How to Make Money Blogging like Enstine Muki

How to Make Money Blogging starting from NOTHING

This week I’m pleased to feature Enstine Muki the founder of CashDonator.com and EMFastIncome.com in an exclusive guest post.

Learn more about Enstine Muki from this exclusive interview.  Enstine’s blog was also nominated for the 2013 #IBCT, The International Blogger Championship Tournament is all about learning from the best of the best.


Enstine Muki

I’m one of those with a firm belief that everyone can succeed in blogging no matter where they are coming from.

I started blogging in the month of August in 2012 with absolutely no idea where I was going and no basic foundation on what it means to blog. I was absolutely a-nobody in this blogging activity.

All I wanted was to make more money blogging and I knew I was going to make it.

I had a firm belief I was going to generate income blogging as others are doing. So I decided to blog, obviously on the topic I’m most interested in – how to make money blogging or make money online

Earlier in 2010, I started a Twitter based site which definitely made me earn some money online.

This coupled with some Affiliate Marketing efforts, I was able to earn some amount quite comfortable for a newbie.  This is one of the reasons I chose to blog on making money online.

I think the best thing is to teach people to do the things you do best. Teaching others from practical knowledge works better.

Back in those days, writing articles was as a matter of fact that I found most difficult. I would always ask how these bloggers write such detailed blog posts almost on daily basis.

One of my partners advised me not to dare.”It’s such a difficult and unpredictable thing to do” she said.

I took on to her advice until August 2012 when everything changed.

With search engines being erratically unreliable, blogging seemed to be one of the most challenging things to do online. I had a lot of reasons to stay away from it.

But I took a firm decision to face it in August 2012

Despite the discouragement and uncertainty, I made a firm step forward in August and on the 21st of the same month, my first post went live.

I still didn’t understand what it meant to me.

However, my greatest shock came when I made my first income that same week. Gosh! This thing works. My eyes were rolling and smiles ran from chick to chick. So this works too?

Here is an overview of some earnings I got in Paypal.

These are from different blogging businesses – paid posts, paid reviews, product sales, wordpress jobs,etc

Paypal Earnings Report



I didn’t need a product of my own

Many people think to succeed online you need a product of your own.

That’s not true.

Having your own product is just another way of earning online and making more sales.

There are many out there earning 6 figure income without a single product of their own. Affiliate marketing is one of the most reliable ways to make money online even without being a product creator.

Now as a blogger, I monetized my blog the right way:

  • I placed affiliate banners on my blog (managed by CashDonator),
  • I went with Google Adsense (managed by CashDonator),
  • I sold ad space.
  • I did paid product reviews and paid guest posts.
  • I did paid WordPress services (installations and setup, plugins configurations, etc).

A greater part of my earnings came from paid reviews and paid guest posts.

I landed deals of $100, $150 and $200 per post.

Right as I write this post, I still use these methods to make money from my blog.

Here are some more payments to Payoneer.

Most of these payments are from affiliate networks and others are direct payments from customers for blogging services

Payoneer Earnings Report


Selling my own products was a plus

I mentioned above that you don’t need your own products to make money online.

Nevertheless, if you are a product creator, you can make more money promoting your own products on your blog. That’s exactly what I’m doing with CashDonator and ViralBird.

  • It’s easier for your readers to buy from you because of the trust factor.
  • They know they can easily turn to you for support, etc.
  • I could easily adjust the prices, slash them into two and boost sales.
  • I’m losing nothing and that’s the beauty of selling your own stuff

I have opted to give out my products for free to readers who purchase other products or services using my affiliate link.

Those are ways to boost sales as product owner. I’m just being dynamic and using my brain.

It’s been 13 months of learning new things and meeting new beautiful people. I’m more comfortable now doing keyword research and writing articles.

It all started with real difficulty but gradually it’s becoming an enjoyable activity

You too or anyone can make it

It does not matter where you are coming from, you too can create a more beautiful success story.

Don’t let your barriers overcome you, Look deeper!

