Google Reader Alternatives round up and review

The Google Reader Alternatives Roundup The Best RSS Apps

So Google announced that they are canceling their very popular RSS Reader and now everyone is all upset and is busy searching for Google reader alternatives.


Personally, I have to admit it was one of my secret weapons.

How the hell do you think I’m able to read so many blogs to cover the #IBCT?

Yeah, I used Google Reader like a mother.

Recently I did write about how creepy it is that Google knows so much about you.


Maybe it’s a good thing that they don’t get to follow ALL the blogs I’m reading too?


Since their announcement all the top sites have been publishing their reaction to the story.

This is an good example of how the best got to be where they are today.

They don’t let good stories go to waste.

google reader alternatives

Google Reader Alternatives:

Mashable wins the prize for their coverage of this newsworthy story.

Not only were they the first I noticed to break the story but also they were the first to offer a list of alternative RSS readers as follow up.

Don’t miss Christina Warren’s post where she list’s 6 Google reader alternatives (Don’t forget to click view list.)


USATODAY also responded to this story by publishing their own list, check out Brett Molina’s 4 Google reader alternatives.


FORBES joined the party by publishing Alex Kantrowitz’s Five Google Reader Alternatives.


THE HUFFINGTON POST extended the list with an article by Drew Guarini on 9 Google Reader Alternatives.


ExtremeTech  added their take to the story with Sebastian Anthony list of 8 Google Reader Alternatives.


The one tool that I noticed made everyone’s list was Feedly.

Don’t miss this review by Sharon Hurley Hall for BasicBlogTips Feedly – Better Feed Reading.

This actually makes me want to reconsider my RSS reader.


What’s your take?


Do you even use an RSS reader to follow blogs?

If you haven’t I strongly recommend that you try one of these tools and see how well it helps your entire internet experience.

This works especially well for conducting research, keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing, and much more.

Want results? Get the Plugin.

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2 comments on “The Google Reader Alternatives Roundup The Best RSS Apps
  1. Ileane says:

    Hi Darnell,
    I loved the YouTube video! You are so right, people are freaking out over this situation. I’m not one of the folks who use Google Reader but I can just imagine if any of my favorite free tools went away.

    Thanks for mentioning the Feedly post by Sharon Hurley Hall. She did an awesome guest post review and introduced a lot of my readers to that tool and they love it.
    Ileane recently posted…Finding The Best Guest Bloggers for Your BlogMy Profile

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