How to Make Money Online in 3 Simple Steps.

How to Make Money Online in 3,500 words.

Before I get into the juicy part of this post I want to send a big shout out to all the naysayers who say…


When it comes to making money online.


Their logic works like this:

“I gave it a try once since it didn’t work for me so it can’t work for ANYBODY.”


It’s hilarious.

To these people I say,

You’re Right.



You know why?
Because you’re a quitter.

…but you know that.

This isn’t the first time that you’ve tried something and instantly QUIT before you were successful now is it?


This is why I believe poverty is a disease.

It is a mental illness.

NO, I’m not a doctor and I don’t even play one on T.V.

My diagnosis comes from a simple fact:  Once you believe in your head that you’re poor you will never become anything else but that.

Online, offline, rural, urban, whatever, wherever it all starts in your head.


If you have these types of beliefs, maybe you should take my prescription and…


Take a second look.

  • Rediscover old school knowledge like anything that’s worth having is worth working and waiting for.
  • Stop taking the “instant on” approach to the important things that you want from life.
  • Learn about the CONCEPT of EARN.
    • Respect the fact that if you didn’t make any money you probably didn’t earn any.


Before last year I never made a dime on the internet.

Except for selling my old rims on eBay.

What was the biggest reason?

I never really tried. 

Then I did and I made thousands my first year in 2012 and you can too.


Here’s how:



I just cut down the number of people interested in what I have to say by what, probably 75%?

Thanks for coming most of you, now enjoy the rest of your day.

If you are looking for the fast and easy way to success you’ll probably end up making a fool out of yourself like Giovanna Plowman

I always say, “In order to be successful you have to be successful.”

You have to believe to achieve.

This is your first and most important accomplishment:  THE BELIEF THAT YOU WILL DO WHAT IT TAKES TO SUCCEED.


In order to really make it you have to accomplish something worth telling the world about, you know, ” A make your mama proud type of achievement.”

You need to do something important and difficult like teaching yourself how to get a cdl without going to trucking school.

I’m sure there is something that you’ve always wanted to know how to do that ton’s of other people would like to learn about too.



You could talk about your profession if it’s very interesting and important.

Example how to operate a TUGBOAT, or a CRANE, or how to BUILD A ROBOT, or BAKE A CAKE.

It’s all up to you.  What do you know how to do, that’s USEFUL and IMPORTANT to other people?


Here’s three examples of people  building web sites that make money online after accomplishing something very difficult and important FIRST:

Personally, I don’t believe that you can make money online just because you want to or just because you signed up for some fancy training coarse.

Also, spamming some affiliate URL all day on social media or joining some bull crap MLM scheme will not work long term.

In order to find the real success that is your true potential you have to DO SOMETHING special.

NO, you can’t fake it until you make it.

It’s all on you. 

Now, what cha gonna do?


Choose your course wisely.



If you are serious about making money on the internet the first thing you should do is register your domain name.  I recommend:

  • DreamHost. For newbies who want WordPress automatically installed without all the fuss.
  • GoDaddy.  For the intermediate to advanced crowd.  Anyone who knows a thing or two about domains, hosting, and how to set it all up.  Godaddy’s support is also excellent at helping people over the phone too.
  • HostGator.  For the experienced crowd that’s been around the block and want what the top bloggers like #IBCT champ Hesham Zebida uses.




The structure of your site should come from best practices and industry standards.
The content of your site will come from you blasting off your mouth about your accomplishment like a fully automatic AK-47.

Surprisingly enough you will find it easy to write about how you met your goal.
This is why I say you have to be successful in order to be a success.

The cool thing is once you accomplish something difficult it’s actually exciting to talk to other people about it.
It’s almost impossible to get “writers block” when you’re sharing the story of your successful conquest. 

The goal is to bring people to your site so you can explain how you did it, and how they can too.

Just make sure you set it up right.



Here are the top 10 most important pages on your website:

The most important ten pages on your site


This is like the foyer of a beautiful house.

From here you want to encourage guests to enter the primary areas of your site just like you would in a house.
Example:  The living room,  dinning room, and den.

