Grow Your Audience Move in the Right Direction [5M 015]

Grow Your Audience Move in the Right Direction [5M 015]

Grow your audience systematically, don’t listen to block heads.


Welcome to The Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual #15.

Click here for last week’s report [5M 014].

You can also find all of the previous 5M reports here.


What goes up must come down.

I’m sure you’ve heard this old saying before.

I guess if we used the transitive property then this means what goes down MUST COME UP.

That’s how I look at it at least.

Over the past few weeks ever since the end of the #IBCT my traffic has been declining. :(

That’s the bad news.

The good news is this decline has apparently come to a stop and now it’s moving in the other direction. ;)

The right direction.

Why did this happen?

Well, I want you to review the past 5M reports and determine the cause for yourself and comment below.

This research will help you learn how to grow your online business in the best possible way, by example.

These 5M reports have made YourOnline.biz a real life case study for your online business.

I publish these weekly reports to document my own progress and to help you in the same way that I wished someone helped me.   

I also want to encourage you to publish the same types of reports so that other people can learn from what you’re doing and we can all have even more meaningful discussions.

If I had to to answer the question of WHY this decline in traffic happened in one word I would say, MOMENTUM.

I’ll let you look up the exact definition of the word but basically this means objects in motion tend to stay in motion until they come to a stop.

Now can you see why I call it the:


My primary goal now is to get momentum built back up and rolling so hard that I can eclipse my previous record of 11 straight weeks of back to back blog growth.

This is week #1.




5M Step #1 – Grow your audience by reviewing Google Analytics performance:

The strategy that I’m using to GROW my audience onward and upward is focused on the big picture.

Yes I would like to grow my site every week back to back for 100 weeks straight but this would be nearly impossible.


Because eventually you’ll get a week that’s so big the following week will have a tough time keeping up the pace.

This is when a decline starts.

Once it starts the question is how long will it last and what can you do to stop it?

Here’s my results for last week:



In order to grow your audience consistently you have to understand the 7 metrics above.

They are the most important indicators of a growing audience and a healthy website.



The primary goal of the 5M analysis is to get all 7 metrics above in the green which I have only done ONCE in the 15 weeks since I started the series  this week I’m happy to see the slowing trend has halted and now growth has returned.



5M Step #2 – Take action to grow your audience by focusing on the 7 key metrics:


  • Avg. Visit Duration: UP 1.67% after being UP 116.60% the previous week.  It’s always a good sign that AVD has increase even a little bit counts as I consider this metric THE most important of all, if people aren’t reading your content then there is no point.
  • Visits: UP 29.96% after being DOWN 19.54% the previous week – This is the type of turn around that I’m talking about.  I have to say it was almost painful seeing less people visit my blog for the last couple weeks.  It feels good to be in the green by such a big jump nearly 30% increase from the previous week.
  • Unique Visitors: UP 34.15% after being DOWN 25.45% the previous week – The blood bath has ended finally, whew I didn’t know how long this was going to last but eventually you will hit bottom when your momentum starts to slow.
  • Pageviews: UP 7.06% after being DOWN 5.43% the previous week. – More unique visitors means more page views which is all good news.
  • % New Visits: UP 3.84% after being DOWN 8.62% the previous week. – It’s exciting seeing the numbers for new visitors turn around in one week.  New visitors are the life blood of any blog it’s extremely important to attract more NEW visitors every week.



  • Pages / Visit: DOWN -17.62% after being UP 17.54%  the previous week. This is basically a push net to net as the previous week spiked up almost the same amount as last week declined.  However, I am concerned that I didn’t get an increase in pages per visit with so many new visitors from last week.  I’ll need to make some adjustments to encourage visitors to view more pages.
  • Bounce Rate: DOWN 8.93% after being DOWN 7.06% the previous week– This isn’t good.  I don’t want to see bounce rate increasing in the same week when I have so many more new visitors.  I will need to make some adjustments to improve my bounce rate this week. 





May 5, 2013-May 11, 2013

Here are my content marketing activities for last week:

Published articles:

  1. Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa 14 – The Sun is Shining
  2. Grow Your Audience One Step at a Time [5M 014]
  3. What I learned from Wade Harman Q&A with the founder of BloggersMakeMoney.com
  4. How to Generate Traffic and Leads for Your Business pt.2 – Think OUTSIDE the box
  5. The Most Important Podcast – ep2 – EXCELLENCE IS A HABIT

Guest Posts Published:

  1. Before You Make Money Online : A Development Plan for Pro Bloggers.






Comment Posting:

Last week I posted comments on 20-25 blogs after I published each article.

