How to Grow Your Audience Starting over from SCRATCH

How to Grow Your Audience Starting from SCRATCH [5M 012]

In order to grow your audience for multiple weeks consecutively you need Strategy.  Don’t listen to naysayer’s they never say anything new.


Welcome to The Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual #12.

Click here for last week’s report [5M 011].

You can also find all of the previous 5M reports here.



“I wish I had narrowed the focus down more instead of just writing about so many different aspects”


This awesome quote from Lisa Irby confirms what I also found to be true in the last 11 weeks:

- Your audience will shrink as the number of topics that you discuss increases.

- Your audience will grow as the number of topics that you discuss decreases.


It may seem counter intuitive.

You may think that the more topics you write about the MORE people you will be able to draw in but, NOoooooooooooo.

It doesn’t work like that.


Think about cable television.

Why do you think it works?

The same reason why people like vegetable soup, there’s tons of variety and each ingredient maintains it’s own unique character or “flavor”.

Each channel brings something completely different to the table.

Sure, some times a channel might dibble and dabble in other topics but for the most part when you watch ESPN you see sports and when you switch to THE COMEDY CHANNEL you see comedy.

This is also why MTV always gets criticized because they rarely ever actually play MUSIC VIDEOS anymore even though the point of the channel is music videos.



I announced the nominations of the 2013 #IBCT on March 16th 2013that’s seven weeks ago.

Every week for the last several weeks I have been actively promoting the tournament all over the place.

Each week the trending topics and news events might change but the #IBCT remained the same as I continued to post updates about this ONE EVENT.

Then, all of the discussion and promotion built up to the the final championship which turned out to be the biggest week in the history of YourOnline.bizI covered the details in last weeks 5M report.





Yes. I named this blog in order to get YOU to think about YOUR online business when you think of this domain name.

That’s why when you come here you find examples and case studies that YOU can use to grow YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS.

Get it?

Maybe I should change the tagline, “Mind YOUR Online Business.” — YourOnline.biz





That’s what it’s all about.

Your online business strategy is the #1 concept that entrepreneurs ignore and then they wonder why they don’t succeed.

It’s not what you do but HOW you do it friends.

In the next 12 weeks I will continue to DEMONSTRATE how to use STRATEGY to grow your online business EFFECTIVELY.





If you follow me @FreedomMMC you know I keep it real but now I’m taking it to another level. 

Every concept that I write about from now on I will demonstrate personally or with an example so that you can see the benefit for your own use.

If I talk about how interviews can help you grow your blog audience then I will link to a recent Q & A discussion that I’ve had like this one with Lisa Irby.

I will also share with you what I plan to accomplish in the future so that you can understand the process of taking an idea from concept to fruition.

Example.  In the coming weeks I plan to collaborate with some popular bloggers that I respect, more details coming soon.

FYI:  I have been planning this for WEEKS but I haven’t’ said anything about it to anyone.  

I first sent out an email last week and I was very happy with the response.  

It’s moving forward so I’m excited -more details coming soon.


This is how I feel looks:


big shout out to Adrian Pickett go over there and buy original American art like this and tell him I sent you.



5M Step #1 – Grow your audience by reviewing Google Analytics performance:

I don’t want to lose you on this example but when I look at my statistics I think about radio frequencies.

Website traffic comes across in waves that are very similar if you haven’t noticed.

  • Certain days of the week are the PEAKS, these are the days with the highest traffic, for me it’s TUESDAY and WEDNESDAYS.
  • Other days are the TROUGHS these are the days with the lowest traffic for me it’s SUNDAY and SATURDAY.

The over all point is to keep the frequencies moving in an ever increasing direction.

This is like turning up the volume on your radio very SLOWLY.

  • The frequency WAVES get bigger and BIGGER as the volume increases.
  • These same waves get smaller and smaller as you turn the volume down until they “flatline”.  This is what silence looks like or how your blog traffic may look if you just started.

This trend of continual GROWTH stopped last week because it was the first week after the finale of the #IBCT.

This annual event attracted so much excitement that there was bound to be a reset, drop off or whatever you want to call it.

Here’s my results for last week:


In order to grow your audience consistently for weeks you have to understand the 7 metrics above.

They are the most important indicators for website health:



The objective of the 5M analysis is to get all 7 metrics in the green which I have only done ONCE in the 12 weeks since I started the series but this week I’M STARTING OVER because 6 out of 7 stats are in the RED.

Is this expected? YES.  Am I happy to see it?  NO.

I want to grow every week until eternity but now that I know this is not possible I have set my new goal at 13 weeks.


Because you have to win by two AND I have a thing with the number 13.

5M Step #2 – Take action to grow your audience by focusing on the 7 key metrics:


  • % New Visits:  UP 9.42%   For the last few weeks this had been one of the ONLY stats that was not GREEN now it’s the only stat that’s not RED, “go figure.  The fact that almost 10% more NEW VISITORS showed up than the previous week is good.  I was trying to improve this specific stat and now that I see the results I’m happy. 


