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Free Website Workshop PRIVATE


STEP 1 – Choosing a Domain Name that will get FOUND on Google.

STEP 2 – General website configuration and recommended settings.

STEP 3 – Effective website design, layout, and navigation.

STEP 4 – Building great Content that gets noticed and shared.

STEP 5 – Pre Go-Live Checklist, Troubleshooting, and Analysis.





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3 comments on “Free Website Workshop PRIVATE
  1. edwin says:

    very good information there.. i have it book marked of course. thank you so much..:-)

  2. Thank you. it is very good presentation. “News I can use” education is a wonderful thing.

    I enjoy it. This gives something to consider as I ‘a m planning my website. Just as important as the type services I’ll be will offering , who’s my target audiences and how better to connect with them. I’am most grateful.

    Otis A.

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