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How to Make MORE Money Online as a Freelance Writer

Everybody want’s to “make” money online, very few want to earn it.

This is my reaction to realizing  that most people don’t consider “freelance writers”, “online entrepreneurs”.

Somehow it’s like “freelance writing” doesn’t count as “making money online” for some reason?

I’m not sure why this is, I’d be glad to read your feedback in the comments below.

Maybe it’s because Freelance writing is boring sounding because the word “writing” is in it which makes it sound like work.  You know, kinda like how “running” sounds like working out but “jogging” sounds like hanging out.

Maybe it’s because successful Freelance writers don’t spend so much time promoting fancy get rich fast schemes with squeeze pages and popups and Facebook ads, etc–they just share their latest piece.

Either way they’re both the same in one very important way, they both have to continuously find MORE of what they NEED to survive and thrive:

  • Non-freelance writers have to constantly find new traffic for their income earning websites to make more money online.
  • Freelance writers have to constantly find new paying clients for their income earning careers to make more money online.


However, when given the choice most people choose “internet marketing” instead of “freelance writing” when it comes to learning how to make money online.

Why do you think this is?

What makes it even more ironic is the fact that in order to make money online as an internet marketer you have to do one thing continuously…



Therefore internet marketers are freelance writers after all and they don’t even know it.

Think about it.

They write the content on their webpage designed to encourages someone to buy their product in the case of an affiliate marketer, or click an ad in the case of a blogger, or subscribe to a list in the case of an email marketer.

Either way it’s the content that they write that results in the income that they receive.

Write these words, get that response, get this money.

So, they are in fact writing for some rate per word, just like a freelancer.

Also, if they stop writing then their income will also stop, granted it will take much longer to completely end but eventually if they stop writing new posts, the traffic will decline and the income will soon follow.

However, a Freelance writers income can keep going if they do it right or should  I say, if they do it write.

READ:  How to Get Paid to Publish your own Book.




Why so many Freelancers make so little money.

To keep it 100 with you it’s because people like to use people and the game is to be sold not told.

This is why the so called “content mills” spend so much time promoting their scammy offers on craigslist to unsuspecting “suckers” who mean well but just don’t know they’ll have to write like 100,000 words to make $100.  Good luck paying the rent at that rate.

Listen to me very carefully, no one is going to show up to your door with your income for next week all gift wrapped just for you, it doesn’t work like that.  You either have to figure it out on your own through the school of hard knocks by writing article after article and dealing with agonizing anguish for about a year or you can get training and know what to do from the beginning.

This is the only way to avoid needlessly tarnishing your writer reputation by sending influential editors weak ass article submissions.  As they say you only get one chance to make a first impression, make yours count.  



Why journalism school types don’t make money online either.

Traditional journalists are taught how to write for newspapers and print publications like AP writers who are ruled by the AP Style Book.

If you didn’t know there is a bible that journalists are encouraged to use religiously and no, it’s not the King James Edition either, this one is produced by the Associate Press.  You know the same folks with articles published everywhere on the web with no particular writer credited, except “the AP”.  

This AP “bible” basically defines what words MEAN and how they should be used, for example 13 years ago in the 2000 edition the word GAY is defined as:

Acceptable as popular synonym for both male and female homosexuals (n. and adj.), although it is generally associated with males, while lesbian is the more common term for female homosexuals. Avoid references to gay, homosexual or alternative “lifestyle.”

Who says you should avoid references to “gay lifestyle”?  Why?

This is the type of foolishness that journalism students are being taught.

That’s why when many of them leave newspapers they have a tough time making money online as freelance writers because it’s completely different and many of them are stubborn like me and don’t want to get the training they need so they struggle much longer than they need to.




How to Make MORE Money Online as a Freelance Writer


1. Know the secrets.

Read this post:  The Secret to Landing MORE Freelance Writing Gigs


2. Know the proven techniques.

Watch this video:  How to get paid to write in 30 days.


3. Use all the existing tools to your advantage.

101 Ways to Get paid to write, download your free copy now (If you’re a subscriber you already have a link to the eBook it’s in the first email I sent you.)


4. Discover new methods.

Watch this video:




I hope

this post helps you understand more about the publishing business so that you can better see where you fit in as a freelance writer.

Most people just close their eyes to understanding where the money that they will be paid comes from.

As a freelance writer you are the source of the content that the publication needs to survive and thrive.

As they go so goes your opportunity to write as newspaper journalists are finding out.

This is why it’s so important to diversify your income and make sure you’re constantly planning for the future.

Just think.

What if you couldn’t write an article for three months how would you survive? This is what you should be concerning yourself with.  Don’t just write for NOW write for the future and forever.

Don’t know how?  Take a year and teach yourself or GET TRAINING




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    Thanks for the Quality read Can’t wait to Earn money with writing as free lancer .Worth reading it :)
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  2. In my years of being a freelance writer, I’ve learned that if you sell yourself short, you’re not going to earn what you are really worth.
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  3. Shiv Saroya says:

    Great post! When I switch to 100% freelancing, I plan on writing online more. Can’t wait!

  4. metz says:

    Making money online, one topic that enables job searches discover different ways to produce money. I guess all I can say for now is that freelance writing is a good way to earn online. You can use your skills and meet different contractors that can help you in your writing journey. Thanks for the tips and details!

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  5. Sunday says:

    Hi Darnell, Its good to learn of the tips that could be used to make money online as a freelance writer. The links and videos provided are very helpful. Thanks for sharing these details and I hope every newbie freelance writer would readily take advantage of them.

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    Thanks for sharing the info. With your information only, we can initiate new things. Not knowing such things, it won’t be possible to work from home.

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