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How to get High Quality Targeted Website Traffic from Google Plus

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If you have spent anytime researching what it takes to make it as an online entrepreneur one of the terms you will eventually come across is “Targeted Traffic“.

Everyone who is anyone in the world of pro blogging says this is the most important thing to remember for success.  WHO comes to your site vs WHO you want to come to your site.

Luckily it is an easy enough concept to understand.

Every product or service should have a target audience.  This is a group that is determined by interest and can include other factors such as demographics, hobbies, associations, etc.  If you sell toys then children are your target audience.  If you sell catheters then its senior citizens.  If you sell shoes then its probably women.

How can you determine someone’s interest online without asking them to tell you what they are looking for?


One of the best features that I have noticed about Google+ is its ability to organize and correlate trending topics into FOCUSED pages of interest using hashtags.

This is where the magic happens.  I have been very happy with the results of my testing on Google+ over the last few months.  I posted about how I get over 100 visitors per month to my current events blog.  Now I’ll let two tips out of the bag either one alone if used properly can transform the relationships you have with your G+ readers and take things to another level for your blog:

The 2 techniques I use to get high quality targeted traffic from Google+:

1. “Hashtag Hijacking”.  There is no other way to put it. This is one of the first activities that I focused on when I began test promoting my websites on Google plus.  This started only a few months ago.   What is Hashtag Hijacking?  Well that is when you post content to a trending topic page using a hastag that promotes your website but doesn’t irritate content moderators.  You don’t want to get flagged you know.  The goal is to chime in on the conversation in a way that is interesting, eye-brow raising, or funny.  I have found posts like this get the best response.  When you Hijack a hashtag properly that means you use a branded image and a link back to your website in your G+ post.  Always post something unique that will add value always NEVER SPAM  Check out my G+Profile for examples.

2. Forecasting.  Continuing my explanation from the video above the idea of forecasting is not unique to blogging.  It is really the same concept that you may have heard about in theater or at the movies.  Sometimes in movies and plays what’s going to happen is forecasted by subtle hints and clues that only later in the movie make sense.  I posted about the presidential election in August knowing that the tag would eventually become one of the top trending topics.  So when I uploaded content with links and images back to my site I always try to forecast a trending topic that the post may relate to in the future.  When this is done properly then you will have your G+ posts working much harder for you.  In googleplus a post can show up as a trending topic over and over again.  This doesn’t even take into consideration other Googleplus users who will share your stuff.  Now that’s like the icing on the cake.

Enough of me and my experiments.

What’s been working for you ?  Are you on Google+ yet?  YU NO Add me to your circle?

Ah ok thanks

I want to hear from you.  What have you found that works best for generating great traffic from Google plus?

I was surprised when I saw this post from David Risley on Google plus.  I nominated his blog for the first annual #IBCT.  When I read his post  on Google+ I was like WOW, didn’t expect that.  That’s part of the reason I decided to share the results of my testing with you.  Obviously I was able to figure out something that works.  Google plus is so new that even the TOP experts in the world haven’t figured it out yet.



Hey David, if your reading this DM on GooglePlus I’ll share with you some other techniques I found that I think made the difference for me.  Maybe they’ll work for you too?  

Yes I’ll make all my tips available to anyone who subscribes because when you do you get a copy of Your Online Business Plan which includes all the details that I’m intentionally leaving out of this post.  You can make it online and accomplish your dreams you just need a plan, subscribe now and I’ll give you one for FREE.

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