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Ten facts about me, Darnell Jackson:

  1. I graduated from Florida A & M University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.
  2. I learned from the best of the best in corporate America from my professional IT gigs at Anheuser-Busch, Satyam, Citi, 3M, and Allstate.
  3. I have owned my own business for ten years.
  4. I was a captain on my High School football team.
  5. I was selected as a YMCA young black achiever.
  6. I once got Paid with Lil Wayne.  I negotiated a contract for a local group to perform as the opening act for a Lil Wayne concert.  I had an amazing time AND made thousands.  (Blog post coming soon.)
  7. I was the first person EVER to publish an audio interview with Gail Gardner of Growmap.com
  8. I know how to get domain names and articles ranked on page one of Google search too.  Example 1.  Example 2.  Example 3. Example 4. (Aritlces: Example 1.  Example 2.  Example 3Example 4.)
  9. I know how to Get Traffic.  I launched a marketing Campaign that resulted in over 300k 400k visitors.  I got over 8000 views on a brand new YouTube Channel.  My niche site consistently gets over 3000 visitors per month.  I grew my blog for 11 weeks back to back.
  10. I have doubled my social media followers on Twitter and Google+ multiple times.  I do not buy or recommend fake followers.  What I’m about is 100% real.

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The goal is to exceed your expectations with high quality information and service that works for you and your budget.

The mission is to become…

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I promise you the highest quality information and service for the best price anywhere.

Please let me know how I’m doing, thanks for the business.