Interview with Amal Rafeeq the 17 yr old Blogger Making Money Online

What I learned from Amal Rafeeq the founder of BloggerDoc.com

This week I’m pleased to feature Amal Rafeeq the founder of BloggerDoc.com in a guest post by Vishesh Kachheda.

This is the Twenty third edition of the what I learned interview series.



Here are some stats about his main blog.


Domain Registration Date – Feb 16 2013

Alexa Rank – 47,690

Twitter Followers – 13,091

Facebook Likes – 1,769

Google+ Circles – 352



by Vishesh Kachheda

Today, Thousands of Blogs are made every day but most of them very soon get shut-down.

Have you ever thought why this happen?

There is only ONE simple answer! MONEY!

The majority of new Bloggers come to this beautiful Blogging world just in search of Money! Nothing else. They see other successful Bloggers making huge money and also see many of them surviving on Blogging only.

Everyone thinks ‘If he can make Money, I also can!

But let me tell you, there are only few who really get success in making big money online.

One of them is Amal Rafeeq! He is basically a Blogger and more than that, An Affiliate Marketer. He has shown that if you want anything, get it!

His Online Entrepreneurship has not started a long way back. He is still a ‘newbie’ in this field but already has kicked off many OLDies.

He is like an All-rounder. Be it Blogging, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Web Designing, he has done it all and not only done, he has ‘dominated’ them all.

Today, he makes a LOT of money online by Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Consultancy Services etc.

His blog is a well-known thing for Blogging, SEO, ‘Make Money’ lovers.

So let’s talk!



Please tell us a little about you.


I’m not actually good at Talking about myself, but I think I’ll give it a shot. I’m Amal, and I’d like to go by Zion, I know this sound weird. My dream is to become an Infopreneur.

I can solve Rubik’s cube in 8 minutes and I’m from Kerala, India. Can’t stop myself from saying that “Purple” is my favorite color.

As I speak, I’m 17 years old and doing +2 – Computer Science. I just love Infinite writing and I get pleasure outta seeing the traffic on my blog and conversions on my sales go high. Speaking about my blog, I’m trying to help people make money online by doing Internet Marketing the right way through BloggerDoc.

I just love doing Affiliate Marketing and I hope I can do something to help you climb up on that with this interview. Thanks to Vishesh for featuring me and Darnell for approving it.



When and how you got into Blogging and Internet Marketing?


I was always fancied by Technology stuffs.

I liked tweaking things and later my interest shifted into hacking online accounts. I and my best pal then started learning how to hack Facebook and Emails. We found fun breaking into accounts of Classmates and getting them into fights.

Blogs on tweaking technology were we spent the most time on learning them. I always had a habit of observing the places I’m on. So I thought about blogs.

I became friends with one of the SPAMMY blogger who copied craps. I asked him why he was doing it and was actually a bit confused on hearing that he was making money through it.

It was 15 and from there, the research begins and I started building blogs on free platforms and became just another Spammy Blogger who copied and pasted stuff.

I didn’t make even a penny on the first 5 to 7 months. But I knew there was a point behind all those blogs. So finally, things started working for me.

And now, I can’t even think of a day without checking my ClickBank analysis, Email or Traffic stats.




What is your main source of Online Income?


70% of the money I make online is from Affiliate sales. I just love earning commissions by helping people to get the right product and helping companies to get more conversions.

Even though AdSense doesn’t work well on BloggerDoc, it’s gaining me at least 150$ to 200$/ month from my two micro niche blogs.

I rarely get hit by advertisers. But when I do, I squeeze them out real hard.

I also earn a portion by doing online marketing consultancy, that’s simply earning for talking.



How do you get more quality leads to your website?


I’d like to answer that in a simple way – “Get into places where Quality Audience gathers“.
You can only drive targeted traffic when you dance the heck out of you on crowded places and grab some real attention.

All of us have the promotional stuff and strategies on our heads. But, have you ever thought of the results you’ll make when you actually convert them into Actions other than just Plans? It’ll be Tremendous!

You always have to be one step ahead of your competitors. Think double time and work double time. When you get an idea popping on your head for promoting your content, doing a guest post or anything worth it, don’t just think that you’ll do it later or it’s not going to work.

Because you’re erasing some real plus points on the results and you’ll one day see your competitor doing it. That’ll be an Epic Fail, right? And you seriously don’t want that.

If you’re going to do something, do it like it is inevitable!



When you do it, do it Awesome!  Agree?



If you’re writing a post or a guest post, write like a pro, talk like a pro and link like a pro. This secret ingredient will help you to gain success on any field.

I think I’m throwing you off from the question! Try to be more active on online discussions. Social Media is a great way to target quality leads.

And make sure you’re content is well optimized for search engines and build quality links to it.

Do a 30% to 70% on writing content to promoting it. You need to stick your audience with you using Social Networks and Email lists to go up the ladder.

Try this bonus trick for getting more readers to your articles:-

After you make sure the main keyword is in the title of the post, try to make it a magnetic one. The fact is that, when you share something, the Title is the first thing that’s seen and it’s what makes the decision on the people’s mind whether to click on it or not.

So, try something that really drives them into the post.

Writing titles that arise question, confusion, excitement or fear will increase the CTR to +90%.