This is a great way to build up referral traffic and build relationships.

I recommend you use CommentLuv for the best results.


Social Media:


Email Marketing:

  • One Broadcast messages sent with Aweber.
  • No Follow up messages sent.



Apr 28, 2013-May 4, 2013

Click here to review my activities for the previous week.


Last week compared to the week before I started the 5M reports


This is what I mean when I say use strategy to grow your audience consistently over time.

Focus on the BIG PICTURE.

The graphic above compares my results from last week to the week before I started the 5M reports sixteen weeks ago.

This was also before I announced the 2013 #IBCT nominations.


So, now that the decline after the #IBCT is over my blog has settled in a place that’s much higher than it was before I started documenting my progress.

That’s the big picture.

Don’t forget to climb.

I know that we get an idea in our mind that we should try to survive but that’s not really what you should be trying to do.

If you are successful at surviving then you will do just that, survive.

However, I want you to THRIVE and PROSPER online and in order to do that you must CLIMB higher.

You need to know how far you have come and understand how you will get to the next level.

This is why comparing my results from last week to the week before I started the 5M reports is so important.


4 of the 7 metrics are in the green and in the double digits.  

I am concerned that bounce rate, % new visitors, and pages/visit haven’t improved so now you see that I have some work to do.

This is how I determine what’s really going on with my blog and how I plan to make adjustments to improve my performance.


I hope this helps you in some way if you found this information useful please share it.

Thank You.


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What's up! I'm Darnell the founder of Your Online Biz. I believe "We come from absolute greatness. Accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves." In 2012 I launched TruckLicense.net which redefined how to get a CDL without expensive trucking school. I also created the #IBCT - International Blogger Championship Tournament which features the top 64 blogs worldwide in a competitive comparative analysis. When you support me you help #PayItForward as I contribute 10% of my online income to help children in need.

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6 comments on “Grow Your Audience Move in the Right Direction [5M 015]
  1. Thanks for sharing this informative Article. Very effective way of writing & the content is awesome. It was worthy reading it.

  2. Darnell,

    This is a great post!I always check you blog because of your suggestions and tips. I really like your suggestions on how to improve your businesses.

    Charles Crawford recently posted…10 Steps to Syndicate Your Content Across 7 Channels to Drive Traffic & Build LinksMy Profile (dofollow)

  3. Daryl says:

    Hey Darnell,

    Great post! It’s important that people realise that it’s ok for momentum to slip after a huge spike.

    It reminds me of a study done on fighter pilots (if i recall correctly) in flying tests. The ones that performed only average on the first test tended to perform slightly better on the next test. Meanwhile, those who performed excellently on the first tended to do a bit worse on the next. It’s important to remember that the average performance for the second group was still better than the first! Always make sure you frame your losses (there will ALWAYS be losses) in a positive way that you can learn from them.

    Have you used linkedin to promote your blog and business? I’ve found linkedin a great resource in terms of sending visitors to my site, and these visitors often “stick” because they don’t bounce! I’ve already prequalified them by only posting appropriate topics in the appropriate groups, so when they come to my blog there’s a far higher likelihood of them being interested.
    Daryl recently posted…What Bacon Can Teach You About MarketingMy Profile (dofollow)

    • What’s up Daryl,

      Good point man yeah it’s all about the over all strategy.

      Its a losing strategy to think that you will win all the battles, unless of coarse you’re Floyd Mayweather, lol

      I haven’t done much with Linkedin I know my tweets are syndicated there I look forward to doing much more there this year.

      Thanks for the feedback.
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…Acer Aspire E1 Deboxing & ReviewMy Profile

  4. Paolo Volpi says:

    Hi Darnell,
    I noticed this blog is mainly about suggestions and tips, solutions, etc. on improving businesses rather than just blogging about business itself. Also it seems these appear to be instructional blogs about improving business. Please advise.

    • What’s up Paolo,

      Thanks for checking out the blog man I appreciate the feedback.

      I would recommend you look at the #IBCT and see the list of blogs there.
      Tons of very talented bloggers covering many different topics.

      This is who I learn from.
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…What’s HotMy Profile

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