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How to Maneuver the Seven Important Health Concerns As A Blogger


Health concern is the bane of every career.

From the very common office administrative support to the more specialized jobs like mason, gem cutting and mining, you wouldn’t be able to rule out health concerns from any job whatsoever.

While the administrative support complains of incessant fatigue and leg pains, the plastic factory worker laments about heat problem, plastic fumes and noise pollution.

Truly, the time has come when, as professionals; you and I will have to give serious thought to the health concerns related to our career path as bloggers.

That was exactly the position I took when I started my blogging career in 2007. Hence, my experience would be a morale booster to you because the truth is that I am not alone in this situation.

So, if good health is your watchword, you should be keen to know how I maneuver over seven important health concerns of a blogger.

#1 Sedentary Lifestyle

The first thing I noticed when I began blogging is that I became the object of a sedentary lifestyle.

All along, I was a science teacher moving from one classroom to the other, attending to the need of my students on one hand and school administration on the other.

So, I decided I couldn’t cope with full-time blogging right away. I needed some time to get used to the sedentary lifestyle offered by the job I cherish so much.

In September 2012, about a year after I got married, I decided it was high time to do full-time blogging. I had a verified formula on ground, experimented over the years.

According to the formula, my 24-hour daily schedule looks thus: work – sitting position for 4 hours, standing position for 2 hours, lying on bed for 2 hours; food – breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 hours; sleep for 8 hours; and others – exercise (walking, jogging and so on), play games, discuss issues and watch television for 6 hours.

While sited, I used my PC to surf the net, download important files and print useful information for detailed reading later. In the standing position, I have a table to use for note taking.

However, while lying on bed, I use an A4 waterproof clipboard. In both standing posture and lying on bed, I work with my Smartphone

Activity Time (hour)

  • Sitting 4
  • Standing 2
  • Lying on bed 2
  • Eating 2
  • Sleeping 8
  • Others 6

Total 24



#2 Fatigue And Stress

When I started blogging, I had no PC and this made me spend a lot of time outdoor in public café access points.

Surfing the web could be interesting really, as I hover from website to website looking for information.

Working for long hours would eventually lead to fatigue and I will begin to feel both tired and sleepy. But there is a concern around the corner. I still have my bulk airtime left unfinished and the café administrators have a nagging policy that would eat up the remaining time if not used immediately or within a few days.

While trying to use the remaining time to prevent falling victim of the policy, I would force myself to continue and headache would result.

The journey back home would only make the whole experience stressful. Later, I discover I need to put the whole activity under my control and be disciplined with the process.

When I got my HP 635 laptop in December 2011, I started following the plan established as discussed above under sedentary lifestyle.

My blogging business is now under my total control and I honor sleep whenever it comes. When this occurs, I would try to adjust my schedule for “others.”

Also, I respect my schedule and both fatigue and stress have disappeared from my life worries.



#3 Loneliness

When people talk about loneliness, I shiver with cold. And the reason is simple. It’s a big health concern of many bloggers, myself inclusive.

I got the message early enough when I started my blogging business. So, I kept developing my expertise on a daily basis.

Before long, I have a basket of projects to deal with. These projects were developed from specific channels based on my competencies.

Three key elements that served to help evolve relevant projects and their execution include keen observation, imagination and inspiration (or divine wisdom).

Blog buyers are always looking for fresh information never published before on the internet. So, all I did was intensive research to determine the validity of proposed topics leading to the gathering of the best information money can buy.

The other side of the story is that I am happy with what I do. Now, a married man with a little boy, I have a complete kit to drive away loneliness from my home and life.




#4 Internet Addiction

Really, this global problem evolved with computer and internet revolutions. And it seem, with rising interests in the use of the web, we all have little control over the problem.

I started surfing the web in 1999 and the first site I opened was for American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).

Ever since, the use of the internet has been on the increase in my business life. Information makes the man. Information is key. Wherever it is, I would go. And so, an addiction to the use of the internet sets in.

