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How to Promote Yourself Without Being “that guy”

WATCH the latest video by Derek Halpern

Derek’s blog was ranked #28 overall in the 2014 #IBCT


This video is an excellent reminder of how important it is to use STRATEGY.

Nothing will have a greater impact on the outcome of whatever you attempt.

Taking time to contemplate exactly WHY you will succeed and HOW you will do it will help you identify a clear path to success.

It’s not about NOT making mistakes it’s all about KNOWING you are headed in the right direction.


As a reply to Derek’s point on positioning yourself for self promotion here’s some tactics that I’ve found very effective in my experience:

Please don't be like THIS GUY a door to door salesman trying to hard sell me on something that I don't want but he wants me to buy.  Can't knock a man for trying but this is what doing it the hard way looks like.  Does he look happy to you?

Please don’t be like THIS GUY a door to door salesman trying to hard sell me on something that I don’t want but he wants me to buy. Can’t knock a man for trying but this is what doing it the hard way looks like. Does he look happy to you?



#1 – Own Your Platform

This starts with owning your own domain and blog which essentially is your BRAND and PLATFORM in the modern economy.

This is how people will recognize you and also where they will go to find you.

When you OWN your own site you don’t have to worry about YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter changing it’s policies.

Also, you own your email address so when you approach someone with your idea the email is from YOU @ YOURDOMAIN . COM which comes off much more professional and as they say you NEVER get a second chance to make a first impression.




#2 – Document Your Research

The BEST way to establish yourself as an expert is to get your ideas published.

It’s good to manually share your idea with business owners who would benefit from your advice but it’s not what you’re doing it’s HOW you do it that makes the difference. [STRATEGY]

For example.

You have an awesome idea that you know can help a real estate agent so instead of manuallycalling or emailing an agent you write your idea in an article explaining how it works and then publish it.

For BEST results publish your idea on an established site as a “GUEST POST” so that the highest number of people will see your idea and then from that article link back to your site’s CONTACT page.

This will build credibility for you as well as help you screen your prospects and generate leads that are actually interested in your idea.

Also, as an alternative and when you’re starting out you could just publish your idea on your own blog and then manually contact your prospects and share it with them.  Then they can READ all about your idea and see the benefits in your write up without having to be “SOLD” by you on if it works or not.

This is another reason why it’s important to have your own blog.





#3 – Think in Terms of Industry

When you are generating ideas and concepts think about the BIG picture don’t just think about companies think about the industry.

If you have an idea that you know would be beneficial to a Pizza place that would increase orders then you should focus on the entire restaurant industry this will help you develop and tweak your message faster as you deal with comparable businesses.

Once your idea is seen as COMPELLING to one restaurant the chances that another pizza place will also find it beneficial is much higher.

However, if you jump around from industry to industry you will find that there are different expectations for example an independent wireless retailer attracts and screens leads much differently than restaurants so your idea will be perceived much differently by them.

This is why it’s BEST to focus your efforts on one industry at a time until you find success with your message consistently then you can create a system that you can tweak and apply to other industries.


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4 comments on “How to Promote Yourself Without Being “that guy”
  1. swapnil says:

    blogging is best field to getting famous if you dont have any identity then you have to do blogging same thing is explaining this article the great article thanks for sharing
    swapnil recently posted…Happy Fathers Day Poems 2014, Best Fathers Day PoemsMy Profile

  2. Colm Barry says:

    This “document your research” really is an important point. Mostly who people start blogging with an economic intent (like monetizing via ads etc.) do nothing but read on the Internet. Now when one reads on the Internet and then publishes something based on that “research” what can come of it but mostly regurgitated content? This is why original content seldom originates on the Internet as such. But duplicating things from yet another angle is not only tired it also means readers have to wade through millions of posts that declare the obvious. On the other hand: who ever manages to be truly original stands out from the dross.
    Colm Barry recently posted…What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Internet Marketing 101My Profile

    • What’s up Colm,

      Just as with scientific or other deep research articles writing about the results of your own testing is the most effective technique.

      Just like in the video where Derek explains how he would approach businesses with the results of his research.

      This is the key and is the path to success:

      1. testing
      2. measuring/communicating results
      3. retrying

      Appreciate the comment have a great week.
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…Hey You Entrepreneur Get Your Head Up! [VIDEO]My Profile

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