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What I learned from Pro Freelance Writer Francesca Nicasio

This week I’m pleased to feature Francesca Nicasio a professional freelance writer and the founder of crediblecopywriting.net in an exclusive interview.

This is the twenty-seventh edition of the what I learned interview series.



Francesca isn’t just a prolific freelance writer she is also a famous blogger.

This is how I discovered her work.

One day I was voraciously searching the internet for new ideas on how to find clients and I found her post on How to Land Blogging Clients Successfully on the #IBCT nominated FamousBloggers.net.

After reading her post a light came on in my head like DING, I’ve been thinking about finding NEW clients all wrong.

It’s not all about the job boards even though I’ve made thousands off of the problogger job board alone.  The truth is there’s a whole sea of opportunity if you know where to look.

Anyway, after reading some of her other posts and checking out her blog I knew right away that I wanted to interview her, so with out further ado lets go to our exclusive discussion. 


This Spring will mark the three year anniversary for your domain crediblecopywriting.net.  With all that you have learned over the years and all that’s changed can you share 3 adjustments that you’ve made in your freelance/digital marketing strategy over the past three months?

I only made two major adjustments in my business. They are:

#1 The biggest adjustment I made in my freelance writing business is to find gigs with past and existing clients. While I do think seeking out *new* clients is something every freelancer must do, I’ve learned that you can also find a lot of work by re-connecting with people or companies that you’ve worked with before. 

I sent emails to companies that hired me in the past and asked if they have any content needs. Not only did I land new gigs, but since I worked with them in the past, and I was already familiar with what they were all about, it was easier for me to complete the work. 

#2 I’m also in the process of launching a course about freelance writing, and the biggest adjustment that I’ve made in this side of my business is to build an audience before building a product. I learned this from Danny Iny. He taught me that before I should build my course and my website, I should focus more on growing my audience. 

And so that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m still developing the course on the side, but for the most part, my focus is connecting and engaging with other aspiring freelancers, so that when I finally unveil my course and my blog, there’s going to be an audience to launch it for. 


You were the first freelance writer that I heard mention targeting start-up companies for finding high quality freelance writing clients. Why does this strategy work?


I started targeting tech startups because I was really passionate about the industry. I was always an avid reader of tech blogs, and I’ve worked with app developers in the past, so when I started freelancing, it made sense for me to contact them.

I would say people looking for freelance writing clients should target companies in industries they know and love. So if you’re into real estate, then target brokers or property management companies. If you’re into fitness, target gyms or yoga instructors.


What do you think makes the biggest difference in the decision making process when clients hire a freelancer for a gig? 


It depends on the client. Different companies have different concerns and priorities when it comes to hiring. Sometimes your rates can make all the difference. Other times its your expertise or portfolio (where you’ve been published). In my experience, it’s  usually one of those three. 



Finish this sentence:   
If you’re a new freelance writer you should spend more time ________ and less time _______.


If you’re a new freelance writer you should spend more time putting yourself out there and less time wondering if you’re good enough.


Are you planning on writing a book?  If so do you have a working title or topic that you can share? 

Yes, I just finished drafting another ebook entitled How to Land a Client in 10 Days. It offers an account of how I was able to find half a dozen new clients after a week and a half. I’ll be launching it on March 25th.




a – What is your favorite smart phone Iphone, Android, or other?



b – What’s your favorite social media platform?  G+, Tw, Fb, Lkdin, pinterest, etc.

LinkedIn for professional activities, and Facebook for personal.


b – If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be and what would you say to them?

JK Rowling. Aside from being a huge Harry Potter fan, I think her story is very inspiring. What would I say? I would ask her about her writing techniques and how she managed to come up with such an awesome story. I would also ask her about how she got through the difficult points her life.



What I learned from Pro Freelance Writer Francesca Nicasio


#1 – If you want different results you have to think “differently”.

The biggest issue that I receive emails about is about finding clients.  

How in the world can I find a new client is the #1 issue that most freelance writers face. Well, I learned from Francesca that I could have been ignoring a huge group that would be most likely want to hire me, MY OLD CLIENTS.

Also, I learned from Francesca that targeting an industry based on experience and interest is an effective strategy.

I can vouch for this as I have landed gigs that pay thousands based solely off of my knowledge of an industry that has nothing to do with “blogging”  [real estate].


#2 – You have to make adjustments.

There is no “set it and forget it” in freelance writing.

You have to make timely adjustments in order to attract the clientele that you’ve always wanted.

There’s a reason why you’re NOT getting their attention NOW and there will be a clear reason why you WILL in the future.

It’s all up to your ability to take action TODAY and then make adjustments LATER based on the feedback you receive.  If something is not working don’t just keep doing it, consider how you can make changes that will improve your results.

Get outside the box and think.



#3 – YOUR success is in YOUR hands.

The three key pieces to the “puzzle” when it comes to landing a paying gig and finding a client are related to your portfolio, your experience, and your rates.

All of these are completely in your control therefore the ball is in your court.  Now what are you going to do?




I want to thank Francesca Nicasio for taking the time to do this interview.

I know you could have spent this time working on your new book, “How to Land a Client in 10 Days” but instead you shared knowledge and I really appreciate it, THANK YOU.  

Everybody add Francesca to your circles on Google+ follow her on Twitter and check out her blog.  Also don’t miss her featured guest post on FamousBloggers



That’s it for this episode.

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