Is Google Blogger Blocking? (not provided)

Is Google Blogger Blocking? Why your keyword is (not provided)

Yeah I said it.

Google, your best buddy and pal who helps you find so many great pictures of cats might be in fact blocking your blogger momentum.



I know these days saying something critical of the popular kid is shunned upon.

I’m used to seeing people react like this when I say something they haven’t heard EVERYONE else in the world repeat a thousand times.


That’s how I felt last year when I WAS THE ONLY one in the world to accurately predict a decline for $AAPL.

I predicted a decline for $GOOG too except this time I don’t think I’m alone.

Yesterday on CNBC’s Anthony Scaramucci said “I think Google is the next Apple, where Apple was the next Microsoft…”. 

That’s hilarious because a few months ago “experts like Anthony” were still saying that $AAPL would rebound BIG , yeah sure, keep waiting.





Just like the travel agent “helped” my mom book a hotel in New Orleans that was so JACKED UP, when we arrived all we could do is laugh.

It was like a spoof or something from a scene in Chevy Chase and the National Lampoon’s Vacation.

We got out of there so fast it was crazy.

Travel agents used to connect travelers to great destinations.

Without agents people really had no other way to make contact with great resorts and also the agents would add value with their personal experiences and recommendations.

People became dependent.

Then the internet.

People could now contact the destinations they wanted and get reviews from EACH OTHER so they didn’t need the travel agent per say they just needed to use their system to book reservations.

Then destination resorts started realizing they could make even more money if they dealt directly with their customers so the big hotel chains started offering their own online booking systems.

Now people could go straight to the source, no need for a middle man.

Something similar is happening to Google.




This $800 a share company is in the business of making money and they’re DAMN good at it.

If you thought they exist to develop and support cool internet tools in order to help the world you are sadly mistaken my friend.

The fact that they are disabling their popular RSS Reader and they soon will burn their RSS Feedburner should tell you something about how much they really care.

Yeah right they’re little Andoid hearts are all broken up over a some petitions to keep Google reader going.

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that just before this was announced Google ADWords changed their terms and conditions, have you read them yet?


Why does it matter?



At the end of the day Google is just a big fat advertising company.

They are smart enough to know what their bread and butter is.

That’s why no matter what you search for on Google the MOST relevant 3 results for competitive keywords are always ads:




Not to mention they have been SELF PROMOTING like a mofo by stuffing the top ten results with YouTube videos and now even Google+ content has been showing up in search results.


What controls the search results?

Oh yeah THEIR algorithm.


They are making the same mistake that AOL made.

They’re trying to trick people into coming inside the grand world of Google, forget about the internet because it’s dangerous out there just stay in here where it’s warm and safe.  Hey, look we have YouTube videos, and GooglePlus and you can store all your data here and call your family on our phones and even buy your stuff from our store, the company store.



If you’ve been around technology long enough and have been paying attention you start to see the signs.

Who remembers when companies would even advertise on the radio,  “Search AOL keyword Flowers, etc.”





That remains to be seen, maybe a resurgence for Yahoo is in order?  They fell off when they got complacent after being #1 for years.

These days people forget the reason why we all started using GOOGLE in the first place was because AOL clownishly tried to limit it’s search results to AOL only content.

Eventually people became frustrated at this shameless self promotion so they tried Google and they loved that it provided the best search results from ANY WEBSITE based off the keywords they searched.


Now, Google is following AOL’s lead by returning search results based on what’s BEST for THEIR BUSINESS, today.


What’s good for their business, today?

  1. Ads – always first in Search results
  2. Ads – always first on YouTube movies
  3. Ads – coming soon to Google+ too #SoMeSa fans


This shortsightedness will cause them to miss the big picture and ultimately hit a wall. 



Because bloggers are the ones who know how to get free traffic out of Google that’s why.

They don’t buy Ads that help Google’s bottom line,  they just create search engine optimized content that gets found and read.


Continuing the analogy from above Google is the travel agent.


They don’t want “travelers” using their system to contact and book travel arrangements without earning a dime.

When you search for your favorite product and buy it without cutting them in somehow they feel slighted.

Think about it for a second.

Doesn’t that make sense?

If it doesn’t then you probably don’t understand Quid Pro Quo.

This is the unwritten universal “terms and conditions of all deals” there has to be something for something.