There is surely a way to break through. You may be thinking this is not for me because you are not able to join both ends. One of the things you must do is study.

Give yourself to studying how it’s done. If you do it the way it’s supposed to be done, you’ll make it as others have.


The key is focus

Whatever your blogging goal is, focus on it.

One of the reasons behind my success is focus. You cannot be Jack of all trades and a master of none. Focus on one thing, cleanse and rinse it to perfection. That’s the only way to see it work. NOBODY wants mediocrity.

If you are not very good at something, you won’t sell.

I know what it means to have a Multiple Source of Income.

Building an MSI does not mean catching multiple opportunities all at once. You have to take one opportunity at a time, build it to maturity before engaging another.

Don’t start a new project today and another tomorrow.

That will lead to failure. If you build one project to maturity, that may help to sponsor the other project.


Now let me hear from you in the comment box.

How was your first year of blogging? What were your challenges? Did you make or break the records. Share your thoughts below.


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A full-time freelance writer and part-time novelist. I often write academic projects and online content related to entertainment, literature, movie reviews, online writing, businesses in general, blogging and history.

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53 comments on “How to Make Money Blogging starting from NOTHING
  1. Santanu says:

    This is an awesome and inspirational post. I am following enstine from long time and know how smartly he is using this blogging platform to make money.
    Many thanks for curate this awesome article here. :)
    Santanu recently posted…BlueHost Review 2018 With 66% Off Discount Code + Free DomainMy Profile

  2. Hi Enstine & Darnell,

    I know some of the particulars of making money with your blog have changed since this was first posted, but the key strategies remain the same.

    You can earn from paid posts and reviews, affiliate reviews and services related to your niche.

    Most of all, as you’ve pointed out here… stay focused and relentless. Take ONE path, not multiple ones. That’s the best way to start earning from your blog.

    Great insights and inspiration, here.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Why Does My Blog Fail To Grow And Make Money?My Profile

  3. Brenda Smith says:

    Indeed a great post about making money online.

    Nowadays people are getting very much creative and wants to make some extra money from home.

    The topic ” Make money from home ” is very much interesting and people get very much excited when they get to know about it. But people should understand, this isn’t that much easy as they are thinking.

    According to me, Making money through Blogging and affiliate marketing is the best ways among all others explained here.

    But to earn through blogging and affiliate marketing, You must need to work hard with lots of dedication.

    You must have to follow these important steps.

    1. You have to choose a profitable niche from which you can earn by promoting affiliate products.
    2. Build a blog on that niche and provide helpful content to others.
    3. Promote your content among potential readers
    4. Drive traffic to your site and make money through it.

    These are the basic steps you need to take to earn through blogging.

    BTW Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post with us. :D
    Brenda Smith recently posted…Top 5 Best Yamaha Digital Pianos You Should BuyMy Profile

  4. Atinder says:

    Hey Dear, Great Post. Extremely well written. It helped me. SO, I would like to thank you for this. And I hope it will help many others.Hope you will be sharing these types of valuable articles regularly. Have a nice weekend. CHEERS.
    Atinder recently posted…Afghanistan v Bangladesh live streaming – 7th match icc cricket world cup 2015My Profile

  5. Dana Miller says:

    Thanks for the post Enstine!! It is great to know that it is possible to make money online blogging. Your insight was great. Focus is the key and I will continue to move forward. Thanks again!!

    • charan says:

      Enstine Muki, is one of the serious blogger and i often follow his blog post. About the Blogging, it’s an excellent career, and the good thing is can make several ways with a single blog. But, must have proper knowledge on how the blog works and kind of visitors to monetize.

  6. I good collection posts. It encourages me to bone up and looking into the blogging aspects. I’am very new the copywriting concept.

    I,am published author, but transiting to copywriting is something I want to move forward with in “BAD WAY”
    Keep up the good work. Ah so you folks will be reading my blogs.

  7. Great story Enstine, thanks for sharing!

    It’s always a great motivator to hear about someone succeeding. Gets you thinking that you can too.

