Grow Your Audience with relationships and the Carol Tice'berg [5M 17]

Grow Your Audience with relationships and the Carol Tice’berg [5M 17]

If you are serious about growing your audience you need to get serious about building relationships, don’t listen to blockheads.


Welcome to The Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual #17.

Click here for last week’s report [5M 016].

You can also find all of the previous 5M reports here.



Last week was the biggest week for YourOnline.biz since the end of the #IBCT last month.

What happened?

3 BIG THINGS at the same time in the same week created the perfect storm.

First my site was hit by what I have coined for all times, The Carol Tice’berg.

This is what happens when Carol Tice links to your blog.

You get hit with a mountain of new traffic and email subscribers.

It may sound scary but it’s freaking awesome.

Honestly I had a moment when I was sitting there with my mouth open like, “WTF is going on?”

“Why am I getting so many emails?”

Yes, I reply to every email I receive and if you call or text me I will call or text you back.

The next morning I checked my stats and I realized that the new referral traffic was coming from Make a Living Writing.

My reaction, AWESOME.



I published my Q & A discussion with Alex Whalley.

This article resulted in the most Facebook likes that I’ve received on any post on YOB.  (I’m not a big FB fan if you didn’t know.)

I found out I’m not the only one that follows this Australian blogger who I call my brother from another mother–down under.

I recommend everyone check out how he does it so you can see that you don’t have to be an “up tight suit” in order to find success with a blog.

The point is to have fun doing what you enjoy.



I was fortunate enough to be a part of history thanks to Gail Gardner at GrowMap.

She made time in her extremely busy schedule to appear as my special guest on The Most Important Podcast episode 4.

I want to be as clear as I can when I tell you that Gail Gardner absolutely CRUSHES it.

I subscribe and listen to all the best Podcasts out there but I have never ever heard anyone share so many high quality practical tips about blogging, social media, and more in ONE episode.  She even goes in on important concepts like the new American Dream. You don’t want to miss this.

Later that day I found out there’s a good reason why you haven’t heard anything like this on a podcast before.



There I was AGAIN sitting there with my mouth open like WOW!

I was so rattled I couldn’t even tweet right, errrrr it’s an honor Gail.

My reaction, AWESOME.


Then finally… 

Monday shows up and the reality sets in that you can’t live in the past.

This is always the downer when you are trying to grow your audience every week back to back.

You have to maintain the momentum that’s built up and continue to press harder to make even BIGGER waves.

This is why whenever big things happen it’s kind of bitter sweet.

Its good because I’m happy about all the new subscribers and traffic but it’s bad because now I have that much higher of a hurdle to clear in order to continue this growth next week.

Maybe that’s how the sun feels?




5M Step #1 – Grow your audience by reviewing Google Analytics performance:

One of the most important metrics that Google Analytics doesn’t measure is relationships.

It’s not about who you know it’s ALL about who knows you and WHO KNOWS THEM.

There is a big difference.


It can be frustrating and awkward trying to meet new people and get their attention but in the end it’s more than worth it.

Here’s my results from last week:




You have to understand the 7 metrics above if you are serious about growing your audience.

They are the fundamental website performance indicators.

When measuring this week to last week…



The primary goal of the 5M analysis is to get all 7 metrics above in the green which I have only done ONCE in the 17 weeks since I have been writing this series.  This week I’m excited to see that 5 metrics are green with only two in the red.



5M Step #2 – Take action to grow your audience by focusing on the 7 key metrics:



  • Pageviews [QUALITATIVE]: UP 118.33% after being UP 36.08% the previous week.  To see double the amount of pageviews in one week is awesome.  I’m very excited but I know that I’ll need a huge week to maintain this pace.
  • Bounce Rate [QUALITATIVE]: DOWN 11.87% after being DOWN 11.97% the previous week.  This is a good sign that Bounce rate is continuing to shrink.  I don’t want any visitors to bounce.  This is a result of targeting the right visitors.  If you attract the right readers to your blog naturally they will stick around and look at a few more pages each visit instead of just bouncing.
  • Visits [QUANTITATIVE]: UP 119.68% after being DOWN 1.87% the previous week.  Anytime you double your audience in one week it’s very exciting but it also means that much more is required to keep this new crowd satisfied.  They didn’t come over here for nothing now there’s even more pressure to deliver and yes I accept the challenge.
  • Unique Visitors [QUANTITATIVE]: UP 116.48% after being DOWN the previous week.  MORE, MORE, MORE that’s always the answer when it comes to unique visitors right? Well kind of. I always want more unique visitors but I want the “good” ones.  I don’t want the visitors who don’t own a business and don’t ever want to become an entrepreneur.  I want the self employed, small business owner crowd.
  • % New Visits [QUANTITATIVE]: UP 3.03% after being DOWN 1.34% the previous week.  The life blood of any blog is new readers.  The existing readers know the deal and are in it for the long haul it’s the new people that you should be concerned with.  Are they coming in and sticking around or bouncing?  It’s very important that you measure how many of your visitors are first timers. 



