How I Increased web traffic for the 6th week in a row [5M 006]

How I Increased web traffic for the 6th week in a row [5M 006]


Welcome to The Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual #5.

Click here for last week’s episode [5M 005].


Find a viable business model!


This thought has been in my head ever since I interviewed Tom Ewer the creator of Leaving Work Behind.

This simple and concise point is really what I hoped to accomplish with the 5M series.

Every Monday for the last 5 weeks I have written this report to document my results as a way to force myself to focus on what’s important and instigate others to do the same.

It’s about accountability my friends.


It’s so easy to get distracted with article ideas or social media or design tweaking that you can forget about what’s most important.



This starts with weekly evaluation of your online business to determine if you’re sinking or swimming and why.



5M Step #1 – Review Google Analytics Statistics:

This week I have to admit I had a little teeny-tiny miniature-sized flash of fear of success.

I knew the week was going well by about last Thursday when I noticed some comments and re-tweets by some bloggers that I follow and really respect.

It’s crazy how it goes sometimes, I swear it’s almost like you can FEEL momentum building online.

I had thoughts of fear this week because I know that once I grow my blog for the 6th week in a row I’m going to have to do something bigger yet again to grow it for the 7th.

Every week the stakes get higher.

If you think I’m backing down you’re as crazy as a June bug as they say where I’m from.

Here’s my results from last week:

how to increase website traffic


These 7 metrics above are the most important for determining your website health.





To see ALL 7 of the important metrics in the green is all I could ask for.

I almost want to end this report here and just say boom there it is read em and weep.

But that’s not what 5M is all about.

Let’s take a closer look at how I did it.


5M Step #2 – Take action to grow your audience by focusing on the 7 key metrics:


The good news:

  • Visits: Up 7.02% – This tells me that I’m attracting more visitors at a faster pace than even last week which was up over 6% respectively. 
  • Unique Visitors: Up 8.14% – This is an indicator that unique visitors are coming to my site a faster rate although slightly down from last weed this is still good.
  • Pageviews:  Up 8.22% – This is an indicator that visitors are actually reading my content, damn it’s hard to get them to do that.
  • Pages / Visit: Up 1.12% – This means that slightly more pages are being viewed per visit.  I would like to see this closer to 5%.
  • Avg. Visit Duration: Up 52.84% – I am most excited about the results of this metric.  In past weeks reports I’ve written about how important it is to turn around average visit duration.  It’s very difficult to create content that people actually want to read. To see this metric improve over 50% for the entire week is very humbling for me.
  • Bounce Rate: Down -0.16% – This indicator means that less people bounced from my site than last week , a very important indicator of an engaged audience.  I want to see this trend continue.
  • % New Visits: 4.13% – This is an important indicator for how many first time visitors are coming to my site.  To see this increase weekly means consistent growth is happening. 


The bad news:

The bad news is there is no bad news.

This is what weirded me out.

When you set your goals sometimes you don’t plan for what you’ll do when you actually accomplish them.

I set a goal to increase all 7 metrics every week but honestly it is very difficult to do this as I have only done this ONCE in the six weeks that I have been publishing 5M reports, and that was the very first report. 

Hopefully it won’t take me 5 more weeks to turn all of the metrics green again but I’ll do my best.


Mar 3, 2013-Mar 9, 2013:

So, how did I do it? Here are my activities from last week:

Published articles:

  1. Increased Unique Visitors, Visits, and % New Visits for the 5th week in a row [5M 005]
  2. What I learned from Tom Ewer – Q&A with the founder of Leaving Work Behind.
  3. Link Building: You’re Doing it Wrong pt. 3
  4. The 5 ways your blog should be saying Thank You.
  5. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Review and Testing
  6. Social Media Saturday #SoMeSa – ep. 8 – Chorão.


 Guest Posts Published:


Social Media:


Email Marketing:



Feb 24, 2013-Mar 2, 2013:

*Please check out last weeks episode for the activities, statistics, and results.



That’s how I Increased web traffic for the 6th week in a row.

What were the biggest differences?

  1. Last week I only published 5 articles this week I published 6.
  2. I had a guest post published on ShoeMoney I didn’t have a guest post published last week.
  3. I also have changed my approach  to social media and I’m seeing positive results.  I’m getting high quality visits from twitter and Google+.
  4. I changed my mind.  I was going to publish this article about how to thank your visitors as a guest post but at the last second I decided to publish it here and I’m glad I did it was one of the most popular.


Now it’s over to you.

What are your results from last week?


Want results? Get the Plugin.

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    Thank you for sharing this. I really want to increase my blog traffic. I am really finding ways on how to increase my traffic.

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  4. Every nice and enlightening post. I will keep tabs on your progress.

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