Acer Aspire E1 Deboxing & Review

Acer Aspire E1 Deboxing & Review [VIDEO]


If you want professional results you have to use the right tool for the job.

I am not one of those types who thinks it’s all about owning the most expensive equipment and gadgets so you can show them off like a schmuck.

Recently a post by Yaro confirmed this thought for me.

Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest impact that’s why I recommend buying the best laptop possible for the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE.

It’s all about VALUE.

Why spend thousands of dollars on a laptop when you could buy two or three for that price?


4 Benefits of owning multiple laptops:

  1. Multi-task like a big dog.  This post took exta long to finish because I had to wait for the dang’on video to finish rendering. If I had another laptop then I would have saved time because I could have been writing this article while the video was rendering. 
  2. Backup the backup NO Do it LIVE.  It’s a good idea to have not only have a back up but a live sync’d secondary machine.  That way if you have a problem you don’t even miss a step. #BlogSoHard
  3. Convenience.  One laptop here one laptop there one laptop everywhere now you can work whenever you want around the house on the go whatever whenever without having to mess with your main set up on your desk.
  4. Price.  What will help your business more?  A $1500 tablet or a $400 laptop.   Admit it you want the tablet because it looks cool don’t you?  Why pay all that money for an iphone6 or a galaxy S5?  You can’t write your business plan on that tiny screen my friend.  


Why I recommend the Acer Inspire E1


#1 – The price is right.

Shout out to Bob Barker.

I have long said that laptops are just giant calculators.

There’s no sense in paying more for them than they are worth.

They’re run the same programs don’t they?


#2 – Reliability is proven.

I’m writing this post on the older Acer inspire model and I have been happy with my laptop for years.

The hard drive did crash on it once so I had to replace it but other than that no problem.

I blame the hard drive crash on Western Digital it’s not really Acer’s fault this is something that can happen on any laptop that uses WD drives.


#3 – Performance is impressive

My wife left her mac to come back to windows partially because of how much faster she noticed my cheap ass Acer was compared to her MacBook.

I would have several windows open at the same time and working on other things in Excel and Photoshop but the laptop wouldn’t strain a bit.

Now she’s been using the new Aspire E1 and I can tell she’s very happy with the upgrade.

Ha haaaaaaa mac fans!


Acer Aspire E1 specs:

Check out the main amazon page for all the technical details on the Acer E1 model Q5WPH.

Here’s the important stuff:

  • SCREEN SIZE:  15.6 inches
  • PROCESSOR: 2.4 GHz Core i3-2370M
  • DISC SPACE:  500 GB SATA Hard Drive
  • PORTS:  USB 2.0 Ports 3, HDMI, 1/8″ AUDIO/VIDEO
  • DRIVES:  8X DVD Read/Write
  • BATTERY LIFE:  Average Battery Life (in hours) 4.5 hours



Now it’s over to you.

What’s your take on laptops?
Which make model are you currently using? Are you planning on buying a new laptop soon?

How much do you plan to spend?

Want results? Get the Plugin.

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4 comments on “Acer Aspire E1 Deboxing & Review [VIDEO]
  1. Yeah I think you would be very happy with this new one from acer.

    Excellent value very light, quite, and great performance.

    Thanks for the feedback Daryl
    Darnell Jackson recently posted…The Most Important Podcast – ep1 – GET STARTED NOW!My Profile

  2. Daryl says:

    Interesting review!

    I’ve had an acer machine, worked well until it was stolen ( sniff)

    Personally, I’m moving from normal laptops to smaller notebooks. I don’t need a tablet (I don’t see the sense of it) but i DO need something lighter and smaller that I can move with easily, at least far more easily than I can with my current 17 inch laptop!
    Daryl recently posted…What Bacon Can Teach You About MarketingMy Profile (dofollow)

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