What I learned from Harsh Agarwal the founder of ShoutMeLoud.com

What I learned from Harsh Agrawal the founder of ShoutMeLoud.com

This week I’m pleased to feature Harsh Agrawal the founder of ShoutMeLoud.com

Don’t miss last week’s interview with Siddarth PK the founder of TechBii.com

This is the seventeenth edition of the What I learned  interview series:


Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t.

It’s so easy to make claims about what you can do with a website but it’s very difficult to prove it.

This is why I wanted to share Harsh’s story.

Here’s some stats about his blog:


  • Domain Registered:  Nov-2008

  • Alexa Traffic rank: 4827

  • Twitter followers: 4,952

  • Facebook likes: 51,219

  • Google+ circles: 2,648

  • YouTube Subscribers: 2,133


I first wrote about Harsh’s website when I was researching blogs for the #IBCT.

What caught my eye was the amazing numbers he’s  put up.

According to Alexa the most popular ranker of websites his site is in the top 0.00001% of all sites on the internet.

I know that may be difficult to compute but think about it for a minute.

Ok, now consider that his site also has over 50,000 likes on Facebook which I can tell you it’s not easy to do I only have a total of like five FB likes and I’m one of them.  Ha haaaaaaaa!



Ok alright.  Enough of me let’s get to the interview with Harsh Agrawal  the founder of ShoutMeLoud.com




This winter will mark the 5th year anniversary for your domain ShoutMeLoud.com with 5 months nearly complete in 2013 what have you learned this year that has changed your online business strategy the most?



The last 5 years has been an awesome learning experience for me. With every day I’m learning something new. In last one year the most important thing which I have learned is: Focus on the important things first. (Priorities)

Initially my focus was only on writing blog posts, and I ignored other things like prospect client Emails, interviews, personal health and few other things. I realized blogging is an endless game, and if I have to reach at the top, I have to find the perfect balance, and give priority to things which can bring better results.

Another important thing which I have learned is: Instead of working for masses, work for individuals. By that what I meant is, with busy schedule it’s becoming hard to focus on individual queries, but I realized each queries are coming after reading my articles, and they are the most important Emails. So, I lowered down the quantity of articles that I publish, and started helping people via means like Emails and Facebook.

In nutshell:
Planning, Priority list and perfect execution.



You started from the bottom on a free blogging platform now you’re here managing multi-site networks. In 5 sentences or less, how did you do it?



  1. I set priority for different type of blogs, some are very active and some are less active.
  2. Have authors to help me on different blogs.
  3. Use handy tools like Managewp to manage multiple blogs: This is certainly one of the big time-saver for me.
  4. Outsourcing is the main key: I outsource work like managing hosting, design, and other time-consuming work.This helps me to focus on things which I’m best at.
  5. Pick niche which I have my personal interest.




Finish this sentence:

Entrepreneurs should use social media to _________ not __________.   Explain.


Entrepreneurs should use social media to Socialize and not just for self-promotion.

Social media is all about creating connections virtually and converting it into real-life connections.

It’s a perfect place to remove the geographical boundaries, and we often mistake it with a platform for self-promotion.

It’s not bad to self-promote, but there should be a perfect balance between promotion and socializing. Social media sites like Facebook is all about showing your personality, interest and speaking your opinion.




You have grown your online business income from $0 to over $7000 a month what monetization strategies have you found that definitely DO NOT WORK?



In-text ads are ugly and not recommended: They are bad for user-experience and doesn’t give great result. But, even if someone is using link ads from Infolinks or kontera, it’s better to try Viglink or skimlinks.

Direct link selling:

Link selling is one of the oldest form of making money from blogs, and despite of Penguin updates, this one business is still growing.

This one works great for one-time, but it comes with its own share of cons. Either you need to know how to sale links without getting caught/penalized, or better don’t sale it all.



What motivated you to keep going even when it seemed like it made more sense to quit? Your leg was hurt badly in a 2009 accident and you could have used this as an excuse to quit trying but you kept going anyway, WHY?



I would call my accident a Blessing in disguise.

For 6 months, I was put on bedrest and only thing which I could do is read something or work on internet. I took my accident as an opportunity for myself, and focused solely on blogging and learning things.

For motivation: It was a fight within myself to do something of my own.

I told myself to make a difference by creating my own business. More over, Blogging is not a work or business for me, it’s like something that I enjoy doing.

