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The How-to Find Images for Your Blog posts post.

How to Find Images For your blog Posts

Nothing brings your  online content alive like pictures.

Video is good and all but most of the time you don’t have time to watch a video clip or you don’t have access to a fast enough network where YouTube will actually load.

This leaves a huge opportunity for images.

This is also why Marky Z deserves some credit for buying Instagram after taking Facebook public.

It turns out dude knows what he’s talking about, people love images A LOT.

The problem for content creators or BLOGGERS is one ugly little c word, “Copyright”.

The entire idea of copyrighting images has become controversial as somehow Facebook, Google+, and Twitter have no worries about publishing “copyrighted” images but if you do the same on your site somehow there’s supposed to be a BIG scary problem.

What should you do about it?

I think if it’s your domain or social media account do whatever you want but if you are writing for a client then you have a responsibility to use APPROVED images ONLY.

That’s just good business, you don’t want to give your client a problem by using an image on their site that’s copyrighted and you don’t have permission to use it.

They COULD get a nasty email from someone saying, “Hey you used my image DUDE and now you OWE ME MONEY!”

Talk about ruining a relationship.

I want you to be successful so I put together this list of resources to find awesome images for all your articles, blog posts, eBooks, and more.


#1 – Take your own pictures.

This is not only a good strategy but also it will help drive traffic to your site.

Think I’m joking?  Check out Unsplash.com

If you want inspiration or an example of what you can accomplish with your cell phone camera this website should do the trick.

Now, imagine what would happen if you created a page on your blog and posted all of your best images.

Do you think you would get traffic especially if you named the images using descriptive terms?

You might be shocked at how many people are searching for pictures of everything everyday.


  1. Name the images using keywords for the file name. Example: Watermelon-Breakfast.jpg
  2. Use common sense words in the description of the image don’t worry about SEO perfection.
  3. Consider using creative commons licensing instead of exclusive copyrights so that you get more traffic from your images from other peoples giving you credit.


Example:  Watermelon Breakfast

Watermelon Breakfast

A Watermelon Breakfast is a special treat for me and it’s an easy way to eat and drink at the same time after a workout.

Creative Commons License
Watermelon Breakfast by YourOnline.biz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at DarnellJackson.com.


#2 – Gank images from Flikr.

You might feel like your stealing but if you use flickr properly then you are perfectly within your rights to use these images.

Just pay special attention to the rights on the image before you use it. Typically they require you to give the owner of the image credit.

Here’s how to gank images from Flikr:

  1. Log in to Flikr if you don’t have an account create one.
  2. Search for anything in the top right hand corner.  I noticed if you just click search while it’s blank pictures of CATS appear.  WTF is the deal with people and cats?
  3. After you search for blank you’ll notice the ADVANCED SEARCH link appear click it and update your selection as below:



If you are writing for a client or an eBook you plan to sell then you should select “Find content to use commercially”.

Now click search.

You will find tons of great images to use for whatever you searched.

Here’s an example of how you should credit the creator:

Photo Credit: Camdiluv

Photo Credit: Camdiluv

Although a link is not required it’s just required to provide credit or attribution to the creator of the image.

Here’s another example:

by zackojones flickr.com

by zackojones flickr.com



#3 – Microsoft Office images.

Microsoft used to be known for lame clip-art images but now they have seriously renovated their Clip art, photos, and animations gallery.

You can find tons of awesome pictures but be aware that you can only use them for NON-COMMERCIAL uses.

That means you can use them on your blog for promotion but not in your clients articles or in an eBook that you plan to sell.  Read more on the rules here.

The good news is you can use their gallery to browse the best photos that you want to purchase and then proceed from there with one of Microsoft’s partners.  You will have to pay them money but you’ll only need to buy the images that you plan to use commercially.

Here are Microsoft’s image partners.




#Random Bonus

Shout out to Ms Ileane for hooking me up with this promo code that you can use to save money printing your images.

Just use PARTNER25 at http://photobucket.lifepics.com and save 25%!

thanks Ms Ileane!

Ileane Smith’s blog BasicBlogTips.com was selected to the 2013 #IBCT.  

The International Blogger Championship Tournament is all about learning from the best of the best. 



What about Google Images, Instagram, Twitter Pics, etc?

If you #BlogSoHard muthasuckas wanna find you then it is what it is, do what you have to do to pay the rent my friend.

It’s true it’s not illegal until you get caught.

However, I strongly recommend that you avoid using unapproved images for your clients work.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ll use a picture from anywhere in a minute on social media and any of my blogs for promotion, it’s just too tempting like this picture of my main man, Mr. “Gold all on my body”:


I don’t have permission to use this copyrighted picture but I cannot resist.