Over time, I discovered the keys to put this concern at bay: Have a unique online business and stick to it; be disciplined in the use of the web even though you think nobody is watching; avoid distractions that will keep you away from your business; and keep your mind off your laptop and the internet when not in use.

To this last point, you may need to cover up the machine with neat clothing or keep it completely out of sight. And they worked well for me.



#5 Strained Vision

My work habit of looking at my laptop HP 635 AMD screen for a long time is the main reason why I got strained vision.

I guess it could have also been an offshoot of internet addiction, occurring when the light contrast between the laptop’s screen and the blogger’s eyes is too sharp for the eyes to manage.

How am I coping then?

On my laptop, I use the preset display appearance specified at a recommended screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels to work daily. This value is okay for me during daytime.

In daytime, my laptop is positioned such that windows are to the side, rather than the front or back.

Again, my eyes are positioned, when sited, at about 90 cm from the screen. To achieve this eye positioning, I attached an external mouse and keyboard with long cords to my laptop.

To control interior light, I try to minimize ambient lights in my room during daytime while I use only one light bulb at night.

To help reduce the brightness when the computer system is on hold, I try to reach out for the screen saver menu, including bubbles, none, photo, 3D text, Avast! Antivirus, blank, mystify, ribbons and Windows Live Photo Gallery. They all offer much appeal because they provide rich black backgrounds that helped to knock out the brightness of the monitor.

I bought a chemical coating anti-glare screen protection filter in a computer accessory shop for $25 to dull out the brightness at all times.

Sometimes in February 2014, while doing general online research, I discover a free dimming software called “Dimmer,” capable of reducing the brightness of my laptop screen beyond the capability of the system. I quickly jumped at it and it has since proved to be a very effective tool.

Personally, I massage my eyeball regularly. I also make sure I go to bed any time I’m feeling sleepy. This last step has always been the best resort.




#6 Poor Sleeping Habit

Sleep is as natural as life itself and no one can cheat nature. With a great curiosity and an alarming urge to get job done, many of us (bloggers) soon get ourselves into trouble with sleep.

To be sincere, it could really be terrible and frustrating as what you love to do is sweeping away your health. You get into a profession before you know where the shoe pinches. You can’t see anything watching from afar.

I managed with poor sleeping habit and blogging for about five years (2007-2012) before marriage called me to question.

And when it seems my marriage was not working due to infertility, I approached our family doctor for medical advice.

There and then, apart from a few other things, the physician suggested trying “adequate sleep”. It worked like magic and my marriage bounced back to life. My five-month old boy is a clear testimony.

Whether you’re married or single, do not allow the blogging experience put your health in the trash. Medical experts have confirmed we all need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep daily. Like I have done, make this standard work for your optimum health.



#7 Irregular eating Pattern

Most of us learned early in life that if we had no control over anything else, we could at least control what we put into our mouths.

But to what extent have you and I been able to achieve this feat? Truly, our association with food and emotion can be either health promoting or health damaging.

So, if you believe that food, work, play and sleep are the four core values of each day, then, you should be quick at seeing that for a healthy day, each of these core values should have its time and not overlap at all.

Before I got married October 2011, fast food featured prominently in my diet. The hungry man is really an angry man. I got hold of anything, just any food that comes my way after spending hours surfing the internet.

However, marriage has changed it all, as my partner is able to help regulate and prepare the family meals while I face the business of blogging and writing generally.

Sure, managing these seven health concerns of a blogger is no longer a big deal to me. No matter what it is, there is always a way out. To get a great result, follow the tips outlined here in other to be able to cope with your blogging career.



Adewale Olowode is a blogger and the author of the paperback Algebra: Beginner’s Iterative Equations for Grades 7-9. His hobby is research and writing.

A full-time freelance writer and part-time novelist. I often write academic projects and online content related to entertainment, literature, movie reviews, online writing, businesses in general, blogging and history.

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