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How to Choose the Services to Offer and the Products to Sell


This post is in response to an email I received from an email subscriber Mary.

Speaking about the goals that she would like to accomplish in the next 30 days, she wrote…

“I want to get clear on the best services to promote of the many services that I can provide…and determine the best area for me to become an expert.”


When I read this email it reminded me of a point that I have been meaning to discuss for some time now.

As usual it’s about my obsession, strategy and it’s something that I talk to my clients about all the time.


There’s two parts to this strategy:

1. All businesses that sell products should also sell services.

2. All business that sell services should also sell products.


If you are a freelancer YOU are the business.

That’s a given but just so you know when I say business I’m talking about you.

This will help you better frame in your mind how to make the best decision about how to choose which products and services to offer.

Consider this.

I have an old industry friend from my real estate days, when the property market crashed in 2008 he started a new niche business called Hawgs and Horseswhich is all about motorcycle and horse riding accessories.

(“Hawg” because for whatever reason people call their motorcycles especially Harley Davidson’s “Hawgs”)

He started this business after he realized so many people who ride horses also own motorcycles and vice-versa he also realized the “types” of people are very similar which would make it easier to target them with his marketing.

Finally, he was a passionate enthusiast of both since he actively rides horses and motorcycles so he shares this with his customers and understands what they want, need, love, and hate.


this is the thing

When deciding what services to offer and products to sell first accept that:

#1 – You should be doing both.  Don’t worry I’ll explain.

#2 – You know what your customers want, need, love, and hate.  If not you have some work to do, it’s called research.


How to choose which products to sell if I offer services?

Lets’ say for example you have a mobile auto detail business where you travel around washing vehicles.  This is a service where your customers pay you a given price to wash their cars, trucks, boats, etc.

You may not know it, but you have leverage to sell your customers products.

After washing your customers car you could offer them compatible products that cure their “wants, needs, loves, and hates”.  

For example air fresheners.  This is a very easy product to sell if you’re an auto detailer.

This sales strategy works because people HATE it when their car stinks and they LOVE it when it smells good.  After washing a car offering a customer a special deal on a popular fragrance air freshener is a “no brainer” and it will sell like hot cakes.

You could also sell auto detailing accessories from your auto detailing website and earn additional income as an affiliate.

If you’re a freelance writer one of the things I learned from Francesca Nicasio is to “target companies in industries you know and love”.

This is key because your knowledge of the industry will best answer the question of what product you should sell.

For example.

If you are a freelance writer in the real estate niche because you love real estate then you should along with selling your blogging and writing service offer products that your customers, “brokers and real estate agents” can use.

The question again is what do they want, need, love, and hate?

You should be able to answer this question from your interactions with your customers; they will always be complaining about this problem or that issue and celebrating this success or that accomplishment.  These are your clues.

An excellent solution would be to offer tools as an affiliate that will help agents and brokers better manager their listings and businesses.

A perfect example is Real estate software.  You could sign up as an affiliate with one of these leading companies and offer their product as an affiliate to your customers.

This will work because some of your website visitors who may not be interested in hiring you may instead be interested in buying the software that you are promoting as an affiliate.

Especially if it really works and can help them.

The best way to do this is to publish a free report that in it contains affiliate links to the most helpful products that actually will aid your customers.

For best results you need a professional email marketing system to really pull this off seamlessly.

Remember, it’s not about trying to “sell” them it’s about trying to help them solve problems and help them save time.  They don’t have to search for solutions to their problems because you’re there to save the day.

When it comes to making money it’s always something for something, quid-pro-quo.  Your advice counts too.



How to choose which services to offer if I sell products?

If you’re serious about figuring this out read JJ Abrams FLAT BROKE? How to Get Back on Your Feet, Fast! it’s only $2.99 and in it contains the best answer I’ve seen to this important question.  All I can say is it has something to do with a vaccum cleaner salesman.

I don’t think it’s right for me to tell the man’s story but once you read this very short book you will surely understand why this strategy works. 

The point is if you already sell a product there is a HUGE opportunity to sell a service.

Obviously new car dealerships understand this, right?

They promote their new car show rooms and want you to come in and buy a brand new Toyota, Ford, Honda, BMW but they also want you to stop in to their service department and get an oil change.

Truth be told this is how they make their money.

Think about it.

If something happened to your BMW are you going to be more likely to take it to some mechanic from the phone book or to the dealer for repair? The answer in most cases is the dealer.

Then on top of that they sell genuine factory parts which you cannot buy anywhere else so they are solving their customers NEED by default.

With that said, if you’re a blogger and you are selling products online you can also easily add a service.

Here’s how, for example:

  • Let’s say you’re  a blogger that builds and sells wordpress design themes.  You could also sell the service of installing and configuring your themes on your customers sites.  You could also sell the additional service of customizing the themes as well.
  • Let’s say for example you buy and sell iphones.  You could offer the service of repairing broken screens.
  • Let’s say you’re an avid small band radio fanatic and you sell CB Radios online.  You could also offer the service of tuning cb radios.


Ultimately it’s for you to understand what service that you should offer your customers based on your unique and qualified understanding of what they want, need, love, and hate.

  • Wants are important because people will spend more money than they have to buy the things they and their loved ones want.  This is why most people are in so much debt.  You can benefit from this.
  • Needs are important because obviously people cannot do without what they need.  If you have a cracked screen on your iPhone you need it replaced.
  • Love is important because of people’s desire to want to be in a state of euphoric joy.  People love when their files are neatly organized, or when they can easily recall documents before an important presentation.
  • Hate is sadly one of the most useful emotions to use when it comes to selling.  Nothing seems to motivate people more than removing something from their life that they hate.  The television infomercials are an excellent example of capitalizing on how much people HATE doing whatever it is the old way.


I hope this post helps you understand how to choose the services to offer and the products to sell.

If you have questions about your online business subscribe now and send me an email  and who know’s I may write a whole article to answer your question too.

Thanks again Mary for writing me. 

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  1. Atinder says:

    Well, I prefer to offer my favorite services which i know best and also target specific audience to provide those services. and when it comes to products, I will sell what my readers want.
    BTW, great post :).
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