Google feels like somehow they are being cut out so what are they doing?


They’re taking out vengeance on a blogger.

Here’s what I mean.


In order to optimize your blog or website for search engine traffic the #1 thing you need to know is what people are searching to find your site.

Google has now STOPPED providing this EXTREMELY VALUABLE information to bloggers.

This will absolutely BLOCK a bloggers ability to tune their content in order to receive more search traffic.

Keyword (not-provided)

As you can see above from my first two months of blogging Google is withholding the top search terms that people used to find the site.

  • I could have received 10 visits from ONE DISTINCT keyword, they won’t tell me.
  • I could have received 5 visits from TWO DISTINCT keywords, they won’t tell me.



I’m sure Google will like for you to believe that somehow they are helping you yet again by hiding the keywords that people are using to find your site.

I’m sure Google would love for you to think that they are doing this to benefit privacy or security because they hold back the keywords of people logged in to Google at the time they search.

The truth is they get this extremely valuable information that you triggered with your blog but then they are HOGGING it all to themselves.

You know what they say,

Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered.


The reason why I wrote this article was because I started noticing a trend.

It’s like the old saying how you boil a frog alive?  

One degree at a time and he won’t know until it’s too late.


That’s what I’m noticing with this (not provided) situation.

I checked my results this week and HALF of my keywords were sourced from (not provided), then yesterday ALL search traffic was (not provided).




What do you think the future will hold for Google?

I think with this hard push for “compliance” with Authorship and Authorank eventually people will push back.

They want you to do all of this “stuff” just to make them happy but what’s in it for you?


Why should you agree to do more for Google if they are going to do less for you?

Every time you turn around they’re sending a brand new dangerous algorithm animal that usually causes as much collateral damage to good sites as it does in penalizing sites with bad links.


People are losing this argument and repeatedly getting hurt because they haven’t gotten hip to what’s really going on yet, if you know what I mean.

It’s not about back links it’s about cha-ching.

The sooner you realize this the better.



Look at Matt Drudge sprinkeling hate on popular bloggers like E-40 in the 90′s

He just basically deleted Ann Smarty’s myblogguest.com from Google search results why. out of spite?

Is Matt Cutts just jealous because he can’t build a blog even with Google’s help that out ranks Ann’s site in the #IBCT.  (Ann’s blog objectively ranked #9 overall) 

This serves as formal notice to up and coming AND experienced bloggers DO NOT DEPEND ON GOOGLE FOR TRAFFIC as a matter of fact make sure you read this article so that you can get an idea of how valuable Google’s traffic is anyway:

Guest Posting vs Social Media which is best for traffic?

Want results? Get the Plugin.

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20 comments on “Is Google Blogger Blocking? Why your keyword is (not provided)
  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Darnell,

    Since you linked to one of my posts then you already know how I feel about Google. I trust them about as far as I can throw them which we both know that ain’t far.

    Little by little they are penalizing, deindexing, deranking or just shoving sites from their search engines. We aren’t paying so they don’t want us to pay. No one should ever just count on them for traffic or they will be so upset one day soon when they find out that Google doesn’t like them anymore either.

    Gail definitely knows the truth about Google and she’s right, she’s written about it a lot.

    I try to not get on their bad side but I don’t write or play to impress Google. Those days are long behind me now.

    Great write up my friend and for those also not aware of all the behind the scenes stuff taking place, they will be now.

    Adrienne recently posted…16 People I Highly Recommend and WhyMy Profile (dofollow)

  2. You have shared great information and I love this article.

  3. victor nyorani says:

    I’ve always been using only Google for searching online, but after reading this, I think I’ll also use Bing,Yahoo and the rest – not just Google.

  4. Shirlee says:

    I’m a little late to this party but I only just found your site. Have already read a few posts, great stuff, I’m glad to have learned of it!

    Just had to respond to this one because I now bristle at the mere mention of the word Google. To make this comment as short as possible, I’ll bullet point why:

    - their ‘do as we say, not as we do’ attitude
    - the whole Big Brother approach they’ve taken
    - trying to force people to use G+
    - I don’t trust them anymore – what are they planning to do with all of our info and those 8 robotics companies they just bought? They’ve become less transparent, in my opinion.

    I assume that no further explanation of those points is necessary but am happy to expound, if asked.

    I’m not paranoid (I don’t think) but my confidence in them has definitely been shaken.

