Grow Your Audience and then Publish Something Useful. [5M 26]

Grow Your Audience and then Publish Something Useful. [5M 26]

Spend half of the year growing and cultivating your audience and then publish something that they can use. Please don’t listen to blockheads.


Welcome to The Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual #26.

Click here for last week’s report [5M 25]

You can also find all of the previous 5M reports here. 


This is the last report of the “Grow your audience” series.

I will continue the 5M reports because the concept is very important.

Every week you need to follow this process to review and control the direction your online business is headed.

The point of your website is to perpetually attract more new visitors and keep them on your site for an increasingly longer amount of time.

This is a sign that your audience is actually interested in your content and is “consuming” it.

That means they find what you have to say useful.

This brings me to my next point.

I’m not just ending this series because “I just want to”.

I want to encourage you to take things to the next level.

So I am going to review the past 26 weeks of progress and produce a premium quality product that will spill the beans on exactly how I did it.

Don’t worry, it won’t be another one of those over hyped super promoted “hurry-up-and-buy” situations.

Think more like the cliff notes to that 1500 page book that you don’t have time to read.

It’s like getting the notes to that history class from a classmate that just got an A.

It’s exactly what you would want as I will ask the subscribers for their feedback as I develop this premium product. Subscribe now and contribute your two cents. (*Offer expires soon)

YES, I will give away a bunch of FREE copies if you ask me for a copy, chances are I will give you one too.


Because I want you to be successful.

The truth is my ultimate success is a function of yours.

If I help you accomplish your goals then I’m sure you will recommend my site to someone who might JOIN THE HOLIDAY INSIDER CLUB AND GET PAID.

Ha haaaaaaaaaa!


Seriously, that’s how it works.

Watch this:


FACT.  You can’t grow your audience if you never get started.

Just think it’s week 31 of 2013, if you started your blog on Jan 1st you would have had plenty of time to grow your audience for 11 weeks in a row or more.

Let’s take a closer look.

Let’s say it took you 5 weeks to get your site set up.

That would have still given you 26 weeks to promote and grow your audience.

The bad news is THAT missed opportunity is gone forever.

The good news is THERE’S still time left.

CONGRATS, you have another 21 weeks left in 2013 to do something special.

If you spend 5 weeks building your site that would leave  you 16 weeks to get some real momentum going for the new year.

Don’t think it will work?

Well it’s exactly what I did.

Check out my results comparing the first quarter of 2013 to the second quarter of 2013:




How did I do it?

That is the subject of the premium product that I will be releasing soon, Subscribe now.

The best answer is, I paid attention to the details.

I sweated the small stuff.

It may seem confusing to break down these numbers and I have noticed some bloggers saying they don’t look at statistics but trust me it makes a huge difference and it also makes it much easier to create content.



What do you do BEFORE you write a new article?

I’m sure you research the topic and blah blah blah; but how much time do you spend analyzing what your audience wants?

I’m not talking about some other blogs audience or what’s getting comments on Huffington post I’m talking about YOUR audience.

Oh yeah, you have an audience, but SIZE DOESN’T MATTER.

I know I’m contradicting myself somewhat but in this context it’s not about the size of your audience it’s ALL about if your audience is growing or shrinking.

If you purchased an established website with 10,000 visitors per month, the number one worry that you should have is how are you going to keep the visitors you have.

If you can do this then you will have a much better chance attracting new visitors right?

Think about it.

If you find some new place that’s cool or useful what’s the first thing you do?

Bring someone new there.

Even if it’s as simple as a better route to get to work.

What do you do?


That’s the point of analyzing your performance data following this process.

If you know your audience then you can create new content that they will find useful time after time over and over again.

The cool thing about it is the longer you do it the better the read you get and the faster you can make decisions.

Last week I predicted that publishing an interview would turn around my numbers and it was 100% accurate.

Here’s the results from last week:



As you can see the results speak for themselves.

There are 7 important metrics that I recommend you follow to track the progress of your website and SIX out of the SEVEN are in the GREEN.

This means my prediction was correct.


However, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way.

I didn’t just predict these results like I predicted the decline of Apple before everyone else in the world.

I actually was able to see this based on analyzing my audience.


It’s really a two step process:

  1. Find out what your audience wants.
  2. Give it to them.


You can make it much harder than that but if you keep it simple and follow a proven system then your blog will start growing too.

Here’s a look at the traffic sources:




Now it’s over to you.

You have a decision to make.