Sharing things which I know, and learning new stuff every day. Imagine, what a normal person usually does after office job? Surf internet for information and learn new things? I do the same, and the only difference is: My passion is my work.





What is your fav smart phone? iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, etc.



I’m a hardcore Apple fanboy, and love the Apple products. Right now I’m using an iPhone5.



What is your favorite social media platform? G+, FB, TW, LinkedIN, YouTube, etc.


Facebook and YouTube are all time favorite. I spend quite a time on Google plus, as it’s a great platform to connect with some of the awesome people. More over, I find G+ to be less noisier than Facebook.



If I could come to India and visit just one place before I die where should I go?


This is so far the toughest question of this interview, as India is place for traveler. Starts from North Kashmir is just like heaven on the earth, and in South Kerala is like living in the nature.

My recommendation would be Goa, which is one of the hottest tourist spot in the country (Beaches, great night-life, friendly people)…. This is one place, which I visit at least thrice in a year. A place you should definitely add in your to-do list.




What I learned from Harsh Agrawal the founder of ShoutMeLoud.com?



#1 – If you want professional results use professional tools AND get help.

Harsh runs a ton of websites and is able to stay on top of all of them because of the plugin that he uses.  Don’t miss his review of ManageWp.

Also I learned that it’s important to get help.  There is no way you can do it all yourself there’s only 24 hours in a day on this planet.  Until we get a time machine or a spaceship you’ll need back up here’s a guest post with some great resources to help you get help.


#2 – Stop trying to sell your friends on Social Media.

I’m glad that Harsh was candid on this answer because I’ve been feeling the same way.

People need to realize that social media is like two way texting from back in the day plus video and pictures.

Why text your friends anything except something that you think THEY will find interesting?

This is the best approach to social media.

Please stop posting links over and over again as if the more links you post the more followers and clicks you’ll get, NO the more annoying you’ll become.



#3 – In the end it’s all worth it.


That’s what they should call blogging if this term get’s old because that’s what its all about.

This interview series was designed to help you see that the most successful bloggers in the world also have to overcome very difficult challenges.

The one thing I notice about them all is their commitment to continue on no matter what.

It’s almost 5 years after Harsh registered his domain, he hurt his leg and he still wouldn’t quit.  Now he looks back on his leg being hurt as a BLESSING?

Just think about that for a second.

Now think about your personal situation.

No matter what your circumstances you will be successful as long as you continue to move forward.



I want to thank Harsh Agrawal for taking the time to do this interview.

I know you could have built ANOTHER niche site and got paid but instead you shared knowledge and I appreciate that, thanks man.



That’s it for this episode.

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61 comments on “What I learned from Harsh Agrawal the founder of ShoutMeLoud.com
  1. Akshat says:

    Truly an inspirational interview of one the top bloggers of India. But again i say that in blogging besides hard work you need luck too, whether you accept it or not.
    Akshat recently posted…Fix for Laptop Fan Making Noise & Laptop Fan not WorkingMy Profile

  2. Good Article I am also follow SLM from Last Few Months.

  3. Nice and very inspirational Article. Lots of learning are here…
    Swapnil Kharche recently posted…Jacqueline Fernandez launches Scholl Velvet PhotosMy Profile

  4. techiit says:

    I wish my dream should come true to meet him and talk for a hour

  5. swapnil says:

    nice Article and i learned lots of from Harsh Agarwal. Thanks :)
    swapnil recently posted…Fugli Movie Heroine Kiara Advani Spicy and Sexy Outfits PicsMy Profile

  6. Atinder says:


    Awesome Interview with Harsh. I totally agree with all the points. People always spamming on Social media rather than socializing. But actually many of them, really don;t know the meaning of socializing,that’s the real problem I guess.
    Atinder recently posted…How to protect your blog posts from Plagiarism?My Profile

  7. Hi Darnell, Harsh is always my inspiration for blogging. I read every post of Shout me loud. Thank you for sharing his interview with us. Keep doing dude
    Sanjay Sajeev recently posted…Importance of Social MediaMy Profile

  8. MSI Sakib says:

    Hello Darnell Jackson,
    Thanks for describing your learning experience from Harsh Agarwal. He is really a fantastic idol for the bloggers. I really happy to his another interview. At last I want to say that Harsh Agarwal is a goldmine in blogosphere.
    MSI Sakib recently posted…Best 21 Website Analytics Tools to Get Free Instant BacklinksMy Profile