    They have a right to make profits and run their company however they want. We do live in a free society. However, it feels to me like we’ve created a monster. No company is too big to fall but I’m not sure they believe that.

    I do still use Google products because I already had them. Whether or not that will be the case in future, I don’t know yet.

    From now on though, I’ll do what I think is best for my readers and not worry anymore about Google. That’s who we should be writing for, anyway.

    Thanks for letting me vent!


    • Same reason I haven’t changed my logo with the helmet for “authorship” I can’t think of any good reasons to trust these sneaky mofos meanwhile I see bloggers hanging on to every single word that Matt Cutts says. It’s hilarious.

      Anyway welcome to the blog I’m glad you’re here feel free to come here and RANT anytime you want ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa!
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…In two yearsMy Profile

  5. Glori Surban says:

    Interesting. Just goes to show that there is truly nothing free in this world.

    I like how you pointed out some pretty damning things. :) Although I rely on Google for a lot of online tasks, lately they’ve seem very money-hungry.

    When they stopped providing the free email service months ago, I thought it was sad because a lot of small business owners or one-man businesses could have used that.

    When I watched the movie, The Internship, I couldn’t help but feel that Google was trying hard to “look human” and connect with people. It was a feel-good movie with a lot of “awws.”

    Thanks for an insightful article, Darnell! Really made me think.
    Glori Surban recently posted…How to Use Trello as the Ultimate Editorial Planning ToolMy Profile

  6. Darnell,

    Great article! Thank you for sharing this. You just shared some great points! It was kinda intriguing at first but then after reading your whole article, then I realized that what you are saying is true.

    Charles Crawford recently posted…10 Strategies for Dental MarketingMy Profile (dofollow)

  7. Hi Darnell! Mitch’s comments about your article piqued my interest and I’m not disappointed! (Memory lane: I remember the AOL garbage and Google’s arrival on the scene.)

    In my comment on his article, I agreed with you about the money angle. Your take on Google even stuffing the results with YouTube videos is right on … “self-promoting” is a good way to characterize it.

    What I appreciate about this article? In essence, you’re telling bloggers and website owners to wake up, quit operating under false illusions, and recognize that Google is not their friend. Of course, that doesn’t mean Google is their enemy, either.

    Like any business on the planet, they’re out to make money. (I could never disagree that that should be their focus.) In the final analysis, knowing G is not giving back all that much, bloggers, content producers, and marketers would do well to put their time into creating great content and providing great products, services, and customer support.

    BTW, love those images. :)
    Vernessa Taylor recently posted…Algie! Algy! (The Algorithm Poem)My Profile

  8. mitz says:

    Awesome points Darnell! WOW!

    I remember when there was no Google so I really hate the extreme domination they have. I hate that they have a large chunk of traffic and can only hope that Yahoo or Bing can get their act together!

    I cannot stand people that say “Oh but Google does not like that!” I am so over those types of sheep spreading crap all over the internet! Who cares about Google? They are just a business trying to make money as you say.

    If they drop me from the rankings I have my own traffic base and will survive just fine. :)
    mitz recently posted…Google is Not God! Make Up Your OWN MIND About SEOMy Profile

  9. Gail Gardner says:

    Congratulations on being perceptive, Darnell. Have you read any of my posts about Google? Because you have the fancy new CommentLuv that lets me choose ANY post on my blog, I’ve put one in CommentLuv for you and another in the regular Website field. Those are the most telling – but there ARE others.
    Gail Gardner recently posted…SEO, SERPS, Is There a Google Search Engine Fairy?My Profile (dofollow)

  10. Dag my man! I hadn’t really paid much attention to that but after reading this I went to my Analytics and checked on 5 of my sites and you’re right, they don’t tell you what’s at the top. Now, the non-cynical “me” thinks it’s probably an amalgamation of lots of terms and they just grouped them all together. The problem with that is if it was true then why are there so many one-time listed search terms showing?

    See, now you’ve got my head hurting…
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…5 Things About Writing That You Might Never Think OfMy Profile (dofollow)

  11. Chris says:

    Great Article Darnell. This is just a piece of the iceberg. I could go further into this, but its 4AM now. I do have a story that shows an attempt to control the serps and I’ll get back with you on G+ so you can check my findings as well.
    Chris recently posted…Auto Pilot Traffic Suite 2.0My Profile

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