Grow your audience with The Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual

Grow your audience with The Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual

Don't listen to a Block Head

Happy Monday.


I know it’s Tuesday already for people in Auckland that follow this blog, thanks ‘mates’.

I couldn’t get this post done in time for you guys because it presents a brand new twist on an old idea.


I call it:

The Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual.


Now say that five times fast.


Why such a funny name?

Why not?

The point is to remind you of how important it is to review your online business every Monday morning.

Because you only get what you measure.  


It is absolutely critical that you KNOW what DID and what DID NOT work last week so that you can update your plan to improve THIS WEEK.

It’s almost like that quote from the famous baseball player Willie Keeler.

His advise for a batter trying to get on base was,  “Hit where they ain’t.”

My advise for bloggers trying to get traffic on line  is “write what they read”.


It’s really that simple but you need a systematic approach to obtain the best results long term.


That’s why I created the The Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual.

This recurring series will highlight the best techniques to grow your audience consistently by targeting the 7 most important metrics.

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5M Step #1 – Review Google Analytics Statistics:

If you have no clue about what Google Analytics is or how to set it up for your blog be sure to check out the Free Website Workshop where I explain how to do this in detail. 

Once you log in and select your domain:

  1. Click  Audience/ then click Overview.
  2. In the date selection in the top right hand corner select “Last Week”and click the check box compare to as below:
    1. Date Range: Last Week
    2. Compare to: Previous period 
  3. There are 7 key metrics indicated with a green or red number that represents growth or loss.  
    1. Make a note of each metric that’s in the Red.
    2. Make a note of each metric that’s in the low single digit’s and Green. example 1.01%.

The goal is to get all of the colors in the GREEN and keep them that way every week.

Above is an example of my results from last week.  Yes, I will help you grow your audience if you don’t have time to use my tips and do it yourself. 



5M Step #2 – Take action to grow your audience by focusing on the 7 key metrics:

  • Visits:
  • Unique Visitors:
  • Pageviews:
  • Pages / Visit:
  • Avg. Visit Duration:
  • Bounce Rate:
  • % New Visits:
Since I had the highest increase from last week in page views up 59.42% I think it’s a good idea to review what I did to obtain this growth.
First let me hook you up with the custom report that I use in Google Analytics click here to download the custom report configuration.
This will save you time setting up your report.


Jan 27, 2013 – Feb 2, 2013:

Articles Published:

Guest Posts Published:

  • N/A
Social Media:
  • Shared articles to stream using the #Hashtag Hijacking technique.
    • Google+:  2-3 shares per day.
    • Twitter: 5-8 shares per day.
    • Facebook: 1 share per article publish.
    • StumbleUpon: 1 share per article publish.

Email Marketing:

  • No Broadcast messages sent with Aweber.
  • No Follow up messages sent.


Jan 20, 2013 – Jan 26, 2013:

Articles Published:

Guest Post Published:

Email Marketing:

  • No Broadcast messages sent with Aweber.
  • No Follow up messages sent.



This is what I did to increase my page views by 59.42% in one week.   

As long as you are committed to TAKING ACTION and REVIEWING RESULTS there are very few things that can keep you from reaching the top.

Don’t worry about making it to the top of the stair case, you’ll get there if you just take ONE step at a time and KEEP MOVING.




#1 – Guest Posts benefits could be delayed.

Yes I did have an  increase in traffic from the guest post that I published in the first week.

However, I was surprised to see that the second week I had more traffic and I did not publish a guest post.

It seems like the benefit from writing that post was delayed.

Right after the guest post was published I saw a large group of new people who added me to their circles on Google+ and followed me on Twitter.

That I got more views the following week makes sense because I had more people following me to share the article with.

It’s almost like the law of INCREASING returns if you will.

#2 – Stay consistent on social media.

I share posts on Google Plus a few times a day and whenever a topic is trending that matches my content.

#3 – Create useful and interesting content.

I’m focusing now more than ever on sharing details of my successes and failures in order to help you grow your online business.  I’m finding that the detailed real life examples like how to find a lead are resonating with people.



Don’t miss all the 5M reports here:



Now it’s over to you.

Do you currently have a weekly website or blog performance review ritual?
How are you managing progress?

Want results? Get the Plugin.

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