Why the Galaxy note 10.1 is better for your business than the iPad 2

Galaxy note 10.1 versus the iPad 2 – Which one is better for Your Online Business?


The tablets are coming and they want you to choose a side.

Which one is the best for your online business?


That is if you are in the camp that likes the tablets.

I’m personally not that big of a fan, here’s why:

  1. They give you less processing power for more money.
  2. They require you to connect a keyboard in order to really be productive.


An affordable laptop can do much more than a tablet and save you money.

This is why I project the laptops and good smart phones will remain after the tablets are long gone.

I think it’s a fad similar to 3D televisions.

It’s all the craze now but as time passes it will subside and people will go back to buying portable laptops using their cell phones.

It’s like where do you fit the tablet into the mix?  It’s not a replacement for your laptop and it’s not as convenient as your phone?


Anyway, the point of this article is to compare the two most popular tablets and help you choose the best for your online business.


Who should buy a tablet:

  1. Entrepreneurs that meet with clients.  Wedding planners, landscapers, advertising people, etc.
  2. Trendies.  If you’re a trendy the you already know you just have to have whatever is new so you can show it off, it’s the new fad man.

Who should NOT have a tablet:

  1. Small children. Unless you want to have to buy another one very soon.  They will break the thing, silly don’t give it to them.
  2. Gamers and Power users.   You will be annoyed at the tiny tiny hard drives and over all less than laptop level performance.


Here’s how they stack up in a one on one comparison the Galaxy note 10.1 versus the iPad 2:



Galaxy note 10.1 – $639 approx for 3G model with 16 GB hard drive.  Also 32 GB model available for approx $539.

iPad 2- 16GB – $789 approx for 3G model with Verizon and 64GB hard drive.  Prices for smaller drives and without 3G decrease in price.

WINNER:  TIE - They both offer reasonable value for the different options.  The mac is very flexible and expandable or you can choose the Galaxy model that suits your budget.

Hard Drive Storage:

Galaxy note 10.1 – 32GB + Expandable memory via micro SC chip.

iPad 2- 64GB

WINNER:  GALAXY NOTE.  The expandable memory is the difference with apple your stuck with whatever size hard drive you buy.



Galaxy note 10.1 – Battery life 9.6 hours as tested by CNET.

iPad 2- From Apple’s website up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi‑Fi, watching video, or listening to music.




Galaxy note 10.1 – 1.29 lbs

iPad 2- 1.33 lbs



Galaxy note 10.1 - High quality 3.15 MP camera offering 2048×1536 pixels

iPad 2- 720p HD video recording.

WINNER:  GALAXY NOTE.  The Apple camera has been called grainy online.

OVER ALL WINNER:  Galaxy note 10.1


Wait, what about that windows tablet thingy how come it’s not in the comparison?

The same reason the blackberry won’t be in the cell phone review comparison that’s coming soon.

Windows just does’t get it they are always a day late and a dollar short.  The latest rumor is they’re in talks to buy Dell or provide private financing for their acquisition.

My reaction is, Why?  I guess they just like spending money on projects that have an out side odds chance at best of working out.


Now it’s back over to you.  Do you own either of this products?  Who would you recommend online entrepreneurs buy one?

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  1. Attila says:

    I have recently subscribed to your stuff and I am very surprised that in some regards, we think alike :)I however, am a little more… against tablets and “smart” gadgets and devices, and I’ve written about it here: goo.gl/yFAwVVIf it’s not too much trouble, please read it and tell me what you think :)Thanks
    Attila recently posted…Automate your blogging tasks with free online services – part III. – You have set up a feed with feedburner. Now what ?My Profile

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