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SUCCESS. Is that what I’m afraid of? +What happened at Art Walk Wednesday.

Have you ever tried placing two magnets together on the same side? Notice how they resist each other? It’s like each magnet is afraid of the other one.   Even though both magnets are exactly the same. Then, when you

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How to find leads on the internet for free.

  Your online business will grow and thrive once you learn how to find leads. Many entrepreneurs just don’t understand how critical lead generation and qualification is to your business.   Here’s  a question I have for you: HOW MANY

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Case Study: Can you talk your way to the top? The early results of my blog comment campaign. (Dec 13 2012)

++(This case study started on Dec 13 2012)   Understand yesterday, take action today, dominate tomorrow. This was the thought that popped in my mind.   How can I learn from the results of my activities faster so that I

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How to get on Google Page 1 for Highly Competitive Keywords

This website is dedicated to the idea of freedom.  I want people to finally experience the “good life” that they were put on earth to live.  I want to help people break free of wage slavery and the time-for-money trading

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3 ways to get over 6000 views on a brand new YouTube Channel

Enter your email address: NOTE:  In this video I tested a software brand new to me which was pretty cool for a free version.  I give it 3 stars but if you want the banner ads gone just know many

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5 ways to get 3,000 monthly visitors to your blog and overcome your fear of failure.

So you’re on your way to dominating the Internet.  You have registered a domain name and you have started posting articles on your blog.  You share your posts with your online peeps but you’re not yet getting the results you

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From nowhere to the first page on Google in 2 months.

Enter your email address: When I say no where I mean zero, zilch, nada, finito, nothing.  There was no idea no domain no concept, then I started the research in early February 2012 and registered the domain on February 8th

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