Consider you are writing an article on “Face Skin Care”, try something like – “Magical Spells To Make Your Skin Glow and Face Looks like A Princess”. This will promise something valuable to the users and they’ll be automatically converted into your readers.



Why are you into Affiliate Marketing so much?



Like I told you before, I just love a process that makes the three parties happy. I’m getting happy by earning a commission, the buyer gets happy for getting a product that satisfies his needs or helps him, and the company/seller gets happy for getting more conversions. Well, who doesn’t want to be happy? :D

When you do Affiliate Marketing, you just need to grab hold of an audience who is willing to buy. And you also need to ability to convince them to make them buy it through you. There is not much money investment involved in it though.

40% of my income through Affiliate Marketing is from conversions which get me  70%+ commissions. And the best thing – once you have an autopilot system, you don’t have to worry much about working hard till you get crazy.



What do you suggest us on ‘How to become a better Affiliate Marketer?’



All kind of internet marketers needs to grab hold of a strong audience. But, as their jobs differ, their monetization model and unique selling proposition changes, but Affiliate Marketing is simple as this. Recommend the game changer to them, and Change the Game.

I can tell you that, Affiliate Marketing is not going to work for you until you have a loyal audience. Don’t try shouting out for a product already when you don’t have any people to hear them. It will only disappoint you.

What you need to do first is, create something solid, target the right audience and grab them. And only after you gain their trust and love; recommend the right products and the right time to them.

This will work for you.



What else can you give to your readers to Survive on the Internet?



If you keep one thing in mind, you’ll survive anywhere. “Miracles doesn’t happen Overnight, and it’s going to be tough nights for you if you want that to happen. So, work tough!”

Be it any kind of marketing, you have to keep working hard and smart till you find your way around. When you get an idea to do, don’t just bring down your heat, do it right away.

I think I’m out of words. Observe the successful, think and rethink, calculate, plan and work like hell.


Thank you for spending your precious time answering my Questions Amal. I am sure your answers will help many.


Here’s the PROOF Income screenshots below:




What I leaned from Amal Rafeeq:


1. Never give up!


I am close friends with Amal and I have seen him get into trouble many times but his quality is to stand out loud again and again! He has done everything he wanted to do. He never backed up!


2. Online Presence is a must.


If you look into his Social Networking accounts, you will see that he has a large number of Followers everywhere. Also, he is ‘present’ on very single platform which is strongly needed for us Bloggers. It helps him to get some quality readers and so conversions from Social networks.


3. Always help newbies.


This is the quality I like the most about him! He always comes up as a supporter to anyone who asks him to help! I personally asked him for help many times and he has never disappointed me. I always do cherish after talking and getting the help from him.


4. Age! No matter.


He has shown everyone that Age is no bar for success! Young people can also taste the same success as the ‘BIG’ ones out there. Although, he is very young, he is not behind anyone in any field. Be it Writing, Promoting, Online Presence, Affiliates etc.


5. Quality is more important than Quantity.


If you stumble-upon his blog, you’ll find that even If he doesn’t write every day but when he writes, it’s simply awesome. I am a strong follower of his blog and every single Post written by him is adorable and helping to everyone J


That’s it! I again thank Amal for allowing me interview him and appreciate YOU for reading it.  Don’t miss the first interview in the what I learned series featuring Steve Scott – The Six-Figure Affiliate Blogger.


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11 comments on “What I learned from Amal Rafeeq the founder of BloggerDoc.com
  1. Ken Atodahl says:

    Thank for the interview. We sure did learn something from Amal too.
    Ken Atodahl recently posted…Visit SiteMy Profile

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hi Vishesh and Darnell,

    Well this is an unusual type of guest post but I enjoyed your interview of Amal. He’s visited by blog a few times so I guess you could say we’ve met. Nothing like what Ryan did having the opportunity to meet him in person.

    I appreciate what Amal shared though because I keep preaching this a lot over at my place. You have to get in front of enough of the right people but once you do and Amal can attest that it’s never a waste of time, great things can start to happen.

    I really enjoy what he had to share and I so admire someone who is that young and is just going after what he enjoys doing. Oh how I wish I could have done that at his age.

    Thank you both and for to Darnell also. Hope you’ve had a great weekend and looking forward to what next week will bring.

    Adrienne recently posted…Warning: Some Backlinks Can Harm Your BlogMy Profile (dofollow)

  3. Hi Vishesh and Darnell,

    Amal is one of my dear online friends. I met him in person last week in Muhamma and must say, the guy is one of the most knowledgeable, creative and kindest people I have ever met.

    He fully re-designed my blog and graciously opened the door for me on his blog.

    Awesome interview and an even better guy.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How to Create Blog Content When You Are Sick of Creating Blog ContentMy Profile (dofollow)

  4. Sourav says:

    Hey Vishesh !
    First of all thanks for interviewing this great blogger. He has always helped me with his awesome tips.
    Amal, mate thanks for your valuable suggestion and your secret about earning from your blog. :)

    Sourav recently posted…Top Internet Marketing Ideas For 2013My Profile

  5. Benny Mathur says:

    Nice!! Amal Now try getting publish in newspapers just like me ;) online is not good enough

  6. Cool Interview.. The best thing what i like in Amal that his content is always awesome. He has the power to write content in such a manner which can convert visitors to sales.. Good going bro. Keep it up.. (y)

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