Exclusive Interview with Aadith Sasi

Exclusive Interview with Aadith Sasi, a Website Flipper who’s Earned More than $100k+ Online

This week I’m pleased to feature Aadith Sasi the founder of XpacMedia in another exclusive guest post interview by Vishesh Kachheda.

This is the twenty-sixth edition of the what I learned interview series.



By Vishesh Kachheda


Who doesn’t like money, Huh?

Everyone loves it :D


Today, making money online is a keyword that is searched thousands of times every hour in search engines like Google.

Everyone has been thinking that Making Money Online is an easy task and because there are lots of people really making money online, they can do it too.

However, this isn’t completely true.

In reality there are many people making a living online, BUT it is not an easy task.   ;)


Aadith Sasi is someone who has really shown that making money online has a true meaning.

He is a Blogger, Website Flipper, and Internet Marketer who’s earned a lot of money online and is now running his own company XpacMedia.

  • XpacMedia offers Designing, Software Development, E-commerce setup, Event management, Internet marketing and Website flipping services.
  • Aadith Sasi, who is the Co-founder of this company has earned more than $100k+ from Blogging, Website Flipping and running Xpacmedia.

Now, I don’t think that $100k is a small amount ;) Do you?

No doubt, he has done a lot of hard work to achieve this.


Once, he was frustrated like many other newbies when he failed to make money from all the methods he tried, but he didn’t give up and today he’s being interviewed at YourOnline.biz

Let’s go to the discussion.



Please tell us a little about you, Aadith.



Hi, My name is Aadith Sasi currently pursuing B.Tech C.S.E (1st year) from Gurgaon Institute of Technology and Management (GITM). Apart from being a student by force I am an online Entrepreneur by passion.

My expertise is in making sites and flipping them.



What things you tried to make money online and which methods finally worked?


If you exactly ask I do not remember I have tried almost “N” Numbers of methods but rarely got success. Tried everything from Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika.

I lost everywhere almost but never lost hope that’s where I succeeded.

With a lot of hardwork I started generatining money from Adsense and then by chance I hitted Flippa.com one day and listed my site and sold it for $5000.

Meanwhile made some contacts with some SEO based companies and now I get regular work from them.



What things you do to get success in Flipping?


I never make sites for the purpose of flipping and mainly focus on making quality blogs rather than spam blogs. If you see all my accounts I have got only positive feedback till date because my main motive is to make the buyer happy with the deal.

I create a very attractive sale page which has all the points which one needs to buy the site. And remember honesty is the best policy.

Moreover I have a very helpful and good partner – Mr. Ankit Kumar.



What things you watch out for while buying a Website?


Source of traffic, Stream of revenue and whether the revenue is sessional or passive.


How do you create such successful Flippa listings?


As mentioned honesty is the best policy only sell things which will benefit the buyer.

I try to add all the details in the listing which impresses the buyer.



Please tell us some proven ways you use to get success in Flipping.



    • Never end your auction on weekends.
    • Ending time of the listing should be between 10 am to 5 pm (Timings according to UK and USA) because most investors are from these countries.



Other than Flipping, What are your sources of Income online?



I am currently having some SEO based contracts with Few U.K. And U.S. based companies. And currently started Logo Making, Software development, E-commerce setup. 



What is the total amount you made till date with Flippa and Website Selling?



I do not have any exact figure. But I believe I have crossed the $100k mark.



What are your future plans in the Online Marketing, Internet Marketing World?



My complete focus is on making XpacMedia a big company.

For me respect comes after money. So making something reputable is my dream.



Can you share some Income proofs with us?



Why not? Here are some.

Aadith PayPal (1)

Aadith Website Flipping




That’s it.  I really thank Aadith who gave me his time for the Interview. Thanks a lot bro.


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