Grow Your Audience by building your base [5M 19]

Grow Your Audience by building your base [5M 19]

Grow your audience by focusing on your base don’t listen to block heads.


Welcome to The Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual #19.

Click here for last week’s report [5M 018].

You can also find all of the previous 5M reports here.


I created the 5M series to provide a means for ambitious people to take an objective approach to a subjective goal.

Everyone wants to grow their audience every week but how?

I believe the answer depends on your philosophy of what “growth” means.

I understand that some internet entrepreneurs promote the idea that growth means only more visits to your website.

I have a different approach all together.

If I am speaking, and that’s exactly what your content does online it speaks, I’m not concerned with how many people there are in the room.


I believe ultimately this is the most important concept to be concern with.

Getting and holding your audience’s attention.


The content you publish must serve your readers interest or else they will not pay you attention or money to buy anything you have to sell.

The easiest way to do this is by focusing on what’s important.


First in your eyes then in the eyes of your audience.


Because you can’t fake it long enough to be effective over time.

If you’re writing about topics that aren’t important to you your audience will detect it and vanish like cheap people when the bill comes at a restaurant.

This is how you build your base.


Have you ever attended a convention and someone is speaking on stage and in the back people are having their own little conversations not really paying attention but the people up front are focused?

This is a good example of what’s happening with your website.

As you are sharing information you must be aware as a hawk and responsive as a rattlesnake to how well you are being received by your audience.

This is the only way that you will be able to make the adjustments that will keep the people you have AND draw in new people WHO are interested in paying attention, the right people.




5M Step #1 – Grow your audience by reviewing Google Analytics performance:

I always say that Average Visit Duration is the most difficult metric to improve and the most important at the same time.

Now obviously you need SOME visits but if no one is reading your content what difference will it make?

Here are my results from last week:



The most important stats to growing your audience are the seven metrics above.

When comparing your results week to week it is critical that you understand which way you are going.



If you are able to get 4 of 7 in the GREEN then I say you have real growth.

However, the primary goal of the 5M analysis is to get all 7 metrics above in the green which I have only done ONCE in the 18 weeks since I have been writing this series. 



5M Step #2 – Take action to grow your audience by focusing on the 7 key metrics:


This week I’m swapping “Q” categories for Pageviews and % New Visits.

Pageviews really is a better indicator for QUANTITY than QUALITY after all.  I’ve noticed that pageviews follows visits more than any of the other qualitative metrics.

% New Visit is by definition an indicator of QUALITY when you think about it.  If on a given day you have 100 visitors to your site the higher the percent of the visitors that are NEW is a direct indicator of the QUALITY of your content.  Therefor % New Visit is an indicator of how well your content attracts NEW people.  This is critical.



  • Avg. Visit Duration [QUALITATIVE]:  UP 76.27% after being UP 16.07%  the previous week.
  • Pages / Visit [QUALITATIVE]: UP 11.44% after being DOWN 4.22% the previous week..
  • % New Visits [QUALITATIVE]: UP 7.62% after being DOWN 16.01% the previous week.



  • Visits [QUANTITATIVE]: DOWN -34.07% after being DOWN 47.83% the previous week.  
  • Unique Visitors [QUANTITATIVE]: DOWN 31.36% after being DOWN 50.35% the previous week.
  • Pageviews [QUANTITATIVE]: DOWN 26.53% after being DOWN 50.03% the previous week.
  • Bounce Rate [QUALITATIVE]: UP 2.33% after being UP 1.94% the previous week.



Are the best indicators of your audiences perceived quality of your content.

Avg. Visit Duration, Pages / Visit, & New Visits are in the green this week which are a good indicator of the right type of growth.

In my opinion it’s much more important to have visitors who are engaging with your content by reading it longer and reading more pages per visit.  You also want more NEW people by percentage in every group that arrives to your site.

Bounce Rate was down last week slightly nothing huge going on here except this is still not moving in the right direction.



Are all about traffic it’s how many people showed up and are they new or returning?

Visits, Unique Visitors, and Pageviews are all down this week continuing the downward trend fallout from the record previous week.

Quantity is a reflection of advertising and marketing.  Remember I don’t pay for any advertising for Your Online Biz.

Therefore new bursts in traffic have to come from someone linking to me or from my guest posts.  Also social media shares drive traffic, follow me @FreedomMMC.





Jun 2, 2013-Jun 8, 2013 Compared to: May 26, 2013-Jun 1, 2013

Here are my activities from last week:


Articles Published:



If you have been following this blog for a while you know that I’m serious about obtaining real results on line.

I consider my base to be those people who are after the same thing.

I recently had a big upswing in traffic which was great however with more people in the room this means even less are paying attention.

Once some of the new traffic subsided it was very encouraging to see Average Visit Duration increase by over 75% this means the base and the speaker are interested in the same thing.

Congratulations we have synergy.

Thank you.

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  1. Hi Darnell,

    This is such a great post! I just love reading your articles. Very informative and concise. Yes it is true, the content we publish must serve our readers interest. The content must have “value” or else our readers will just ignore it. And one of the easiest way to do this is by focusing on what is really important.

    Charles Crawford recently posted…Are You Making These 3 Internet Marketing Mistakes?My Profile

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