What I learned from Bamidele Onibalusi Q&A with the founder of WritersInCharge.com

What I learned from Bamidele Onibalusi Q&A with the founder of WritersInCharge.com

This week I’m pleased to feature Bamidele Onibalusi the founder of WritersInCharge.com

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This is the thirteenth edition of the What I learned interview series.




Ok everybody all together lets say it out loud,

Bami-dele  Oni-Bal-usi

See, it’s not that hard to say and actually it’s a cool ass name if you ask me.

However, that’s not why I wanted you to meet the founder of WritersInCharge.com also known as YoungPrePro

Here’s some quick stats about his site:


  • Domain Registered:
    MAR 2013 WritersInCharge.com

  • Alexa Traffic rank: 61,571

  • Subscribers: 6,000+

  • Twitter followers: 1,802

  • Facebook likes: 789

  • Google+ circles: 151


I fist learned about Bamidele’s site when I was researching blogs for the #IBCT.

I noticed one of his guest posts on ProBlogger last year and since then I’ve been following his blog.

What caught my eye was the STRATEGY that he uses and recommends for anyone who wants to write for a living.

Bamidele  is one of the most prolific freelance writers around because of his focus one important thing:

He let’s the fish chase the boat.

In other words, he doesn’t spam prospects all day with pitches begging for writing gigs, instead he has demonstrated how to put together a system that attracts clients like bees to honey.

Most people overlook important stuff like preparation and strategy.

Most people don’t earn enough money from writing to live a comfortable lifestyle either.


Ok, alright enough of me, let’s go to the interview with Bamidele Onibalusi the founder of WritersInCharge.com


This month marks the three year Anniversary for YoungPrePro.com if you had to describe “how you did it” in three words what would they be? Explain.


It’s indeed 3 years; it was like Yesterday that I started.

While it’s easier to write thousands of words explaining how I did it, I think what really made the difference was my tenacity; I was 16 when I started, had no blogging or writing experience and couldn’t make a cent from my blog until after 8 months of real hard work.

Ultimately, I think the real key to the success of my blog is not giving up; by not giving up, through trial and error and studying others, I was able to learn what works and what doesn’t and as a result I was able to take my business to the next level.

In other words, as long as you’re persistently determined, even if there were a secret you’ll end up finding out sooner than later.




Finish this sentence:


Bloggers should use Social Media to build __________ not ____________. Explain.



I’m not really into social media, so I’m not sure I’m the best person to answer this question.




In order to become a successful carpenter you have to know how to measure and cut wood. What skill would you say is most important to becoming a successful blogger?



I think the key to being a successful blogger is flexibility… you must be able to bend at wheel.

Things change a lot online, drastically, and what works last year might no longer work today; other than just reading some top article on what the best way to be successful is, keep testing things yourself and be ready to adapt when you see something that works.



Do you feel your 2010 guest post for ProBlogger about Myths bloggers must ignore is still accurate today? What would you add to the list from 2013?


I’m glad you remember that post :) Yes, I still think the advice in that post is spot on; taking a look at it again right now, there isn’t a single thing I’ll add to the list.



In order to have what you’ve never had you must do what you’ve never done. Can you name something you had to do outside of your comfort zone that directly contributed to your success?


In my early days of blogging, something I did out of my comfort zone was working as hard as I can; I was easily working an average of 10 hours a day writing guest posts for other blogs as well as writing content for my blog;

I’m not much of a fan of social media and I’m not as addicted to movies then as I am now, so I spent that time doing real writing and connecting online.That led to over 300 of my guest posts being published within a year and it was worth it eventually.

There’s a lot of distraction online today and while most people will want some fancy advice on what it takes to succeed, the reality is that hard work is really what it takes to succeed.







Fav Cell phone: Iphone, Android, other


Android; I’m not really into cell phones and I can’t afford getting the most recent iPhone every time it is released :)


Fav OS: Windows, Apple, Linux


Windows; I started with it and it has always met my needs so I currently see no reason to change.



Fav Social Media platform: FB, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google+, etc.


Facebook; I don’t really use social media but I’ve been spending hours weekly playing pool on Facebook lately, so it’s currently my top choice :)


What I learned from Bamidele Onibalusi the founder of WritersInCharge.com:


#1 – For best results use STRATEGY.

It’s not about “fairness”; it’s about reality which actually has it’s own way of determining what’s “fair”.

Have you ever heard, “the early bird get’s the worm?” Yeah it’s something like that.

If you are prepared and you understand what drives people to make a decision then you will fare much better in your blogging career.

Imagine getting a book deal offered to you instead of peddling your ideas to publishers and editors all day.

What do you think could make something like this happen, knowing the right person, getting “the hook up”, blind luck?  

NO, a simple strategy based on common sense and preparation.


#2 – You don’t NEED social media to be a writer silly.

Ha haaaaaa!


Now you have proof that you don’t need to be the king of Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ if your goal is to get paid to write.

It’s something that could get in your way and obviously it’s not a requirement for success so you don’t NEED it.

So, if you are not making enough money writing do you think you should spend more or less time on social media this week?

I hope you answered LESS TIME on social media and MORE TIME writing.


#3 – It Takes Hard work.


It’s supposed to be difficult to make it to the top right?

I always look at success like hiking up a steep hill or a mountain.

It’s ALWAYS easier to walk DOWN the mountain than UP isn’t it?

Also, it’s interesting that it’s always more and more difficult to reach the top as you get higher.

For blogging or freelance writing this concept is exactly the same.

That’s why you notice the TOP bloggers creating extremely difficult content like the BLOGGING CHALLENGE where Bamidele build’s a blog from scratch and documents the process so that you can do the same yourself.

It takes a TON of time and work to build a new website and write about the project while you’re actually building it.

There’s only 24 hours in a day so it just shows hard work really is the path to success, there are no shortcuts.



I want to thank Bamidele Onibalusi for taking the time to do this interview.

I know you could have wrote an article and GOT PAID but instead you shared knowledge and I appreciate it bro, thank you.



That’s it for this episode.

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9 comments on “What I learned from Bamidele Onibalusi Q&A with the founder of WritersInCharge.com
  1. I’ve been reading a few articles about him.
    All I can say is : he’s a true inspiration for Nigeria and Africa at large.

  2. Kevine says:

    Bamidele is the real deal if you want a freelance writing strategy that works. This article was written in 2013 but the advice is timeless

  3. Darnell,

    Thank you for sharing this. I am very impressed with Bamidele. Putting 10 hours for work everyday? He is such a very hardworking person!

    Charles Crawford recently posted…10 Strategies for Dental MarketingMy Profile (dofollow)

  4. Thanks so much for the opportunity to be interviewed on your blog, bro! I appreciate it :)
    Bamidele Onibalusi recently posted…How To Conduct Your Freelance Writing Business Like A Police OfficerMy Profile

  5. Darnell,
    Bamidele has done well for himself. Imagine putting 10 hours everyday? That’s what I call hard-work bro.
    He’s not into social media and he managed to go this far? Impressed!
    To be honest, guest blogging is the way forward, I will advice newbies to focus more on this area.
    Btw, his interview will be live on my blog later this week.
    Thanks for sharing. Good job.
    Oluwaseun Babajide recently posted…Interview with Ammar Ali of Allbloggingtips.comMy Profile

  6. Kingsley Agu says:

    Fantastic interview!
    I love reading his blog – It always gives me new ways of writing up my contents. He’s indeed a blessing to this generation.

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