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Alex Jones is crazy, like a fox.

I want you to be successful.

I want you to ask yourself if you actually want the same or if you’re just playing games and going through the motions.

Is your HEART really in it?


People claim they’re doing what they love.

They tell people about how much passion they have for their niche and how important it is and blah, blah, blah.



You’re passionate?


Alex Jones appeared on CNN earlier this week and the interwebs have been buzzing ever since.  Alex is best known for his website INFOWARS.COM and his syndicated talk show “The Alex Jones Show”.  

He’s earned a reputation for straight up “going off” when it comes to matters of Freedom and Liberty.  If you’ve ever listened to his show then you’re not surprised at his behavior on Monday night when he appeared on CNN with Piers Morgan.

I decided to write this article just to bring attention to this extremely important point for entrepreneurs.




If it is you are missing a huge opportunity.

Online business owners want people to do stuff.  They want strangers to become blog readers, then subscribers, and finally customers.

Entrepreneurs spend tons of time and money on advertising with the sole purpose of convincing the public to buy their products and services.

This is the hard way to do it.

The easiest way is to realize that there are already more than enough people who already agree with your point of view and all you have to do is find them, NOT SELL THEM.




1. Identify yourself. 

Understand that motivated customers already have a desire to do business with people that they feel support their causes.

Example #1: I always support Donna Deegan an ex-anchor on a local CBS news affiliate because she helped my Auntie who died of breast cancer.  If I had to describe Donna’s passion about helping women suffering with cancer I would have to say she’s “CRAZY” about it.    Here’s a women that goes out of her way to send money, support, and genuine love to people she’s never met.  She could go shopping for shoes instead if she wanted.  Who does stuff like this?  Crazy people.

Example #2:  For the past few years the NFL has IDENTIFIED it self as a breast cancer awareness advocate by encouraging its players to wear pink.  The business justification was that this would be an effective way to connect with more FEMALE fans and support a worthy cause, a WIN-WIN.  However, many people thought they were CRAZY to pull a stunt like this.


2. Speak up. 

Corporate America proudly shows off which candidate they support and which bills they think should be passed or blocked.  Everyone is used to seeing this but for some reason entrepreneurs choose to play it safe and “go politically correct”.  BIG MISTAKE.

This “employee mindset” of speak when you’re spoken to will not get you the entrepreneurial success you want.

For best results speak up about the issues that correspond to your values, products, and services with passion from a leadership standpoint.

In 2011 Wikipedia and other major sites organized a BLACKOUT where their websites were blacked out for an entire day to protest pending online censorship laws.

When I read the announcement by Jimmy Wales that he would be taking down one of the most popular websites in the world to protest censorship I thought, “IS THIS MAN CRAZY?”.

Last year Alex Jones organized a petition to deport CNN’s Piers Morgan a British subject for trying to tell American citizens what to do with their guns .  The petition was quickly signed by over 100,000 Americans.



I used to watch the talking heads on television and get soooooooooo mad at this issue or that issue and then I realized I was being played like a recorder. (Shout out to everybody who played hot crossed buns back in the day, lol) 

I realized that there are only two options for an entrepreneur when it comes to dealing with politics.

Big corporate media already knows this.  That’s why they seem more interested in “egging it on” than actually getting to the bottom of anything.  The more you listen its like the more confused and frustrated you get.  

They’re all about promoting the spectacle of the debate because it pushes their ratings higher which increases their advertising rates, revenues, and profits.

As an entrepreneur you need to learn from this and integrate what you deem effective into your marketing strategy.


Alex Jones is crazy?  Yeah, crazy like a fox with a masters in marketing.

This article’s headline could have read:

  • Alex Jones on how to get $20 million dollars in free publicity.
  • Alex Jones holds clinic on how to create exponential viral content.
  • Alex Jones on how to make you’re brand unforgettable.
  • Alex Jones on how to become a Legend in the eye of YOUR audience.


BLAND kills.



Yeah, Alex Jones is crazy, he’s an absolute madman, so out of his mind that:

1.  His blog is more popular than the most popular blogger in the world.

  • Alex Jones‘ Infowars.com has a Page rank of 7 and is ranked by Alexa #1808.
  • Daren Rouse’s Problogger.net has a Page rank 6 and is ranked by Alexa #3652.

Think about that for a second.  

The Piers Morgan “blog” page on CNN’s website has a Page rank of 8 and is ranked by Alexa #71.  Obviously Piers doesn’t own CNN he’s just an employee.)

2.  His YouTube channel is by far more popular than CNN’s.

  • Alex Jones’ YouTube channel has 348,463 subscribers and 262,173,858 video views.
  • CNN has 112,033 subscribers 107,338,703 video views.

His YouTube channel has more than TWICE the number of views as CNN’s official YouTube page and THREE times more subscribers.

Meanwhile Piers Morgan’s show on CNN averages only about 300k viewers per week on television and has been steadily declining since he replaced the legendary AMERICAN talk show host Larry King.  Actually CNN’s ratings as a network have been on a declining trend for months.



If you want to get attention talk about the important issues that reflect your personal values and your business.

You’re missing a huge opportunity by publishing the usual bland “How to blah blah blah” articles when everyone else online is going banana’s over the latest controversial story.


People who follow political issues are driven by their passion and will take action.

If you use strategy you can convert this into traffic, subscribers, and sales.

Think I’m joking?  Catch an episode of The Alex Jones show and you’ll get a lesson for how to promote affiliate products.  This man is crazy alright crazy like a fox.

When it comes to your online business don’t be a chicken.

Want results? Get the Plugin.

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5 comments on “Alex Jones is crazy, like a fox.
  1. Josh Courter says:

    Not only has his craziness made him well known but he is know able to get well known guests on his show such as Dave Mustaine (of Megadeth) and Mike Judge (creator of Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill).

  2. Justin says:

    Wow Darnell, I saw that Alex Jones video on the David Icke Website a week ago. I am not a fan nor foe of Alex Jones but I do understand how popular he has become.

    You are right about the need to have a viewpoint and not be afraid to ruffle some feathers.
    Justin recently posted…Mazzastick Personal Growth Blog Turns Two Years OldMy Profile

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