  • Visits: DOWN 32.23%   – Just shows what you should expect the week after a major event.  This still leaves a net gain as the previous week visits was up 32.26%.  So net visitors week to week is actually UP.
  • Unique Visitors: DOWN 26.32%   – More proof of what happens the week following big events.  THE PREVIOUS WEEK unique visitors increased by  25.27%.
  • Pageviews:  DOWN 43.27%   –  This is after being up UP 37.92% in the previous week.  The #IBCT was a big factor but as you’ll see below there are others like the fact that I didn’t publish nearly as many articles. 
  • Pages / Visit: DOWN 16.29% – The previous week pages per visit was up 4.28% with the tournament ending this number fell substantially.
  • Bounce Rate: UP 15.18%  – Not sure exactly why more people bounced last week than the previous week but this was the case.  I’m looking into an explanation now.  This was down slightly in the previous week -2.44%.
  • Avg. Visit Duration: DOWN 35.54% – Net on net from the previous week there is an increase here since AVD was up  73.62% the previous week.  This means that AVD is moving in the right direction even if growth slowed for a step.


Apr 14, 2013-Apr 20, 2013:

Here are my content marketing activities for last week:

Published Articles:

  1.  Grow Your Audience for ELEVEN weeks straight. [5M 011]
  2. What I learned from Lisa Irby Q&A with the founder of 2CreateAWebSite.com
  3. Crowdfunding How to succeed in 2013 & #OneSpark2013


Guest Posts Published:






Social Media:

  • Google+:   I shared each post on Google plus on the main page to the public and in select communities.
  • Twitter: 5-8 shares per day. I have stopped #Hashtag Hijacking until further notice.  
  • Facebook: 1 share per article published.
    • I’m still looking for the best pages on Facebook please comment below with your favorite FB page URL.
  • StumbleUpon: I shared each article above to the business section on StumbleUpon.


Email Marketing:



Apr 7, 2013-Apr 13, 2013:

Click here to see my activities for last week.


Here’s a look at the last 12 weeks compared to 2012. What a difference a year makes.







I’m not done yet, I’m just getting started.

Here’s some other interesting streaks that were also snapped during my 11 week run of consecutive blog growth:

  1. WALL STREET:  The Dow Jones Industrial Average winning streak stopped at four weeks of consecutive higher stock prices.
  2. NBA:  The Miami Heat winning streak was halted by The Chicago Bulls at 27 straight games .


FACT:  If there aren’t MORE new visitors showing up each week then your online business isn’t growing,  it’s shrinking.

Less targeted visitors = less leads = less customers = less income = Close your business and go get a “real” job.


How to Grow Your Audience Starting from SCRATCH?



The diagram above illustrates where I was last year in terms of website traffic.

You can review the 5M reports if you want to see exactly how I’ve grown by over 500%.

I do this for the under dog, the soloprenuer, the small business owner who refuses to quit even though things STILL aren’t going right.

This is where I’m coming from when I write.

My mindset is focused on what I wish someone would have explained to me when I was learning.  That’s why I started the #IBCT I wanted to encourage people to learn from the best of the best.   WHY? because that’s who I learn from.




That’s why I started the 5M reports at the beginning of this year.

I was reviewing my performance from 2012 and I didn’t like having spotty growth.

I wanted to have consistency week to week.

Nothing has made a bigger difference for me than weekly evaluation.

If you want consistent blog grown weekly review is what you must do.




In previous 5M reports I stated that one of my short term goals for this blog is 100 unique visitors per day.

My ultimate goal, when I will call YourOnline.biz a success is when I have over 1000 visitors per day.

Identifying goals is very important.

First you have to think it in your mind.

Then you have to speak it out loud.

Then you have to write it down.

Now you’re doing something.  

The next question is will you keep it going when you hit the rough patch in the road?

Will you stop and ask for directions when you’re about to run out of gas and you’re COMPLETELY lost?

This will determine IF you’ll get to where you want to go and HOW LONG it will take you.

Ultimately you will make it though as long as you know which direction you’re headed and you never give up.




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What's up! I'm Darnell the founder of Your Online Biz. I believe "We come from absolute greatness. Accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves." In 2012 I launched TruckLicense.net which redefined how to get a CDL without expensive trucking school. I also created the #IBCT - International Blogger Championship Tournament which features the top 64 blogs worldwide in a competitive comparative analysis. When you support me you help #PayItForward as I contribute 10% of my online income to help children in need.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Wow Darnell, that’s one packed post!

    I know what Lisa means when you start writing about more topics. I keep telling people to stick to what you know and stop talking about everything under the sun. Sure, you might get traffic to that particular post but they’re not going to stick around because the next post may be about something entirely different.

    So you have something else in the works. Cool, can’t wait to find out what that will be.

    Always appreciate you sharing your results of how your blog is doing. I agree, continue to check your traffic stats to see where you can stand for some improving.

    Thanks for this awesome share and you enjoy your week.

    Adrienne recently posted…Learn How To Grow Your Email SubscribersMy Profile (dofollow)

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