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STEP 1 – Choosing a Domain Name that will get FOUND on Google.



1. Get the right Tools for the job:

  • Create Google Account - If you already have one create a new one coresponding to your website to keep things organized.
  • Download and install Google Chrome - No I don’t recommend any other browser.  Use Chrome as long as Google is the #1 website and Search engine.
  • Install the Page Rank Status App, – This tool will help you determine how popular a website is.  Click the Wrench in the upper right hand corner then click SETTINGS / EXTENSIONS TAB / CLEAR the ENABLE check box whenever YOU ARE NOT RESEARCHING.  This will increase your privacy.
  • Verify access to your Google Adwords Account make sure you have access to the Keyword Tool.  From the top menu bar click Tools and Analysis then click Keyword Tool. (Use this tool to ESTIMATE traffic for a particular search phrase.)
  • Verify access to Google Documents.  You will use this for brainstorming and saving ideas.

# PS you can manage all your Google Accounts from one place just save the bookmark.  Spend some time getting familiar with the free services Always remember to keep your private business private. Assume everything you enter into a free service could somehow end up public.  


2. Brainstorm  Domain Name ideas

  • Open Google Documents and create a new spreadsheet.
  • Create a list of at least 5 terms that you would like someone to enter into Google inorder to find your website.  Example ESPN.com would want people to find them by typing in “sports scores”, “NFL game breakdown”, etc.
  • I RECOMMEND:  Think global act local.  There are more opportunities in local search results than you may be aware of.  I recommend including local terms in your phrases to separate yourself from everyone else.  If you’re a lawn service company in Miami I would recommend adding the phrase Miami.  Or if you are located off the Space Coast of Florida you can include this info in your domain name example SammysPaintingSpaceCoast.com or JansAccountingAustin etc.
  • Remember:  People don’t know you by who you are just yet so they won’t be searching for YourName<dot>com quite yet the same goes for YourGreatIdea<dot>com too.
  • You want to start your website based on ONE PRIMARY phrase that coordinates with the primary purpose of your online business.  The other phrases you can keep as secondary phrases to promote later.  It works great when the phrase is a concept.  Like ActiveLearningTutoring or BreakfastFirstMiami or ExtraGoodMiamiCatering, TallahasseeTaxService etc.  Area abbreviation work too as long as you use the popular abbreviation example SOFL for south florida or NOCAL for Northern California  or JAX for Jacksonville, you should know your area.


3.  Research Competition


Click the wrench / Settings / Extensions / click the check box next to PageRank Status

  • Search Google for each keyword phrase on your list.
  • Check the popularity of each of the top #1, #2, and #3 position in Google search results.  Use your common sense first you don’t have to use the pagerank tool if the top ranking sites are WIDELY KNOWN and recognizable like CNN or FOXNEWS, etc.  If you’re not sure use the PageRank status tool to check.  If the website’s pagerank is 4 or higher it is too popular and it will take you TOO long to beat them for the #1 spot so move on to the next phrase on your list.  Yes, you want the #1 Spot.
  • Repeat this until you find an opportunity where you can win.  You’ll eventually find a search phrase were the top website in the search results has a Page Rank of 3 or less.  Rework your phrases if needed and expand to include local terms or more specific detail about your online business.  Example can’t find one for “Car Wash”  try something like  “Miami Car Wash Kings”  or “Miami Car Wash Masters” or “Car Wash SoFl”, etc NOTICE HOW THE MAIN KEYWORD REMAINS “CAR WASH”?
  • Brainstorm minimum 10 domain names.  Using the primary phrase from the previous step generate at-least 20 domain name ideas.  Try to keep the name a phrase that people would naturally say.  Use common sense and don’t make it so hard that you have to repeat it to people 10 times before they can understand you.  Remember your website name is something you want people to be able to remember when they hear it.  I also recommend avoiding HYPHENS or DASHES “-” in your domain name if you can avoid it, it anoys people and it makes your email address fugly.  Would you rather say my website is “TedTheBuilder.com” or my website is “ted HYPHEN the HYPHEN builder HYPHEN dot com?


Click the wrench / Settings / Extensions / clear the check box next to PageRank Status


4. Register Domain Name




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