You don’t want to reveal all of the ‘rooms’ in your house from the entrance because this will overwhelm and confuse people.
Imagine walking into a house and seeing 50 doors to 50 different rooms.

How would you react?
You would probably go back out the front door and leave.

This is what most people do, they bounce.
That’s why they call one of the most important metrics of website performance “bounce rate“.




Ask any webmaster and they will tell you the first page new visitors click on from home is about.
People what to know what this website is all about. 

This presents an excellent opportunity to connect with your readers on a personal level and let them know who you are and why you built the site.

Talk about why you accepted this difficult challenge in the first place and explain how you feel now that you can help others by sharing your story.



People always click to and read the contact page.
They just do.  Do they fill in the form and actually contact anyone? Rarely.

However this presents another opportunity.  Share with your visitors how they can get in touch with you.
Cell phone, social media, email form, whatever.

Just keep it simple.



After accomplishing your goal it only makes sense to create a product that you can sell to other people so they can learn from your effort.

  • You can publish an eBook on Amazon I recommend you use Guy K’s latest book ‘APE’ which is now the #1 manual on self publishing.
  • You could also publish a product on clickbank, and a number of other affiliate platforms or just sell a PDF eBook through PayPal at first when you are starting out.
  • You could also sell Pay-Per-Click and banner advertisements.

If you are offering a service as a result of your accomplishment like singing, speaking, or tutoring then you will need a page to describe what you do and how to order your service.

If you are a freelancer or a self employed individual then you need to create a HIRE ME page.

Explain to your prospective clients the details of your service and why they should choose you.
Provide examples of your work, testimonials, and recommendations.




The subscribe page is also the page that you will use to distribute your free report.

The most important thing on this page is your email opt-in form.

Yes, you should make some type of free report or tantalizing offer to lure your readers into subscribing.

NO, you shouldn’t charge anything for your stinking report.

YES, you should still make it the best piece of work you have ever made and give it away in exchange for an email.

PRO TIP:  Use Aweber to capture emails and send the report in an auto reply message only after they have confirmed their email first. Remember, anytime you are trying to make a deal it’s something for something or nothing.






The ‘Thank You Please Confirm Email’ page is one of the MOST important pages on your entire site.

This page will usually have a higher Avg. Time on Page metric than any of the other pages on your site.

Because, it’s the first time that a visitor has trusted you with their information.

Don’t ask me why but for what ever reason after people subscribe they tend to sit on this page and glare for several minutes until the email finally appears in their inbox.

They could close the window and go check their email but for whatever reason they don’t.

This presents a HUGE opportunity.

On this page it’s very important to explain:

  • How to confirm their email subscription.
    Include an image of what the message will look like in easy to understand instructions.
  • A little bit MORE about who you are.
    Use a cool picture that shows off your personality while complementing your site. Not too much just a little bit more than what they had before.  A vacation photo is a good idea.

On this page it’s very important that you DO NOT:

  • Include links to anything.
    Remember, at this point the only thing you want them to do is check their email and confirm their subscription.
  • Forget the call to action.







The ‘Thank You – Welcome to the list’ page can be your GOLDEN GOOSE.
You want to protect and nurture this page because it can easily become the top earning page on your site.

Big shout out to Steve Scott for sharing this tip with me, thanks bro.

  • When a new visitor comes to your site you hope that they enter in their information and click subscribe.
  • After that you hope they go check their email and click the link to confirm the subscription.

Once that’s done what should happen next?

You should send them to your ‘Thank You – Welcome to the list’ page.

On this page it’s important to:

  • Make a personal connection.
    Include a personal message that welcomes them to the list.
  • Explain what the FREE REPORT email will look like and that it will arrive in a few minutes.
  • Include a link to your #1 affiliate offer in the signature of your message.
    Choose an affiliate product based on what you’ve used and what best compliments your site’s topic.

    • Example: A product from Amazon, or a training course from clickbank.
    • Example: I included an affiliate link to the same CDL Practice Test that I used to get my CDL for trucklicense.net.  

