Adsense got you feeling down? Here are the Top Alternatives

TWO WORDS: Adsense Alternatives

WATCH this video from  Lisa Irby on a very important topic, GOOGLE ADSENSE.

Lisa’s blog 2createawebsite.com was nominated for the 2014 #IBCT and her video raises a very important concept that deserves attention:



With Google’s adsense advertising platform attracting attention these days for all the wrong reasons many bloggers are starting to look elsewhere for effective monetization strategies.

I thought I would take a second to point out some of the leading alternatives to adsense that you may not be aware of:



Thanks to Spencer Haws and Steve Scott we now KNOW that you can make MORE money promoting affiliate offers on your site than you could using Pay-per-Click ads.

Here are the most popular affiliate networks:

NOTE:  If you’re not up to speed on how affiliate networks work.  When you sign up as an affiliate you are given a unique URL or link to promote the product of your choice.  When someone clicks this link and makes a purchase you earn a percent of the sale that varies based on the product and network from as low as 7% with Amazon to as high as 75% with many products on Clickbank.


#2 – Direct Advertisement

Believe it or not you could monetize your site by selling advertisement space directly to the businesses and brands that need to promote their offer, product, or service.

Here’s the most popular direct advertisement sites:


#3 – Pay-Per-Click Alternatives to Adsense

If you just love hearing the “cha ching” sound of change piling up from clicks and you don’t want to leave PPC ads quite yet here’s some alternative networks to consider:

  • Yahoo BING Media.net  - I don’t know how they do it but MSN, BING, LIVE, YAHOO whatever have confused everyone with what is going on with their shared ad management service.  If you can figure it out good luck I haven’t used Yahoo’s Bing or whatever it’s called ad platform before but it is an alternative to Adsense.
  • Chitika.com - Chitca ads have been known to attract clicks by the way they integrate recent search data into the ad that’s displayed.  This is comparable to what Google does but in a smaller scale.
  • Advertising.com - This is an AOL owned company.
  • blogads – Designed for bloggers.
  • AdBrite.com – Here’s a review from Yaro on AdBrite.



 #4 – Publish your own Product

This is why I believe it’s critical for all businesses that sell services to publish a product.  Especially an informational or educational product which has many positive side effects such as:

  • Establishing you as an expert.
  • Increases credibility.
  • Gives your prospects an opportunity for you to exceed their expectations.  If they buy something from you and it’s only $12 but they feel like it was an amazing value worth much more then they will be more likely to hire you.


With that said here’s my recommendations for self publishing:

#1 – Amazon or no?

Make a decision early if you’re going to publish your product on Amazon like Steve Scott and Rob Cubbon or not.


Amazon can be tricky to figure out and you’ll need to have some patience and stick-to-it-ive-ness to hang in there until you get your product selling.  The is true for all platforms but especially for Amazon.

However, don’t be discouraged because Amazon publishing can be very lucrative when done right as Spencer Haws has proven but it also can be frustrating as it can be a tedious process.

DONT MISS:  APE Review – 20 reasons why you should read the new book by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch

#2 – JVZOO

I strongly recommend Jvzoo for first time self publishers because they take care of all the hard work for you and make it easy.

Especially if your product is digital which I STRONGLY recommend. This means you don’t have to worry about (or pay someone to worry about) shipping, postage, logistics, and all that confusion. When someone clicks “buy” they immediately have access to your digital product rather it’s a training video series, a digital book, etc.

ALSO just like CLICKBANK (which I recommend if you’re a little more experienced and tech savvy) Jvzoo has tons of marketers who want to make money promoting new products.  If they see an opportunity to make money in your niche they may link to your offer and make money with you.  A great way to incentivize this is by offering very high commissions like 60% or higher.

#3 - PayLoadz.com

If you want to sell your product direct through PayPal eventually you will realize that somehow you have to find an effective way to send your customers their orders.

Well, payloadz.com makes this all too easy.

They take care of the secure delivery of your digital product and they charge a monthly fee or they take a percent of the sale as their fee.

Also, they offer an affiliate management feature so you can offer to other affiliate marketers the opportunity to sell your highly sought after product or training series as an affiliate and earn a commission.






I sure hope not.

It took me a while to figure out  a system that works where I was generating some decent money on Adsense (but now I gotta pay the tax man THANKS OBAMA ha haaaaaaaaa!!! #justhavingfun).

In all seriousness,  I strongly recommend that newbie bloggers at least try using adsense because it will confirm some skills that you will need to develop in order to really make money online the smart way and that means PASSIVELY.

The lesson is, you have to be responsive with your content based on performance.  Traffic is important but CONVERSIONS make the world go round.

The cool thing about adsense is it gives you immediate feedback on what’s working when and after making adjustments over time it almost becomes like a video game or something.

I have to say it’s very exciting to make a tweak to your website and come back at the end of the day to see that you just made more money because of a small change.


This is especially for you.  You can’t keep depending on writing new articles forever for new money.  This is a poor strategy that will only end in burnout, frustration, and disappointment.

Instead of fighting with the inevitable why not focus on diversifying your income by participating in the world of blogging or self publishing?

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3 comments on “TWO WORDS: Adsense Alternatives
  1. udit khanna says:

    Thank you for sharing an informative post.
    Believe it or not you could monetize your site by selling advertisement space directly to the businesses and brands that need to promote their offer, product, or service.

  2. Umapathy says:

    Hi Darnell,

    I love adsense. Though we have several alternatives to it, nothing can beat it.

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