  • Avg. Visit Duration [QUALITATIVE]:  DOWN -12.43% after being DOWN -2.59% the previous week.  I never want to see AVD decreasing.  This is my favorite metric out of all 7 because in my opinion it tells you all you need to know, “are people paying attention or not.”  If they are reading your content for several minutes then yes, you can conclude they are paying attention.  If not, then, no they’re not and you need  to change something to get their attention.  Right now this is what I have to do this week in order to get AVD moving in the right direction again.  I have set a target for AVD of 10 minutes. Seeing it fall below 3 minutes for the week is like a FIRE ALARM for me.   PROBLEM.
  • Pages / Visit [QUALITATIVE]: DOWN -0.61% after being UP 38.67% the previous week.  This metric was almost in the green so I’m not really worried about pages/visit.  It shows a big decline from the previous week so I would say this adjustment is expected. It’s almost impossible to grow pages per visit every week.







May 19, 2013-May 25, 2013

Here are my content marketing activities for last week:

Published articles:

  1. Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa 16 – It’s about Trust. [VIDEO]
  2. Grow Your Audience by focusing on Quantitative vs Qualitative Analysis [5M 16]
  3. What I learned from Alex Whalley – Q&A with the founder of AlexWhalley.com
  4. 3 Reasons you should include Freelance Writing in Your Online Business Model
  5. The Most Important Podcast – ep4 – feat. Gail Gardner of GrowMap.com

NOTICE:  I published 5 posts last week and only 4 the previous week.


Guest Posts Published:

  • None



  • Carol Tice linked to me on her post 100+ Websites That Pay Writers causing an iceberg hit my site.
  • Gail Gardner invited me to join a master mind group on Skype.  Who knew so many popular bloggers would be there planning all kinds of cool stuff.  Like I say the best way to know the future is to plan.


Comment Posting:

Last week I posted less comments than the usual 20-25 after each post.

If you want to get the most out of comment posting then I strongly recommend CommentLuv enabled blogs for best results.

This week I plan to spend less time posting blog comments and more time booking interviews and publishing guests posts.

Social Media:

  • Google+:   I shared each post on the Google+ main stream and in related communities.
  • Twitter: 5-8 shares per day. I have stopped #Hashtag Hijacking until further notice .  Watch the video review on this page for a preview of how I plan to change my strategy.
  • Facebook: 1 share per article published.
    • YES,I’m still looking for the best pages on Facebook please comment below with your favorite FB page URL.
  • StumbleUpon: I shared each article above to the business or technology related section on StumbleUpon.


Email Marketing:



May 12, 2013-May 18, 2013

Click here to review my activities from the previous week.






See what Carol did to my site?


These reports are from my aweber account. 


Now do you see what I mean when I say she hit my site with an iceberg?

Not yet?

Ok check out what she did to my email subscribers this is just ONE day:



Now do you see why I was sitting there with my mouth open, like “WOW”?



This is the goal.

Ultimately you want your site to represent a STOCK of quality like a warehouse.

Not just “good” content but collaboration.

Have you ever noticed your favorite talk shows always have what?


I don’t care if it’s MSNBC, Alex Jones, or 106 & Park there’s always a special guest making an appearance.

There’s a reason for this.

It works.

In order to get high quality guests for your blog you need to work on building relationships with high quality people not backlinks on high quality websites.

It’s time to focus on strategy now more than ever.



Why am I publishing the Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual on Tuesday?

Because you need to review this information on the first day of the business week.  Monday was the Memorial Day Holiday in the US.  



Special thanks again to Carol Tice, Gail Gardner, and Alex Whalley I really appreciate it, I owe you one. 

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6 comments on “Grow Your Audience with relationships and the Carol Tice’berg [5M 17]
  1. Daryl says:


    Congrats on having a great week! You got mentioned by Carol because you made a decision to provide value by paying for blog guest posts – thanks to that it’s now been “paid forward”.

    Hope that you work on increasing the AVD – if you find a way to improve that, let me know, because it’s something that I struggle with myself.
    Daryl recently posted…The One Type of Customer Whose A$$ You Need to KissMy Profile (dofollow)

  2. Carol Tice says:

    PS — Can you email me a copy of that “Ticeberg” traffic slide! I’d love to have that as a souvenir. ;-)
    Carol Tice recently posted…Why Writing For Free is Better Than Writing for $20My Profile

  3. Carol Tice says:

    Hi Darnell –

    Thanks for the many mentions…it’s actually fascinating for me to see the impact of my mention on a small blog!

    But I have to say I think of getting hit by an iceberg as a BAD thing…where hopefully all those new subscribers are a good one. ;-)

    Those signups mean my people found useful stuff and an easy way to join when they came here.

    If your blog isn’t set up to keep newcomers, sometimes those mentions and guest posts still don’t help.

    Glad it worked for you! And you deserve it for having taken the time to put together a juicy list of paying sites.

    Keep up the good work –
    Carol Tice recently posted…Why Writing For Free is Better Than Writing for $20My Profile

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