It’s like Mr T. 2013 edition I have to have respect for anybody that pulls a Mr. T.


Anyway, just make sure you at least understand what legal looks like that way you don’t submit a paid guest post to a big website and use unauthorized images.


I have “heard” that editors of high PR blogs frown upon this.



Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!




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What's up! I'm Darnell the founder of Your Online Biz. I believe "We come from absolute greatness. Accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves." In 2012 I launched TruckLicense.net which redefined how to get a CDL without expensive trucking school. I also created the #IBCT - International Blogger Championship Tournament which features the top 64 blogs worldwide in a competitive comparative analysis. When you support me you help #PayItForward as I contribute 10% of my online income to help children in need.

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26 comments on “The How-to Find Images for Your Blog posts post.
  1. Hello. I wrote an article about free images you can use whether personal or commercial purposes without any issues about copyright infringement. However, some pictures require attributions.

  2. This is really great article Darnell, Everyone needs free images for their blogs. Even I shared few on my blog a month back, but you have presented it much better.
    Keep sharing such stuff brother.
    Gautam Sehgal recently posted…Serious Health Tips for BloggersMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the tips AND the giggles. I totally stole a pic of the Golden Girls off Google for one of my blog posts, but your post gives me hope that it won’t lead to chains and bars. :) Thanks for the post!

  4. Kim Hamlin says:

    Mr. Jackson, great article, I really enjoy your writing style, your voice. I feel like you are talking to me, here in the kitchen, when I read your blog posts.

    I really appreciate the Microsoft images update, it had been quite some time since I had looked at those, much better!

    Thanks again!

  5. Shirlee says:

    Yet again, you have provided a wealth of information, Darnell. I was unaware of Unsplash, what a great site, thanks! It’s perfect for one of my blogs.

    The gold man is pretty funny, easy to see why you couldn’t resist temptation. :)

  6. John Garrett says:

    Man this was cracking me up. I also have to get to the “gold all on my body” point in life.

    Although I may just have to settle for “soda-can tabs all over my body”.

    But for real, many people don’t realize how much trouble snagging the wrong photo will cause. It ain’t worth it to put your livelihood on the line by causing your client trouble.

    Great post man and I hope all is well!
    John Garrett recently posted…How My Worthless Twitter Account Was HackedMy Profile

  7. Travis says:

    Mr Gold on all of my body was awesome, I think I may have to write a post just to use that one. On a side note, I like to get images from unsplash.com they are completely free and high quality.

  8. Yulia says:

    I almost fell off my chair when I saw Mr “Gold all on my body.” I wouldn’t be able to resist either.. hahaha. Oh and I think I’ll feature pictures of cats in my next blog post, I bet that will be a hit………. ;)
    Yulia recently posted…Top 3 CAT Tools for Translators: Trados vs. Wordfast vs. MemoQMy Profile (dofollow)

  9. Shiv Saroya says:

    I’ve always read about using flickr images, but never tried. Thanks for the encouragement! Now I just need some interesting content to go with the images….

  10. ian says:

    Well, just what I need to get my blog started. Good job!

  11. clara54 says:

    I thought I was perfectly okay uploading “free” images from the web to place on my site. I’d never think to use them for work with clients.

    Appreciate the info,Darnell!

  12. Sam says:

    I like your style, Darnell. Very funny and informative.
    Here’s a tip: instead of using Flickr directly, you can go to compfight [dot] com. It makes the whole process much easier, and for each photo, there’s a box where you can directly copy the HTML code to put a photo credit line in your post. Saves me tons of time.
    Another great place is the Library of Congress catalog. Tons of black and white, old school, royalty-free photos. Cheers!
    Sam recently posted…Freedom in RestrictionsMy Profile

  13. Daryl says:

    Hey Darnell,

    Great post. I don’t know if many bloggers realise exactly how much added value a picture (or two) can add to a post! Right now most of my pictures are from Flikr, but I also use Google’s advanced image search, where you can select only picture that are free to use and share, even commercially (although to be honest, most of these pictures are from Flikr anyway!)

    Heading over to writers in charge to read your other post right now!

    Daryl recently posted…7 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a BlogMy Profile

  14. I must admit, this is something I find so painful. Finding images to use for blog posts (well, legal permission-granted photos!). Thanks for this post.
    Deevra Norling recently posted…The Fearful Writer: How to kick the fearMy Profile

  15. Ileane says:

    Hi Darnell,
    Images help set the tone of your article and they are crucial for getting your readers attention and connecting with them. They also keep people scrolling down the page like I just did on this post. :)

    Thanks for the shout out!!
    Ileane recently posted…How To Use Images and Titles To Connect With Your Audience More EffectivelyMy Profile (dofollow)

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