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Case Study: Can you talk your way to the top? The early results of my blog comment campaign. (Dec 13 2012)

++(This case study started on Dec 13 2012)


Understand yesterday, take action today, dominate tomorrow.

This was the thought that popped in my mind.


How can I learn from the results of my activities faster so that I can optimize my efforts more effectively?

This was the challenge.


I’ve never been the type to obsess over my traffic stats.  I’ve always focused on creating content.  Typically I’d check my website stats every other day or so but I didn’t really dig into them too deep until maybe the end of the month.

What I noticed was by then I’d blown it. BIG PROBLEM.

Too many days had passed before I had a chance to make a change that could have improved my results.


So I decided to start a case study.

I’ remembered a lesson I learned in my previous life working in corporate America:

“You only get what you measure.”

This week my goal was to test a new promotion campaign and compare the results to last week so that I could “trim the fat” and optimize my activities.  Here are some details about this experiment:

  • Control period: 3 days:  December 3-5th 2012  - Last week
  • Test period:  3 days: December 10-12th 2012 – This week
  • Report date:  I am writing this on December 13th 2012.

Last week I completed my typical promotion activities which included:

  • Sharing relevant posts on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.
  • Posting quality comments on other blogs.
  • Submitting guests post.

Starting this week I modified my activities slightly for the test:

  • Shared relevant posts on Twitter and Facebook without change.  On Google+ instead of sharing posts to the main stream I also shared on relevant community pages.  This feature is brand new to Google+ so I decided to tested it.  I didn’t go crazy or spam 100 links I just posted a link here or there, no big deal.
  • Posted quality comments only on a select few blogs.  I also made an effort to be the first one to comment and I was successful multiple times.
  • Submitted guest posts. - no change

Here’s an image of the results click to enlarge (opens a new window):


What I found was very shocking to me.

Even though I was focusing on referral traffic I was still blown away at the results of my test.

  • Traffic.  Referral visitors to my site from other websites increased over 260%. More than doubling the amount from before, WOW.
  • Pageviews.  This ever important metric gauges how connected people are with your website.  If people are interested in your site then they will read multiple pages. During the test period visitors checked out 83% more pages than they did before.
  • Average visit duration.  “Come back and stay a while.”  That’s what your elders say and that’s what we need our website visitors to do in order to be successful.  During the test period visitors hang out on my site 61% longer than they did before.  That’s 42 seconds longer which may not seem like a long time but in the internet world it’s an eternity.  The average TV commercial is 30 seconds and YouTube is desperately trying to get you to watch them before you play videos but do you?
  • New Visitors.  Not that returning visitors are bad it’s just that the life blood of any website is driven by NEW visitors.  During my test period almost 30% more new visitors showed up than before.
  • Bounce rate.  This is an indicator of how many visitors are basically like “I’m about to bounce” or “I’m outta here.”  It’s a calculation on the percent of visitors that leave the site on the same page they entered without clicking on anything.  They just walk in and walk out.  During my test period my bounce rate decreased by over 23%.  That’s a good thing.
Lessons learned:
Make a list and check it twice.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist hey it’s Christmas time give me a break :)
Seriously, Make a list of the top blogs in your niche and take action:
Here’s what I did during my test period to drive my stats into the GREEN all across the board:
  1. Make a VIP list of the select blogs that you want to engage with.  There. I had to harp on it one last time. :)
  2. Make commitment to be the first one to comment but don’t post “I’m first or #1″  like an idiot.  This is a great example of a wasted post that really should be deleted.  You cannot afford to waste any posts or time.  Focus on being the first person to post a comment and make it count.  Don’t post just for links and never ever spam.  Use comments as an invitation to ADD value to the discussion.  This is your chance to make a memorable comment that would lure a response and make a lasting impression.
  3. Subscribe to their email list.  This is a great way to build a better connection so when you post comments you’ll actually have something relevant to say.  Get in the know.
  4. Follow bloggers on Social Media.  Another excellent way to get a better understanding about the bloggers you are following.  There’s a ton you’ll learn about the blogger and their blog through social media.
Just remember you have two ears and one mouth.  If you knew better you would do better. Listen at least twice as much as you speak if not 10x’s as much.  That way when you finally say something people will listen.  Make it count.


++This post was originally written on Dec 13 2012. Updated today with videos and shout outs.


Big shout out to Matt at Online Income Teacher thanks for the tip bro I appreciate it.

Peace to Brian at Copy Blogger and Marcus at The Sales Lion I’ve learned a ton from both of you dudes.


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8 comments on “Case Study: Can you talk your way to the top? The early results of my blog comment campaign. (Dec 13 2012)
  1. Sharkwave93 says:

    There are some very great tips here. I find blog marketing a pain in the arse to be honest. It’s very time consuming and quite frankly boring.

    I just want to write some quality articles and not worry about marketing. I guess that’s just in a perfect world ;)
    Sharkwave93 recently posted…How Was The Sun Formed In The Universe?My Profile

  2. Of course, if you’d been reading my blog for a couple of years you’d have seen that I actually wrote a post about that whee I compared writing a guest post on a popular blog, posting my links in multiple social media spaces, and blog commenting. Commenting kidded everything else; it’s always been the magic lamp.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Better Blogging, Part OneMy Profile (dofollow)

  3. I hear you, loud and clear. Thanks for the great post!

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