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STEP 2 – General website configuration and recommended settings.

Setting Up your email with Catch all



The first step of the first lesson was to create a Google account.  When you use dreamhost you have the option of using Gmail as your email provider in your setup steps but I don’t recommend this.  I recommend you keep it separate.  Use the Google email you just created as if it is PUBLIC and your DOMAIN email as if it is private.  Why?  Because it is.  One you actually OWN, one is provided for you to use “free” by Google you just get to use it.  See the difference?

When it comes to email you need to set up one account as a “catch all” this means it will catch all emails not addressed to someone specifically @ your domain name.  Example I’ll set up my first email as INFO@RELATIONBOATS.COM and configure it as a catch all.  this means I’ll receive emails sent to *ANYTEXT*@RELATIONBOATS.COM.  So, if someone sent an email to: HEYDARNELL@RELATIONBOATS.COM I would still get it when I log in to my INFO@RELATIONBOATS.COM email account.  This works best just in case someone misspells your email address but gets the DOMAIN NAME part of it correct.

You can create other addresses that ARE NOT “catch alls” and use them for what ever you need them for.  You can also delete these accounts and start over if you need to also.



Security Considerations.  Create a new wordpress account to use with administrator rights but isn’t  named admin. Delete the default administrator account.   Create additional accounts if needed for people you may hire to help you like me.

Your Profile.  Register your email with gravatar so that your image will appear in your posts.  It helps you stand out and ads branding to your content.  The image can be a logo but I recommend a portrait of you preferably one that actually shows your face not one wearing a motorcycle helmet like my photo.

Permalink Settings.  I recommend you use the post name settings option for your permalinks.  This will help you get more SEO results as your URLs will appear more readable to people and search engines.  Would you rather click on:






If there is any REWARD there is also a RISK.  Don’t think that everything you do is ONLY going to benefit you or your website you might find out the hard way.  I recommend only installing as FEW plugins that you can get away with.  WHY? Well plugins have a tendency to:

  1. Crash your website because they are poorly written.
  2. Slow down your website like the Sociable plugin by blogplay.com yeah it has all the bells and whistles but it slows down your site and it needs updates like every other day.  I strongly recommend staying away from this plugin even though it’s downloaded more than some of the plugins I recommend you install.
  3. Cause problems with your theme or other plugins.  The truth is most of the problems you have to troubleshoot will come from some plugin doing something that you didn’t expect it to.  This is why I recommend installing as few as you NEED not as many as you can.



  1. Backup.  Back it up or lose it.  Dreamhost will back up your files at your request max once a month but don’t depend on them for your data.  Back up your website yourself.  Setup Instructions:
    • Activate your Google Drive account.  You basically have to enable it because it comes free with your gmail account.
    • Install and configure the backup with desired schedule. Run backup.
    • Upload your Backup file to Google Drive manually just in case your web server crashes and all the data is lost. Extremely low chance this will happen but just in case.  Also you won’t have to worry about where you saved the backup zip file once you save it in Google drive.  Once your site makes you some money you’ll be serious about backups and then should consider setting up automatic backups.
  2. Google Analytics for WordPress. You need a track record from the very beginning of your website growth and traffic. Setup instructions:
  3. Google XML Sitemaps. This will help the Google bots find the content in your site and index your pages so they’ll show up in search results.  Setup Instructions:
    • Use FTP to create two blank files in your ROOT.  sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz
    • Install and configure the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.
  4. Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share.  This plugin is simple light and easy to use.  I also like the scrolling social share plugin from this developer.  Use the social media buttons that control the bulk of the social traffic.  No, you don’t need a button for every social media site on the web, stick to the top 4 or 5 max.
  5. CommentLuv.  No I don’t use askimet actually I delete it.  Confusing captcha codes are probably more annoying than spam.  Commentluv gives you one click captcha and encourages comments with back links.
  6. Youtube shortcode.  This plugin makes it easier to embed and control YouTube videos and helps out a lot with formatting.
  7. List Category posts.  This is a great plugin that lists all the posts of a particular category.  Very useful install it now use it later.
  8. NextGEN Gallery.  I recommend this image/photo gallery plugin as it has the great management and plenty of features.  Just watch your image file sizes.
  9. CommentLuv.  I recommend this plugin as THE BEST comment management system.  You want to encourage comments by giving people a link back to their blog or social media account.  With this plugin you can even let them choose what link to display.  A+
  10. Yoast WordPress SEO.  Search engine optimization is important but do not spend too much time on this.  You just need to understand the concept. Build great content not tricky search engine tricks.
  11. EmbedIt Pro by SuperThemes.  I have been using this for years trust me it makes formatting waaaaaaay easier when you need to embed little HTML code snippets and you need to control the formatting. Sometimes wordpress is tricky this helps a ton.
  12. LINK MANAGER.  In WordPress 3.5, the default Link Manager will be disabled.  You will need to use this plugin to manage your LINKS in the future.
  13. Login LockDown.  This will help protect your blog from being hacked.


When ever you post a new article you want to notify more than just the one RPC server listed by default in wordpress.  Add these servers to your list.  Login to your Dashboard and click:


  • Copy and paste all the servers below to your list
  • Click save

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