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How to Generate Traffic and Leads for Your Business starting from Scratch

This is part five of the ongoing series How to Generate Traffic and Leads for Your Business don’t miss part onetwo, three, and four.


It can be very scary when you realize that you have created a business and you don’t have one very big component that you know you need:


This is the biggest problem that businesses have no matter how big they are.

All businesses continuously struggle to recruit and retain new customers.


Because things change and people are finicky.

We tend to love things until, we just don’t anymore.

For example American Idol used to be the definition of “can’t miss television” now it’s borderline a spoof.  Seriously who really cares any more about who is on or wins this show?

So, old established businesses suffer just the same as your brand new start up so don’t feel like you’re alone just because you’re new.

What, you seriously think the big wigs at Fox have a clue about how they’re going to get people watching “IDOL” again?


As a matter of fact if they’re smart they’ll use the same steps that I’m recommending for you.

The process is very simple and easy to understand, it’s the execution that’s the challenge. 


Here’s the steps:


STEP -1:  The Mirror is not mocking you Silly.

That’s step negative one to be clear.

This means there’s some pre-work that you must do before you do the actual marketing work of attracting a customer.

This is basically taking a long and hard look at the mirror and asking yourself,

Seriously, why the F would anyone want what I’m selling?”

If you can’t come up with a passionate and convincing response then forget about it.

Moving forward will only waste your time because if YOU can’t convince YOU that what you’re selling is useful then how in the world are you going to do the same to anyone else?

This is a big mistake that people who participate in MLM’s make.

They move forward and participate in these BS schemes but they never stop and realize no one REALLY wants the crap they offer.

So you have to be honest with yourself.

You may think it’s a good idea to build a smart phone app that will organize contacts by the number of “E’s” in their name but seriously, how many people out of 100 will find that useful?  

However, if you asked 100 people if they needed an easy way to SECURE their smart phones from spies many of them would say yes.

See the difference?

As a business owner you have to accept that you don’t have a right to make money you have a RISK. 

It’s your choice to invest your cash in an enterprise with the prospect of making more but don’t forget,

…once you enter the arena the customer is in charge of how much you get back. 




STEP 0: Tell people who would likely be interested in what you’re selling. 

Examples of two pieces of marketing.  One is a simple business card the other is a door hanger.  When left in the right area these pieces can convert sales.

Examples of two pieces of marketing. One is a simple business card the other is a door hanger. When left in the right location these basic pieces of marketing can convert sales, especially when budgets are tight.   NOTE: This flyer should be distributed in nicer sub divisions with maintained homes NOT apartment complexes.

Example flyer Lunch

Example 2.  This flyer was being distributed downtown about a block away from a Quizzno’s restaurant around lunch time.

Who:  You, if you’re a solopreneur or you can hire people who know what they’re doing to help you get the word out about your product or service.

What:  Start from the bottom by passing out flyers, business cards, and even door hangers.

When: You need a weekly promotional campaign that you can rely on to attract NEW customers.  My favorite Italian restaurant in Northeast Florida, Joseph’s has $1 slices on Tuesdays.  I’ve been known to drive all the way across town just to get this deal. Obviously, they have  a very small profit margin on the pizza but surely they make up for it with desserts, drinks, and other add-on’s that people order with the special.

Why: If you tell the wrong people about your product or service then you are wasting your time.  For example if you have developed an app that tracks BitCoin to Gold prices it would be best to tell people who are interested in finance about this as opposed to NFL fans.

Where:  Location is the key.  Where you choose to market your product or service will determine who sees it and how many responses you get.  It’s important that you understand where to find your prospects.  Do they hang out at the mall or the gym?  Where do they go to work or have fun? Where you communicate your message will make a big difference on the results.


YOU BETTER WORK B1TCH! Shout out to Britney Spears:

If you have a product or service that is really high quality and worth anyone’s attention you likely worked pretty hard getting to this point.

  • You worked for years learning the techniques to master your service.
  • You sacrificed endless hours developing your product.

I just want you to know developing and maintaining sales for your business will take a similar effort.

That’s right.  After working tirelessly developing your product or service you now are only about half way done.

Now you have to figure out how to attract customers consistently.


STEP 1. Discover A better way.

There is working hard like handing out flyers for hours around town and putting up “bandit” signs at popular intersections.

Then there is working smart.

In order to really turn that corner with your business you will need to develop what I call the ADv ARb Method, Advertise Arbitrage.

This is where you create an ongoing marketing campaign that yields you more in net income than the marketing promotion costs.





STEP 2. The best way “The ELITE”. 

Let’s face it the difference between some companies that are considered ELITE and everyone else is Testimonials.

I don’t care if it’s the grocery store or the cell phone carrier that you choose it all boils down to what people tell each other.

It’s not who has the best super bowl ad although that can help, for a while at least.

Ultimately it boils down to how many people at any given time are willing to speak positively about your product or service.

Social media has brought this to the forefront more than ever. In fact, all you have to do is browse any large brand’s page and you’ll see real time feedback from people that’s very telling (and hilarious in many cases).

This presents a HUGE opportunity.

Apple obviously cashed in tremendously with this strategy as people love their products and talk about how much they love their products continuously.

The funny thing about Apple as I enter this tangent is most people who don’t like their products aren’t their customers.  I should know I’m one. Ha haaaaa!

Compare this to Microsoft’s relationship with their customers.

Here’s a group that has been and remains perpetually unsatisfied (many pissed really) with the product that they use.  This disconnect was made clear when Microsoft released their tablet and Windows 8 that everyone ignored.

Meanwhile Apple product sales are still surging, why?

Because there are so many people who give heart felt genuine testimonials about their products:

  • WORD OF MOUTH:  They tell other people about how cool and easy their products work, AS ADVERTISED.
  • DEMONSTRATIONS: They record examples of themselves doing cool stuff, AS ADVERTISED.

They basically become walking advertisements for APPLE and with others from around the globe this continual “chant” of positive feedback draws in new customers like a Dyson vacuum cleaner on a cigarette butt.

Here’s 3 ways to get testimonials for your business:

  1. Getting Started Special.  Are you just getting started and don’t have any customers?   Offer to comp the service fee to an IDEAL customer that you target in exchange for a video testimonial that you can use to market your service.  Once people see others going for your service they will be more likely to follow.  The same goes for your smart phone app.  Offer it as a free fully functional download in exchange for genuine feedback on social media, etc.
  2. Special Price Promotion.  Tell your best customers if they are happy with your service that “for a limited time only” you’ll give them a 50% discount if they’ll record themselves saying so on video or 25% if they write a letter and 10% off if they post something on Facebook. 
  3. Affiliate Program.  Create an affiliate program and encourage your customers to promote your product in exchange for a portion of the sale.  When done right this will encourage others to use your product as only those who are familiar with it will be able to participate.  The most popular affiliate system is Clickbank however, I recommend jvzoo.com because they are free to set up.  Shareasale.com and e-junkie.com are also very popular but have a setup fee like Clickbank.


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