  9. Prakash says:

    Awesome Interview broI am Visit Your Blog Daily For learn Something New Thank YouHarsh is top blogger of india
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  10. Great Interviews I’ve also learned a lot from Harsh Agrawal.
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  11. Sameer Bille says:

    Harsh Agarwal is one of the icon blogger whom I follow for each blogging problems via his Shoutmeloud.
    Sameer Bille recently posted…How to Create an Email Signature in Hotmail/OutlookMy Profile

  12. Kumar Gauraw says:

    Hi Darnell,
    I landed here through Adrienne’s blog and noticed this post in the list, so clicked. I enjoyed the interview more so because I know Harsha’s blog and how well he is doing with it!

    Harsh Agrawal is the name which always pops up in my Google search whenever I search any terms regarding blogging, SEO and WordPress. I have learnt quite a few things from his ShoutMeLoud blog.

    Great interview with a lot of good advice from Harsh. Thank you for sharing!

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  13. Aparajita says:

    Hi, Harsh I’m a regular follower of your blog SHOUTMELOUD, I really enjoy each and every article publish on your blog. :)
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  14. There is no doubt Harsh Agarwal one of the top raked Indian blogger but he is less online community engaged entrepreneur. I don’t know why he don’t respond to newbie or a little known bloggers! Honestly I have contacted him several times but never get single reply for him. However, I am regular readers of his blog Shoutmeloud.
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  15. Selena says:

    This is really very encouraging interview of Harsh Agarwal, a guy from India who engaged himself to the world of blogging, because of an accident. It’s like a film story but it’s true.
    thanks for sharing this interview.
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  16. Hey Darnell,
    Good job! Just enjoyed the interview.

    Harsh Agrawal is the name which always pops up in my Google search whenever I search any terms regarding blogging, SEO and WordPress. Sometimes I go to shoutmeloud to solve my problem rather then searching on Google.

    Harsh, you are doing a GREAT job. Keep it up!

    And thanks to Darnell for the interview.
    Istiak Rayhan recently posted…WordPress Redirection Plugin: Manage 301 Redirect & Fix 404 ErrorsMy Profile

  17. Akhilesh says:

    Before this reading this interview, i was thinking that harsh Aggarwal is a businessman, who do blogging just for making huge money but know i come to know about that how much great bloggers he is.
    Thanks To Harsh agarwal and Darnell Jackson.
    Akhilesh recently posted…Pune University Admission 2013 In All CoursesMy Profile

  18. 50K Facebook fans and they massively increased. I hope it will reach 100K mark soon. ShoutMeLoud is great :)
    Hemant Aggarwal recently posted…Get Back Desktop Widgets in Windows 8 Using 8GadgetPackMy Profile

  19. AMiT says:

    Thanks Darnell for taking the interview of one of the blogging geeks of India.
    Also, thanks Harsh for letting us know your blogging secrets!
    AMiT recently posted…What is SEO?My Profile

  20. Pawan says:

    Great interview and good learning experience for you and us.
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  21. Gautam says:

    Awesome Interview Darnell But i think you might change the Font Size and style on Your Site.
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  22. pavan says:

    Harsh indeed an inspiration for newbies certainly you are india’s top blogger
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  23. Mukesh Mali says:

    Woe great interview…i am the fan of this person reading his artical daily mostly which has written on SEO updates hope he countinue his work :(
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  24. aparajita says:

    Woe great interview, worth reading I’m also the follower of Harsh sir :)
    aparajita recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specifications, Features & Price in IndiaMy Profile

  25. Hey Darnell
    Thanks for the interview and your smart questions. I enjoyed answering all of them and good to see your closing lines…Perfectly done :)
    Harsh Agrawal recently posted…5 Little known Secrets of Writing Compelling Blog PostsMy Profile

  26. ambarish says:

    The 50k facebook like took me by surprise. Even motivated me to do the same..
    ambarish recently posted…How to set up Google Analytics to your blog.My Profile

  27. Darnell,

    Great interview with Harsh Agrawal. I like it when h said that “Entrepreneurs should use social media to Socialize and not just for self-promotion”. I totally agree with him. Some bloggers forget to socialize and just keep on promoting themselves. This is such a great point.

    Charles Crawford recently posted…10 Strategies for Dental MarketingMy Profile (dofollow)

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