    Best advice I’ve got on Freelancing writing or blogging is to not be afraid to put yourself out and to simply go for it.

    Kudos for doing just that!

  8. With the right effort, patience, and determination, you can succeed in blogging!

  9. Akos Fintor says:

    Totally agree.
    Focus is key.
    If one writes so maybe he or she can sell and affiliate program, the post comes out just a needy low quality piece of content.
    However if one focuses the attention on actually just writing a post without trying to achieve anything else other than give value…..now that’s a different story.

    dead on post!


    • Lisa says:

      Hi It’s a fact that your blog posts are so unique and interesting and I enjoys a lot while reading your posts because you explained your post very deeply in a very easy and clear language. Thanks for your support and Happy Blogging :D

  10. I to believe that most people can succeed in making money online. I just think discouragement and lack of motivation happens way to quick to newbies.

    If everyone had the drive you’ve shown there would be a lot more success stories out there.
    Michael Monturo recently posted…5 Ways to Increase ProductivityMy Profile

  11. You are really a winner! in less than a year, you are already earning big time online. A lot of people i know spend about 2 to 3 years before they can see their $$.
    Congratulations and i just learnt a thing or two from your success.
    Ceejay Joseph recently posted…How to make easy $50 Daily online without selling anything (free method!)My Profile

    • I good and interesting posts. It encourages me to bone up and looking into the blogging aspects. I’am very new the copywriting concept.thanks for sharing such interesting post.

  12. This is a very useful guide for aspiring bloggers and even for advanced bloggers who still wants to grow their income from blogging. It really takes a lot of time, hard work and experimenting before we can earn passive income from blogging.
    Victorino Abrugar recently posted…16 Leadership Tactics for Small BusinessesMy Profile

  13. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    Hey Enstine,

    My first year of blogging was indeed a challenge :D I started blogging with Technology. I added blogging to my niche, after I came upon the topic at Blogengage :D

    I did make a lot of mistakes, whether it was with my first or second blog. And, I didn’t really make much money. Making money wasn’t one among my goals at all. I just considered blogging as a hobby, and all I wanted to do is provide value. But, I hade to make some money to pay for hosting and all.

    I made some through sponsored tweets, a few sponsored posts, and guest blogging contests. Enough to buy new themes and useful plugins :D (I made the money for hosting, but I never spent it for hosting).

    I plan to launch a new blog by the end of the year. And this time, I do have a solid plan on making money, 4-5 income streams, from affiliate marketing to Kindle books.

    Hopefully everything will go as planned ;)

    Anyways, thank you for sharing the tips.

  14. I like your success story Enstine. I have been blogging for over 7 months and still have not find my stand yet and thinking about an alternative. But with this story, I will put everything because I like blogging.
    Juliana Onwumere recently posted…Tips to Lose Arm FatMy Profile

  15. Rupak says:

    Great piece of work Enstine. You’ve inspired me and many others with the gist of your hard work. The thing I like is your creativity in bringing new ideas at the same time your persistent effort to make it fruitful. Right now I’m at the stage of NOTHING where everyone should learn first. Hopeful to make myself deserved for such success. Thanks!!!!
    Rupak recently posted…How success and butterfly are related?My Profile

  16. Kevinson says:

    Hi Enstine,

    Wow! This is amazing! I started a blog and I’ve been exploring different ways to make money with it but now I have a basket full of ideas to start off. Thanks a bunch!
    Kevinson recently posted…5 Excellent Ideas to Help You Create Content That Google LovesMy Profile

  17. sham says:

    Hi Enstine Muki great share and i too agree that if you don’t have the product it doesn’t mean you can’t earn there plenty of things out there but you need to choose the right one but if you have the product which will earn you an additional income between enjoyed reading it

  18. Only a short span of time has passed since I first visited emfastincome and youronlinebiz. But I am really mesmerized by both of your blogging styles and journeys. I hope someday people count me too as a successful blogger!
    Aditya Nath Jha recently posted…Brand Identity vs short term money : What do you need?My Profile