On this page its important that you DO NOT:

  • Include a link to your FREE REPORT.I know you want to and it seems like it would be convenient and the best thing to do but NO, don’t do it.If you put a link to your free report on this page you have missed a HUGE opportunity.Your subscribers will not click and BUY your affiliate offer while they are waiting for the FREE REPORT email to arrive.Instead they’ll just click your free report.THIS IS KEYThis was what I learned from Steve.For some reason right after people OPTED-IN to your list they are more likely to make a purchase than at any other time.It’s like they trust you more now that you have made good on the email confirmation step.
    This is why it’s important to use an email management system that works.You only have one chance to make this impression. (See, old school knowledge.)
  • Link to an affiliate offer that you haven’t used yourself.
    If you link to some offer that you don’t know about you will erode the trust that you just built up with your brand new subscriber.People get sold stuff all the time when they subscribe so don’t start blasting them with offers that you think they will buy.
    Ain’t nobody got time for that, lolRemember to add value.
    Don’t forget your journey to accomplishing your difficult goal.When you were researching online for information you didn’t want to get SOLD a bunch of crap when you subscribed so don’t do this to your visitors either.Keep it real and get recognized for the right reason.



Don’t miss this article that explains SEO and how much traffic you should expect after ranking #1 for your keyword.

Your ‘Primary Keyword Page‘ should accomplish three primary goals:

1. Explain your Keyword as a topic.

    • The who, what, when, where, why, and how.
    • In an objective and “scholarly” type of way explain the concepts and reasoning behind what your keyword is all about and why it is important.

2. Organize your site content in an intuitive and easy to understand way.

    • If you search any key word in Google you will notice at the bottom of the results a section called “Searches related to”.  Use this as a guide for how to organize your site’s topics.Search Google for your keywords and make a note of how they organize the categories.Work with Google not for OR against them.

3.  Tie in what you offer into the topic without hard selling.

    • Example:  If you are a graphics designer and you are explaining the history of online content you should link to examples of your infographics.
    • Example:  If you are a photographer you should include your images and links to your hire me page.
    • Example:  If you are a singer you should have a page about the history of singing with your favorite singers and maybe clips of you singing their songs.  Don’t forget the link back to your BOOKING page.



Your blog page should organize the latest articles that you have published on your topic into easy to find categories.
For best results keep your titles related to the current trending topics.

  • Example title for photographers:  13 Images that explain why the pope quit.
  • Example title for tutors:  What Ray Lewis is also afraid of, Algebra.

For best results put some stank on it if you know what I mean.

  • Don’t be afraid to ruffle feathers and go controversial.
  • Don’t go to the point that you’re embarrassing your self alright, use common sense.

Most people say that you shouldn’t talk politics and religion but every time you turn on the news all THEY talk abut is politics and religion.


  • Example: I put together a Mitt Romney page on my current event blog dedicated to the most hilarious presidential candidate that I can remember getting nominated.The page ranked #1 for all types of competitive ROMNEY terms during the 2012 presidential campaign.WHY DID THIS WORK?Because I didn’t sugar coat my opinions and articles.  I kept it 100% real and people connect with that.



The Free Report Page is the where your subscribers get what ever they subscribed to.

I recommend that you create a web version of your FREE REPORT so that you can encourage your subscribers to stay on your site.
This increases your website value as average time on page is one of the most important of the 7 metrics.

Publishing a simple PDF is effective also but always have a web version to maximize value.


The three primary objective of your FREE REPORT PAGE is to:


1.  Establish and build credibility.

    • The tip that I got from Steve actually came from his free eBook.Just think,  if I plan to buy any training course which one do you think I will buy?One from the guy who’s tip I know worked for me or someone else’s?
    • It’s critical that you include a tip in your FREE REPORT that you KNOW for a fact will be IMMEDIATELY beneficial for your subscribers.  Hook them up, seriously.

      YOU NEVER KNOW…they could end up giving you several shout outs in a 2700+ word write up like this one.

