Grow Your Audience by Focusing on the BIG PICTURE - 5M25

Grow Your Audience by Focusing on the BIG PICTURE – 5M25

Grow your audience by relying on a system that will generate results no matter what, ignore the block heads.


Welcome to The Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual #25.

Click here for last week’s report [5M 24]

You can also find all of the previous 5M reports here. 


Let’s face it if you haven’t started a blog yet you aren’t serious.

You’re playing.

We all know how people that like to play are, they like to play too much. 

So stop, PLEASE and set up your own site ASAP.  If you have questions or need help send me an email and I’ll personally help you out for FREE if you respond within 24 hours of this article being published*.

That way you can actually follow this and other posts and use these tips to improve your future.

STOP putting yourself down about your situation, the fact that you’re reading this proves that you want to change you just need to know what to do.

I get it.


This post is designed to show you in simple terms what to do in order to build a blog that generates the type of traffic that I’m currently receiving at Your Online Biz.

The strategy is based on a very simple understanding:

Before you can attract hundreds of visitors per day you need to attract hundreds of visitors per week.

Before you can attract thousands of visitors per day you need to attract thousands of visitors per week.


The point is to look at the big picture.

Even though my traffic has been down for the last two weeks I’m not bent out of shape because I know how my blog is doing in terms of overall growth.

My site’s total pageviews have increased by over 500% in one year so I don’t get discouraged when I have a “slow week” or two.

In fact I become more energized and I began to plan my next moves.





5M Step #2 – Grow your audience by reviewing Google Analytics performance:

Here are my results for last week:




5M Step #2 – Take action to grow your audience by focusing on the 7 key metrics.

After reviewing the audience overview report in Google analytics I also looked at my results for the entire year and I made a few observations.

I found that my traffic always rebounded from a slump whenever I did the following:

  • Published an Interview with a popular blogger.  
    The interview series has been very popular and responsible for bringing this blog a large chunk of it’s traffic.  Shout out to James Chartrand who recently relaunched her popular blog MenWithPens make sure you check out our interview and her new site.
  • Published a Guest Post on a popular site.
    I haven’t published any new promotional guest posts in a while and it’s because of the strategy that I’m using to write first for pay.  Read more about how it works here.  In short it means that I write articles and pitch them for income first.  If I get paid cool, if I don’t get paid then I use them as Guest posts.  This results in tons of high quality guest posts because I don’t get paid off of every article I pitch.
  • Published more frequently.
    The more you publish the more traffic you’ll get but before you go running off publishing like a maniac consider quality.  I noticed the weeks that I publish everyday had more visitors but at the same time the quality stats tapered off.  I don’t want low quality visits.


Therefore today I am taking action in order to get my site back in growing mode again:

  • I will follow up on my article writing for cash master spreadsheet to see if some of the articles that I’ve submitted won’t be published.
  • I will take these posts and submit them to the most popular blogs as guest posts.
  • I will also consider posting some of these articles here since I’ve found that publishing more posts increases traffic.

This is an extremely effective strategy to grow your audience consistently.

I say that a site’s audience is growing when you have more visitors this week than previous week or FOUR of the SEVEN metrics above in the GREEN.


Current status: NOT GROWING

Last run:  3 weeks

Current record:  11 weeks



Posts from last week:


Watch this video:


Quality is RPM

  • Avg. Visit Duration, Bounce Rate, Pages / Visit

Quantity is MPH

  • Visits, Unique Visitors, Pageviews, % New Visits



THINK BIG like the GIANT you are.

Think in terms of what you want to accomplish and then visualize a path to accomplishing this.

If you need help don’t hesitate to reach out even if it’s just a comment below this post.

Everything starts with YOU and your qualities.

They continue when you commit to sharing this with the world via your blog, NO FACEBOOK PAGES DON’T COUNT THAT’S MARKY-Z’S HUSTLE.

What to write about?

  • Answer your clients questions and solve the important problems they are facing.
  • Share successes stories of how you did it.  Example how I fed a family of four for $140 a month.
  • Interview influential individuals.

This will have the side effect of:

  • Building trust and credibility.  People will appreciate you for solving their problem.
  • Growing your audience.  Word of mouth via social media is real.

Which will result in:

  • More clients for your service and more buyers of your product.
  • More passive income from affiliate sales and ad commissions.


Don’t worry about money just focus on creating MAXIMUM value and reviewing your results for opportunities to improve.

Use this approach weekly and you will start to move in the direction of your dreams.

Want results? Get the Plugin.

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