Harsh is you need to know that it’s taken him over 2,000 days to get there. Here’s an inspiring post that he wrote about his journey at the end of 2013.


#3 – Content = Conversation = Conversion.

When you browse the latest posts on Harsh’s site you will notice a trend with the articles.

They all seem to spark a conversation. The most popular articles engage the audience to join in with the discussion and as you’ll notice these posts also have the highest number of social shares.

It takes knowledge of your audience’s objectives to accurately predict the content that they would be most likely interested in consuming, sharing, and discussing.

It’s one thing to get them to read a post it’s another to get them to comment and share–which in tern brings in more readers.

Harsh has figured out a brilliantly effective way to predict the exact topics that “shouters” (as his readers are called) want to discuss and share like their hair is on fire.



Now it’s time to hear from Harsh here he is accepting another award as he was also recently named the best blog in India:

I guess winning and success can be habit forming.  Ha haaaaaaaaa!

Congrats Harsh on all that you have accomplished in the last  year, you have proven that success is not just a fantasy but a reality and that example is critically important for everyone with aspirations of “making it” online one day.

Thanks for all that you do and here’s to many more years of unbridled success.



Now it’s over to you.

What did you learn from this years #IBCT?

Who would you nominate for #IBCT 2015?

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What's up! I'm Darnell the founder of Your Online Biz. I believe "We come from absolute greatness. Accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves." In 2012 I launched TruckLicense.net which redefined how to get a CDL without expensive trucking school. I also created the #IBCT - International Blogger Championship Tournament which features the top 64 blogs worldwide in a competitive comparative analysis. When you support me you help #PayItForward as I contribute 10% of my online income to help children in need.

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8 comments on “3rd Annual 2014 #IBCT Champion: ShoutMeLoud.com
  1. Really no doubt Harsh Sir, you are a real hero for many Indian blogger.
    At least I am also follow you.
    Congratulations sir for this award.

  2. I just remembered to come back to see how this all played out. Congrats to the top 2 bloggers that faced off against each other. Great job Darnell!
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…5 Ways To Reduce Spam On Your BlogMy Profile (dofollow)

  3. itechaleart says:

    Congratulations to Harsh Agrawal for sharing his knowledge with us. :)

  4. Pawan says:

    Congrats Harsh for this award and you are true inspiration to many Indian bloggers.
    Pawan recently posted…How to Increase Backlinks using InfographicsMy Profile

  5. Thanks Darnell
    Loved the write up and takeaways. Thanks from all the shouter for the award. :)
    Harsh Agrawal recently posted…13 Tried And Tested Tips For Solid Online Personal BrandMy Profile (dofollow)

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