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How to Get your Blog Posts in the top 3 Google Search Results

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So you made the big step and you finally started your blog.

You got it all built and set up and you have been publishing articles like a robotic blog posting machine or something.

There’s just one problem.

No one is reading your blog and Google doesn’t even know you exist.

What are you going to do now?

Well.  That anxious feeling that you have is likely coming from the fact that its not clear to you what to do.  I have been there trust me.  Its very stressful trying to figure out this stuff and do it at the same time.

There are 2 primary reasons why it is important to get your posts on the first page of Google:

1. Credibility.  People will consider your website a more credible source if you can be found on the first page of Google and other search engines.  I focus more on Google because well, they are the biggest and best at website search right now.  When that changes I will too.  Consider this like back in the day when people used to use the Yellow Pages to find businesses.  You always thought more about a company if they were listed in the Yellow pages remember?

2. Traffic.  One of the easiest ways to get traffic each new day without having to do something new on that day is to get search traffic.  The cool thing about this traffic is that it shows up as a result of your PAST efforts and will continue as long as your content is relevant.   Another benefit of this


If you check out the post that ranked for my current events website LlenRad.com you’ll notice that it is not covering a bland topic and I do not present bland ideas in the post.

This is one of the free no opt in tips that I’ll give you.  Stop “safe blogging”.   This is a phenomenon I have noticed where new bloggers are so scared to say something that they say nothing and no one ever reads their stuff.  Meanwhile people who discuss the most controversial topics are getting the biggest checks.   Oprah, Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck the list goes on and on all off of not being afraid.  The magic seems to happen when people see the value in their opinions and perspectives once they do others do too.

Now I want to hear from you.  How have you been blogging, have you been a “safe blogger”?  How’s that working for you?  If not what topics do you cover what’s your URL?


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What's up! I'm Darnell the founder of Your Online Biz. I believe "We come from absolute greatness. Accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves." In 2012 I launched TruckLicense.net which redefined how to get a CDL without expensive trucking school. I also created the #IBCT - International Blogger Championship Tournament which features the top 64 blogs worldwide in a competitive comparative analysis. When you support me you help #PayItForward as I contribute 10% of my online income to help children in need.

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4 comments on “How to Get your Blog Posts in the top 3 Google Search Results
  1. noel paraiso says:

    hey sir,, i just join the online biz thing where do i write and to whom do i send the articles, i really would like to have instructions on how to blog and i want this sort of thing can you help me.. please and thanks..

  2. blogger myself Darnell.
    like the point of saying what you feel versus being safe and thus saying nothing!
    FB fanatics missing out on free search traffic!
    good stuff man,
    Jeffrey Burns recently posted…US Bureau of Economic Analysis Labor ForceMy Profile

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