I’m inviting you to chime in on this new exciting product that I will be releasing soon.

To participate you have to subscribe and then reply to the initial email with your feedback.


I want to know:

  • What frustrates you the most about trying to grow your audience?
  • How have you tried to grow your audience? What worked what didn’t.
  • Where are you looking for advise on what to write for your audience?


With this information over the next few weeks I will be developing the highest quality extra premium product possible just for you.

My goal is to exceed your expectations.

Expect straight answers to your most important questions.


Don’t let doubt get in the way of your success.

Subscribe NOW and add your two cents and who knows I might even give you a freebie.



Want results? Get the Plugin.

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14 comments on “Grow Your Audience and then Publish Something Useful. [5M 26]
  1. Phillip Dews says:

    I came across this on Kinnged as well! Same as Ryan above! You should check it out Darnell! Anyway I love the blog and I have subscribed in the hope I could get that product as well!

    My analytics of late have dropped out I suppose because I have not been making content as regular as I should!

    I also read somewhere that when promoting new blog posts on social media it’s better to start promote it on one site and get good at it instead of spreading it across the board on all of then and getting mediocre traffic! as we all get more traffic from one site than another so we should concentrate on improving our skills on that site!

    Would love you thoughts on that buddy! Top post anyway!
    - PD
    Phillip Dews recently posted…The Shape Of Things To Come – A New Look BRUMMy Profile

    • Hey Phillip,

      Thanks for the very kind words man I appreciate it.

      It took me a while to figure this out but the key to taking control of the direction your site is headed is to review your statistics weekly and take action immediately.

      It may sound crazy but you can absolutely predict what type of content will be popular if you do this for a number of weeks.

      The 5M reports is an excellent guide as it documents exactly what I published and the results for half a year.

      In regards to social media check out this G+ post for my take on what’s best at driving traffic it may surprise you (more on this coming soon): https://plus.google.com/105525788203448446212/posts/YxBGw4hnKNu

      PS I’ll have to check out Kinnged I keep hearing more and more about this site thanks for the heads up talk later peace.
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…What I Learned from the BEST BLOGGERS ON EARTH #IBCTMy Profile

  2. Start from Day 1, meaning now, if you’re waiting. That wisdom sticks out to me Darnell. Nobody succeeds by sitting out. I feared blogging, gifting, publishing ebooks, freelancing, ghostwriting, heck, all I’ve done online. I feared doing them as a newb but I hopped right in to make things happen because experience is the best teacher. I found this on kingged.com…..thanks dude!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…5 Tips for Treating Customers Fairly Even when They’re Being JerksMy Profile (dofollow)

  3. Reginald says:

    Hi Darnell,

    Okay good write up here. Lot’s of food for thought and I think, you are really one of those bloggers or writers who had so many CTA in your write up. Very good to keep the readers reading.

    Man, glad to know you and thanks for everything mate.

    Talk to you real soon.
    Reginald recently posted…6 Reasons Why AWeber Is The Best Email Marketing ServiceMy Profile

  4. Eric Evans says:

    Hello Darnell,

    This is such a great and very informative post. Thank you very much for sharing. I am just new in blogging and this post is very useful especially to us. I have learned something new today. Again, thank you!

    Eric Evans recently posted…Alienware AX51-6152BK Desktop (Black)My Profile

  5. marty says:

    I think as a begginer its important to only connect with your audience but to have a clear idea of what or who the audience “You can’t grow your audience if you never get started.” I love that saying and it so true I always get discouraged half way through and stop and after looking at stats I know that the wrong thing to do
    marty recently posted…Fusioncash Gets A Makeover:10 New Ways to Earn Extra MoneyMy Profile

  6. Peter says:

    Hi Darnell,
    I feel totally assured by your results, I wish I could reach these goals as well! I’ve already got some returning visitors, my audience isn’t huge (I blog only about my 3D printing enthusiasm and it’s all in hungarian), so maybe it will be a little bit harder for me. I had been searching for some useful tips and tricks for growing my audience for a couple of weeks when I found your article. Your way looks quite simple, I really like your point on the importance of the details. I cannot wait to test your advices in action, I’m looking forward to see my results! thx for sharing the helpful information ;) best,
    Peter recently posted…Egy hét 3D nyomtatókkalMy Profile

  7. Daryl says:

    Great looking comparison results man!

    Also noticing that the bounce rate and visit duration have improved – not only are more people visiting your site, but they’re staying longer cause they find your posts informative and engaging.

    Great work!

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