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How Google Webmaster Tools Helped Me Generate $525 in Profit Quickly

This week I’m pleased to feature a real online success story by Enstine Muki.  Don’t miss my Q & A discussion where I pick his brain about how he builds profitable online business quickly.   Also, don’t miss this GEM that he dropped that could change the game for newbies: How to Make Money Blogging starting from NOTHING




How Google Webmaster Tools help me generate $525

Google Webmaster Tools is an important business tool must of us have blatantly ignored. It’s amazing how much strategic information we can get from it to boost our online business and step up profit

I want to share with you how this tool helped me move from Google page 3 to Google page 1 and generated $525 cash to Paypal in pure profit.

If you are an online entrepreneur who does not consider integrating GWT into your business strategies, you are leaving out a vital ingredient of your campaigns

The amount of technical and marketing data you can collect from your free Google Webmaster tools is huge. However, in this post, I’ll be looking at a piece of SEO data that has a lot to reveal about my business growth and position.

There are 2 things that are my point of attraction here:

  1. Which keywords pull traffic to my blog?
  2. Which pages or posts on my blog receive the traffic from these keywords?

Now this is so crucial! You know if you are doing business online, search engine traffic is the number source of traffic you should focus on. It’s more targeted and converts better than referral traffic.

So if there is any free tool revealing to you the keywords that drive traffic to your business site, you should be ready to grab that critical data and mix it up for better results.

This is exactly what I did and got $525 paid straight to my Paypal account. I’ll show you exactly how so keep reading.

When you get the keywords that drive traffic to your pages, there are three more things to verify. These are:

  1. Impressions: How many times your pages show up for that keyword in search engines?
  2. Clicks: How many times your entries on SERP get clicked
  3. Avg Position: On which page is your entry?

These are very important 3 points to note. There is one more question I want us to answer. This question makes the meat of this post. It’s the answer to this question that kicked me by my ass and pointed me to a direction that generated $525 pure cash. This is one of the strong points of Google WebMaster tools. It helps you discover things you did not know!

Now you have found that a certain keyword is pulling traffic to one of your post. That’s great but here is the question …

Did I optimize this post for this keyword?

It’s fun how this free SEO tool can help you find hot money keyword you never would have known. You write an article and optimize it for one keyword but you see it getting traffic from another keyword. That’s an aha moment!

Now this is what happened to me!

I created a blog post and optimized it for the keyword “WebmeUp replacements”. As a matter of fact you can see the article here.

Initially, I did not see any direct earnings coming from this article. When WebMeUp announced they were to fold up, I thought it will be great to gather a few replacements for my readers, given that I had written a review of WebMeUp before. So I didn’t want to let them without an alternative solution.

So I created and published the post with 5 webmeup alternatives. Now, if you checked the post, there are 10 and more are still being added to the list. I’ll tell you more later.

How did Google Webmaster Tools come in?

It’s important I mention here that I log into my GWT daily. That’s how I’m current on how my blog’s SEO is progressing.

About a week after the WebMeUp Replacement post was published, I found what turned out to be an inevitable source of excitement. My article was ranked on page 3 of Google with more than 100 impressions and ZERO clicks.

What even shocked me more was that the keyword ranked for was neither the primary nor secondary keyword I optimized the post for. I used it once in the article without notice.


I knew I was going to push this post to page 1 for this new keyword. This is where work began.

Tweaking the article for better ranking

Note that I was still ranking on page 1 for the initial keyword. However, this was getting less traffic. So while tweaking the post to rank better, I had to make sure I don’t kill the ranking for the first keyword.

Here are the points I edited on the post;

  • I edited the post title and added the new keyword
  • I added it to the first paragraph of the post
  • I used it in the html <h3> tag
  • I added it to image tags
  • I added more text and images to the article, making it longer
  • I made sure the new keyword got added on the article body

This was more of OnPage optimization. I wanted to do some more backlinks to the post. I knew this was definitely going to boost ranking too.

So I dropped comment on a few CommentLuv enabled blogs, pointing back to the post. CommentLuv is excellent in doing this. I explained in this post how to use it to build backlinks to old (and new) blog posts with blog commenting.

Two weeks later


I was on Google page 1. But I still had to try to push it up towards position 1. I did a little more tweaking. By this time, the post had disappeared from commentluv RSS post list. So I had to define it as favorite in order to continue with the backlinking activity.

NB: I didn’t use any tool to count those backlinks. Any comment I made on a commentLuv enabled blog generated a backlink. There were both dofollow and nofollow.

Did the ranking improve?

Check the image below

webmeup alternative darnell



It shot my ranking up to position 1 on page 1 for both keywords: webmeup replacement & webmep alternative

How did I make that $525 cash?

I mentioned above that initially, I didn’t have any plans to monetize this post. However, when I got a mail from an SEO firm asking for conditions to be placed on the list of WebmeUp Replacements, I thought asking for a monetary reward won’t be a bad idea ;)

After some negotiations, we got to a $300 deal.

NB: While on Google page One, I have had mails from SEO firms requesting to be on the list. That’s how that has grown to 10 alternatives from the initial 5. Here is Paypal screenshot of payments I got:


webmeup alternative darnell paypal

Apart from the initial payment I had had with the first client on July 3rd, I had more payments from 2 other clients. $80 and $20 from a client who paid in 2 installments and $125 from another just few days after.

It all started with Google Webmaster Tools

Yes, that’s the free tool that pointed the way out. Without it, I won’t have known the new money keyword. It’s a free tool you have to use often.

It offers a lot more to help your online business. If you neglected it before, give it a try here

A full-time freelance writer and part-time novelist. I often write academic projects and online content related to entertainment, literature, movie reviews, online writing, businesses in general, blogging and history.

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3 comments on “How Google Webmaster Tools Helped Me Generate $525 in Profit Quickly
  1. dhanunjai says:

    i recently only started knowing the potential google webmaster tools.yes it helps alot with search queries and based on that we need to implement the things.
    dhanunjai recently posted…will Babu Bangaram postpone due to Kabali ?My Profile

  2. Suprabhat says:

    Hi Enstine

    Google webmaster tool is one of the best tool powered by Google.

    & I complete agree with your line ” search engine traffic is the number source of traffic you should focus on. It’s more targeted and converts better than referral traffic. “.

    It is true that search engine traffic converts better than referral traffic because people who really want to purchase use search engines to find better product.

    Google webmaster tool is really a great tool as It help us to indentify that for which keyword, our site is ranking and how many clicks and impression that keyword get.

    Indeed a great post Enstine. :D

    Thanks for sharing it with us. :D
    Suprabhat recently posted…Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under $200 [ MOST WANTED ]My Profile

  3. Enstine Muki says:

    Hi Darnell,

    Thanks for allowing me to share my experience with your readers here. I hope this will help encourage someone ;)

    GWT remains a great free SEO tool I use constantly with amazing results.

    Do have a wonderful weekend as I’m wait here to have a chat with your readers ;)
    Enstine Muki recently posted…HOT!!! How to increase referral traffic without Sweating!My Profile (dofollow)

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