  19. Sriram says:

    Oh Enstine, is it you written the post? Sorry I didn’t realized that! :P
    I made my very first affiliate sale some days before. You really rocks in terms of making good content, relationships and money too! TRUST and marketing tactics are the main things to be acquired in order to get best results in affiliate marketing, agree?
    Sriram recently posted…Traffic vs Backlink Which is Better?My Profile

  20. Enstine is a great guy, I have known him for quite a long time now and he really knows what he is doing when it comes to blogging. I actually got some tips from.this post.

  21. Shalu Sharma says:

    Certainly Enstine Muki is one great problogger and doing what he does best which is making money online. Wish him all the best.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted…Essential Hindi words and phrases for travelers to India ebookMy Profile

  22. Emmanuel says:

    The name Enstine Muki is one of the pioneers of blogging and its really interesting finding out he just started blogging only in 2012.
    What an achievement!

    The rest of us will obviously follow suite!
    Emmanuel recently posted…How much Money can you make as a Blogger?My Profile

  23. Neil says:

    Nice article. It’s always good to hear success stories and I can see why you’ve been successful with a good writing style and good content.
    How did you go about finding your paid guest posts and reviews?
    Neil recently posted…Hootsuite Review – First ImpressionsMy Profile

  24. Sugam Kumar says:

    Hello Enstine Muki ,

    Happy to read your interview here. This is really motivating for me to see ur incomes stats.
    Sugam Kumar recently posted…2015 Energica Ego Review, Features, PriceMy Profile

  25. Hi Enstine,

    Loved to read ALL about you at this wonderful interview, and thanks Darnell for featuring a very dear friend and awesome blogger here :)

    Oh yes…who said making money was easy, but there is nothing impossible if you are determined to earn through blogging, and we have all seen you do that.

    I have always been amazed at the way you manage your blog, and have your products, yet manage to write and achieve success in such a short time. It just goes to show how focused you are and the amount of time and effort you are putting in, is showing results. Awesome indeed. :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend, both of you :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted…5 Golden Tips On How To Deal With AngerMy Profile

  26. Mike Henry says:

    Hey Enstine

    Thanks for sharing your great story and how blogging has changed your life. It has done the same for me too, I don’t get the same feeling doing anything else but blogging.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future,look mine up and hook up with me there.

    All the best
    Mike Henry recently posted…Why Focus on SEO and Social Media?My Profile

  27. Lisa says:

    Interesting Enstine that you don’t need your own products, really like that one. Having multiple streams is key as things change and they sure change fast these days! Focus is key too like you said. You cannot make money without focus.
    The cash donator is on my bucket list for 2014.
    Have a great weekend!
    Lisa recently posted…Bing Webmaster Tools – How They Differ From Google’s ToolsMy Profile

  28. Reginald says:

    Hi Enstine

    Thanks for writing this. Really open my mind. I always believe we can make money online but we got to have the right method. Well you are doing very well my friend.

    I wish I had the time like yours. Managing a day job with blogging is crazy but it was fun able to monetize here and there.

    Nonetheless, it is fun able to earn a few hundred monthly (firm believer in luck here).

    Have a great weekend mate!
    Reginald recently posted…Maximizing Google Keyword Planner as a Keyword Finder ToolMy Profile

  29. Sriram says:

    Enstine was my friend and he’s a great blogger too. According to me, instead of going to PPC programs like Adsense, one can enter into affiliate marketing. But affiliate marketing needs good marketing strategy and good reputation.
    BTW, what type of posts you are accepting as guest post? Are you accepting WordPress tweaks- type post?
    Sriram recently posted…Traffic vs Backlink Which is Better?My Profile

  30. Tonya Sunderland says:

    Loved the article! Working on my site now and I’m also interested in selling some ad space independently as one of my income streams. I’m a bit new to the online market, and was curious if you know if there would be any kind of sales tax involved for selling online as space?

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