 2.  Create a relationship.

    • When it comes to money there’s only two types of people in the world:
      1.  Those who help you make money.
      2.  Those who help you spend money.
      What I’ve learned is in order to make money you have to show people that you are helping them make money by SAVING them TIME and or MONEY.People hate when people try to talk them into spending their money.Have you ever had a sales job or been a telemarketer?Yeah you know how people react to ‘sales’ calls.It goes over like a terd in the puncbowl on prom night. 
    • Connect on social media.Now that your subscriber is reading your eBook the chances of them interacting with you on social media is greatly improved.Don’t forget to ask them to follow you on Twitter, Like your page on Facebook, and add you to their circles on GooglePlus.

3.  Ask for the sale.

    • As the old saying goes, “Closed mouths don’t get fed.”If you want a sale first provide a dramatic amount of value in your FREE report and then ask your subscriber to buy something.Use your FREE REPORT as an intro intro for a book or a training program.The idea is if they liked the report they’ll love the BOOK.If you have published your book in Amazon include a link to your sales page with a personal message of how much it would mean to you if they would review it after the purchase.Include this at the end of your FREE REPORT.Make sure your call to action is clear, polite, and simple.

free report

That’s how you can Make Money Online.


It really is that simple.

Successful online entrepreneurs know the business is just a simple numbers game called VISITORS, SUBSCRIBERS, BUYERS.

Visitors Subscribers Buyers


 The more you have of each the more you’ll get kapesh’?


How to get VISITORS?

1. Understand the two types of visitors:

    Attracting new visitors is all about telling more people about your site.
    A small percentage of however many people you tell about your site will actually visit your URL.
    A small percentage of your new visitors will actually return to your site.
    This is why it’s important to focus on email subscribers so that you can motivate your visitors to come back now, ya hear.


2. Tell as many people about your site as possible.

  • FREE PROMOTION:  Classified ad sites, social media, comment posting, guest posting, online forums, etc.
  • PAID PROMOTION:  Google adwords campaign, sponsored social media posts, sponsored posts, etc.
  • SEARCH ENGINE PROMOTION:  Ranking #1 for a your keyword in Google search is the most popular way to promote your site.You should expect about 10% or less of the traffic that the Google keyword tool estimates for each keyword you rank #1 for.The key here is to rank for as many related or Long tail keywords as possible.


3.  Review your results and repeat.

Important questions that you should know the answer to:

    • What pages are visitors reading longer this week than last week?  What adjustments are needed with your content?
    • Calculate your visitor to subscriber conversion rate.  How many new visitors do you get before someone subscribes?
    • Calculate your subscriber to sales rate.  How many subscribers do you get before someone makes a purchase?



How to Promote your site

To get in the game you need to register your domain AND set up your site properly.

If you want more step by step instructions check out the Free Website workshop and learn everything you need to know about setting up your website for free..


To stay in the game and survive thrive you need a plan to review what you are doing and analyze your next move.

You need to know:

    • How to set up and organize your online business.
    • How to generate traffic.
    • How to create value and make money by selling products, services, or advertisements.

You have to constantly review what you’re doing and  be willing and ready to make changes quickly.

Confirm your email and get a copy of Your Online Business Plan for Free.

You’ll also get free updates from the blog with useful tips like how to analyze statistics and improve conversion rates.

  • Find out how I’ve doubled my email subscriber list and social media followers multiple times.
  • Get the details on how I grew my traffic to over 3000 visitors per month and how I plan to take it to 30,000.
  • Get access to the secret strategy that I use to build back links that will never get blocked by GOOGLE.


All for FREE.

Click here and I’ll see you on the inside.



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    I registered for e-mails from you and saved them to a folder in my inbox for a while before I could actually get round to reading them. Then I went and sat down for days and read them and made notes and well… I still have the notes and have done a LOT of the stuff you suggested and still suggest. I am still learning from you all the time, so – thank you. I suffer from PTSD so my memory sucks a bit, but I love reading your posts and I like the way you write. Thanks for all your help so far. I will keep following your blog. Lotsaluv from Cape Town, South Africa. – Oh (proof of bad memory LOL) – wanted to say I wrote an e-book around 2 years ago and never knew how to actually promote it. Now I do. :) Thanks.
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