How to find leads on the internet for free. part2

How to find leads on the internet for free. part 2

This is part two of the series: How to find leads on the internet for free.


Businesses need leads just like trees need leaves.

The one thing that you need today that’s more valuable than anything else is fresh LEADS.


…Here’s that pesky question again:


What about yesterday?

NONE? Well what’s your plan for tomorrow?


Your Online Business is like a boat that’s either floating or sinking at the dock.

If you’re not bringing in new leads then you just might drown.

Assuming you’re the type to go down with the ship, lol.



Here’s the link to my featured article published yesterday on ShoeMoney.com:

What the super bowl commercials should teach you about making money online.



Use this tip to Find Leads:

  1. On your site using adsense PPC ads.
  2. On other sites that use adsense in your niche.
  3. On other sites that use adsense alternatives.


This technique will also work to help you find leads offline:

  • Check your local paper.  Notice who is advertising in your niche, these are potential leads.
  • Check the festival calendar.  The sponsors of the spring and summer festivals will want to promote their upcoming event in advance.
  • Watch local television commercials.  Make a note of the companies running the most ads compatible to your niche.
  • Listen to radio. Who’s running ads that match your niche?



You’re not going to get everyone you contact.

As a matter of fact you won’t even convert half or even one fourth of the potential leads you contact.


However if you close 1 deal out of 10 then you will have more business than you will know what to do with.

If you can close 1 out of 100 you’ll be on a path to thrive online.



  1. Do the research and build your list.  Create a spreadsheet and fill it with all your potential leads contact information.
  2. Use strategy.  Don’t miss Part 1. where it’s explained HOW to write an email.
  3. DO NOT TELL YOURSELF NO.  Let your prospects do that for you.  Put your best foot forward and take every opportunity to convince people that what you are offering is seriously beneficial.




How to find leads on the internet for free. part 3 – CRAIGSLIST 



Now it’s over to you.

How have you been finding leads in 2013?  Have you tried to find leads online?

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  1. Evan says:

    Hey Darnell, you are everywhere)I just spent on your blog more than an hour reading. Cool! Thanks again for the tips! Video rules!
    Evan recently posted…The best WordPress themes for Designers 2013 – Part 1My Profile

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