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How to Know what to Write about Part 1 – Freelancers


If you want to earn serious money as a Freelance Writer one of the most important things you need to understand is what to write about.

The problem is HOW.

How are you ever going to figure out what people want you to write?

This is one of the most popular questions that I get from people who are looking to take their internet career to the next level.

This is also the first answer to the question.


#1 – Ask your subscribers.

Big Shout out to Derek Halpern if you haven’t you should subscribe to his blog and YouTube channel immediately he constantly shares excellent practical advice for internet professionals.  Derek’s blog was selected for the 2013 #IBCT.  The International Blogger Championship Tournament is all about learning from the best of the best.


Here’s one tip that I got from Derek that has worked extremely well for me since I started using it.

As a matter of fact I’ve been using it on EVERY SINGLE BLOG I OWN ever since.

Whenever someone subscribes I simple ask a question, “What are you trying to accomplish in the next 30 days.”

I stole this line from Derek because like others I gank when I have to and it works like a hot bath on a stank body. 

What happens is people REPLY to my question with emails that explain in depth what they are trying to accomplish.

I then reply to these emails with the best PERSONAL advice that I can provide.

Many times people ask me questions that I can best answer in a post that I have already written so I’ll reply with a link to the post.

However, there are plenty of other times LIKE TODAY where a subscriber will ask me a question and I haven’t written about it yet.

That’s actually the reason why I’m writing this post today shout out to “SD“, I told you I would write about this.  Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa!

In this case I take my time to answer their question in a new article instead of an email.

It works because you know others will likely have the same question too, they just didn’t ask it for some reason, remember back in school there are no stupid questions except the one you didn’t ask.

Writing a new post allows me to address their question with NEW content that chances are others will also want to read.

Yes, if you want to do this you will need your own blog first so get started with the FREE website workshop if you need help or hire me to set up your blog professionally for you. 


#2 – Ask your Social Media Friends.

I don’t really do Facebook but on Google+ you can really leverage the communities to develop awesome content ideas.

If you have an idea about a particular topic you can go to a community and start a discussion about it to see how people respond.

If they show interest then you should write a follow up article.

Here’s how I do it.

This is really some top secret A1 type stuff that I’m giving away here. Thanks a Billion for sharing on Twitter & G+. 

  • Find a G+ community.  
    Browse the GooglePlus communities or search using a keyword that you plan to write about and you should find several communities. As a matter of fact if your search does NOT find any communities then you should take this as a sign to NOT write about whatever it was that you were thinking about writing.  Why? If there isn’t a community that is discussing it then chances are it’s not something popular enough that people care about.  
  • Ask questions that people MUST answer.
    This is both an art and a skill.  The more time you spend talking to people online the more comfortable people will become responding to your questions.  At first you’re a stranger so start off asking about something that you believe would affect MANY people.  That way even if people don’t recognize you they will want to join the discussion.  Here are some example questions that I have asked on Google+: Blog Commenting vs Guest posting?   Social Media vs Guest Posting?

Once you have this feedback you can then create NEW content that continues this discussion and even extends it to another level. When you share your completed article on social media guess who’ll want to read it?

If you guessed the people who you were talking to on Google+ then you are getting the idea.


#3 – STUDY.

It was an honor to have an article I wrote featured recently on WritersInCharge, big shout out to Bamidele Onibalusi.

If you haven’t read it yet check out this post for my best tips on How to be a Perpetually Successful Freelance Writer.

The truth is if you want to get your guest posts PUBLISHED or if you want to get PAID for your articles you’re going to have to do your homework.


You need to know specifically what types of articles are NEVER published and what types of content seems to ALWAYS get published.  Do they hate list posts?  Do they love How-To articles?  What about reviews?  What about interviews?


Websites that pay writers already have an existing audience and the last thing any editor wants to do is screw up what they have built by doing you or anyone else a “favor”.  They are bound to an agreement with their audience to publish only the best content or else their readers will go elsewhere.

My advise is to use strategy, always write first for MONEY, then for promotion, read this.


Also don’t miss this VIDEO:  How to Write Content that People will Always want to Read and Share and a RANT.


I hope this helps you come up with great ideas for articles to write that way you can earn more money as a freelancer and pay those pesky bills one word at a time.


I appreciate your comments and feedback and sharing on social media if you have a question that you want me to answer simply subscribe and reply to the first email you receive I will personally respond to ANYTHING you ask me. If you call me @ 904.321.9181 I will call you back, if you text me I will text you back.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, if you troll me or I will troll you back, peace.

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  1. How about turn your blog into your portfolio? And write what your client wants to read without coming off as too-much promotion.
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  2. Eric Evans says:

    Hello Darnell,

    This is such a great post. Thank you very much for sharing this. I also agree with you. we need to know specifically what types of articles are NEVER published and what types of content seems to ALWAYS get published.


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