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Exclusive Interview with Valentine Belonwu the founder of JustRetweet.com

This week I’m pleased to feature Valentine Belonwu the founder of JustRetweet.com in ANOTHER guest post by Enstine Muki.

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This is the twenty second edition of the what I learned interview series.



Here are some stats about his main blog:


  • Domain Registered – NOV 2012

  • Alexa Traffic Rank – 158,200

  • Twitter Followers – 2,650

  • Facebook Likes – 300

  • Google+ Circles – 292



Interview by Enstine Muki

Hi Valentine, I have known you to be busy person both offline and online. So I can understand how hard it is creating time for these few thought provoking questions I have for you in this interview. Thank you very much


Not everyone reading this interview knows you. Could you briefly introduce yourself and let us know you a little more…

Thank you so much Enstine for this opportunity. My name is Valentine Belonwu, founder of JustRetweet, I’m a blogger from Nigeria.


Now, you are the creator of the well known social media traffic site JustRetweet, which you later on sold for profit. Tell us, what motivated your creation of this app?

I had challenges in getting other bloggers to share my posts anytime I published one. Bizsugar was the only site that got me most of the traffic, still I craved for more recognition. It was during that state of mind that the ideas of Justretweet came to me. Hence I pounced on the internet and started researching and gathering facts.

I came across sites like Easyretweet.com and many others that inspired me into coming out with justretweet.


How long did it take you to put this app in place?

Answer: A lot of time and planning went into the formation of Justretweet. Ranging from sleepless nights and absenting myself from family social gatherings.

Really, I cannot place how long it took me to put justretweet in place  but it took me several months to gather my thoughts together, fix and lunch justretweet.


This is a retweet for credit and follow for credit sites. How far is this activity compatible with Twitter’s API policy?

Twitter has strict API rules governing the activities of its users. Thus, to ensure I don’t go against their rules, I studied the rules and also tried as much as possible to be modest and ensure all my app activities is compactable with their API policy.


Some visitors fear their account safety is being compromised signing up to such third party app. What do you say to reassure this set of users of their safety?

I want to make this very clear, any third party app is being integrated with twitter’s API, which means our app will never access visitors passwords and their personal information.

This is why when signing up with justretweet, we always assured the visitor that it’s safe to login with any of their social accounts without it being compromised.


Some think they may get their accounts suspended by Twitter on any attempt to use JustRetweet.  Is there really any foundation for these fears?

JustRetweet will never get your accounts suspended by twitter because we never allow instant retweets on the site and that is why we allowed all posted tweets from our members to be “Scheduled automatically” when you retweet other tweets being posted there without spamming your followers.

This method has proven 100% success.


The initial idea was Retweet/Follower. Today, there is been some more inclusion – Facebook likes and Google +. Do you think this is an important upgrade or unnecessary additions? 

We only respect members decisions because these features are being requested from them to enable those who prefers their posts to be shared to other networks such as Google+ and Facebook because traffic is what really matters to everyone.

We have received positive feedback on these features so far.


Do you think this application has a bright future? Twitter is now going public. What’s the possible impact on JustRetweet?

of course we have over  20,000 members using JustRetweet and still counting and the new owner who is Chris is trying his best to make it stand out from other Retweet sites out there.


Was it a profitable app? Why did you sell it?

Valentine:  Sure, it is a profitable app generating good incomes every month but I decided to sell it because of the running cost involved.

Also the country where I’m makes it more difficult for me because we don’t have strong internet connections here and I almost spending 24hours online everyday removing spam tweets and responding email inquiries.


Are you missing JustRetweet?

Of course I do, justretweet is one of the best app I have ever thought of which turned out to be my best. Up till now I still take my time to check it out and am very happy that the new moderator is doing a very good job and justretweet is doing very well.

That alone is my joy and consolation.


I understand you are one of the moderators at BizSugar! What is it like over there?

Bizsugar is one of the best community sharing sites on the internet for bloggers that I am happy to be recognized with it not only that, I am addicted to the site because that’s where most of my muse and inspiration comes.

I love the way bloggers relate, share ideas and interact with themselves on there.


You are not only an app creator. You are also a seasoned blogger with a couple of blogs on the blogosphere.  Can you tell us a bit about Valentine as a blogger?

I started blogging in the year 2010 and since then it has been a pleasant journey. Blogging entails you give it your all. You have to put in your time, money, energy and most importantly your energy.

As a blogger I try as much as I can to put in my best, there is a lot of competition out there so to stand out one need to be very hardworking and focused. Human beings are diverse with different taste and likes, so as a blogger I take my time to understand human beings and really study them in order to put out relevant things that will be acceptable by the general public.


Do you make money blogging? If Yes, any tips?

Money makes blogging enjoyable. Sure, at some point I made profit, but this doesn’t come every time. Like I said earlier you just have to put in your best because there is many a competition out there one has to stand out.

To be a successful blogger one has to be patient, focused and hardworking. Treating your customers’ right is a priority to make them come back. Be honest, nobody wants to do business with a dubious person.

With all these stated put in place then any upcoming blogger can achieve great heights.



That’s it for this episode.

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8 comments on “Exclusive Interview with Valentine Belonwu the founder of JustRetweet.com
  1. Hi Enstine,

    A superb inspirational interview with Valentine Belonvo. I recently tried using Justretweet, was awesome with its features and the way it is managed. Wasnt knowing about the story back of such great app. Selling a profitable app is sad to know, but im glad you made worth doing it.

    Thanks for such awesome post.
    Great day

    Justin Philip recently posted…10 Steps to Launch a Successful Niche BlogMy Profile

  2. David Ryan says:

    I love how internet transform people’s lives and allow us to make tremendous amount of profit.
    David Ryan recently posted…Compare Online TradingMy Profile

  3. Justretweet is one apps that is going to keep making money, am pretty sure a lot of bloggers love it. and interesting interview here.
    Ceejay Joseph recently posted…Niche Challenge: Building a Niche Site from ScratchMy Profile

  4. Yeah it’s cool the internet is making the world a flat playing field its awesome to connect with people from thousands of miles away and talk biz.
    Darnell Jackson recently posted…How to Generate Traffic and Leads for Your Business pt.4 – ADVERTISE ARBITRAGEMy Profile

  5. Pramod says:

    This is what i call a true inspiration !
    I’ve been using just retweet but didn’t know that valentine was behind it . Thanks for sharing the interview with thi8s great personality.

    Pramod recently posted…Gionee GPAD G4 with 1GB RAM,5.7 inch display coming soonMy Profile

  6. Yulia says:

    Very inspiring. Always great to see successful young entrepreneurs/bloggers from Africa.
    Yulia recently posted…Africa United: Movie ReviewMy Profile (dofollow)

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