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The AWESOME blogs that Didn’t make the TOP 256 – #IBCT2014

I personally nominated many of the blogs on this list for the 2014 #IBCT, in truth I even nominated my own blog for the tournament.

However, as they say…



That means we didn’t make the cut.


It’s a numbers game.

The 3rd annual International Blogger Championship Tournament is all about learning from the best of the best and this year’s group is by far the best EVER.

As a matter of fact I would be comfortable saying that the 256 blogs officially nominated for the tournament this year represent the best group of blogs you’ll find anywhere on the internet and I’m talking about you technorati.

Technically, speaking, “that is” the #IBCT only selects blogs that meet a certain criteria:

  • They have to be blogs
    NOT membership sites.  That’s why zerohedge.com is not on the list.  If you are required to “create an account” in order to comment then you have a membership site NOT a blog. Also it can NOT be a “news aggregator” site either that’s why alltop and worldstarhiphop isn’t in the tourney either.

  • They have to be founded by just one or a few individuals.  
    NOT some big ass company that’s why mashable will not be in the tournament.  Also, the owner of the blog has to be easy to find I find popular blogs all the time that seem to want to operate anonymously I was always told to put my name on my work, go figure.


With that said some really awesome blogs didn’t make the cut including my personal favorite but again, it’s a numbers game.

The #IBCT ranks blogs according to their Alexa.com ranking.



I have found in my experience growing my traffic for 11 weeks straight that the Alexa ranking is a VERY accurate measurement of the real MOMENTUM of a website.

It may not be exactly accurate on specific traffic statistics, as some site owners will claim to have much more traffic than their Alexa ranking would suggest (and I dispute their claim).  However, I can tell you for a 100% fact when my traffic was UP my alexa ranking was up and when my traffic was DOWN my Alexa ranking was down.  I watched this like a HAWK for half a year, trust me I know what I’m talking about.  Also, seeing the standings from last year to this year for many sites is confirmation of this theory.  Top sites that keep growing have increased in their Alexa ranking since last year while other’s have slid big time.



Google’s “page rank” is too confusing to care about.  As your site grows one of the side effects will be your pagerank SHOULD increase.  However, YOU are not in control of this, some algorithm in a computer somewhere in one of Google’s data centers is (or maybe it’s just Matt Cutts behind it all).  Plus, Google (add me to your circles there BTW) is getting to be known as a “blogger blocker”.


Now, without further ado here are the awesome blogs that did NOT make the cut for the 2014 #IBCT:

healthywealthyaffiliate.com John Gibb
theblogbuilders.com Court Tuttle
wakeupcloud.com Henri Junttila
untrainedhousewife.com Angela England
tiroberts.com Ti Roberts
AriHerzog.com Ari Herzog
Netchunks.com Shiva Chettri
Sizlopedia.com Saad Hamid
escapefromcubiclenation.com Pamela Slim
charliehoehn.com Charlie Hoehn
YourOnline.biz Darnell Jackson
ifoodreal.com Olena
slymarketing.com Jens-Petter Berget
AlexisGrant.com Alexis Grant
realcartips.com Gregg Fidan
effortlessgent.com Barron Cuadro
calebwojcik.com Caleb Wojcik
ChrisG.com Chris Garrett
FoolishAdventure.com Tim Conley
sbtv.co.uk Jamal Edwards
riskology.co Tyler Tervooren
gideonshalwick.com Gideon Shalwick
socialmediafuze.com Mary Green
Growwithstacy.com Stacy Claflin
techbii.com Sidharth Pk
softwarebyrob.com Rob Walling
SuccessfulBlogging.com Annabel Candy
blazingminds.co.uk Karen Woodham
BuildaLittleBiz.com Karen Gunton
theskooloflife.com Srinivas Rao
GetBusyLivingblog.com Benny Hsu
Erica.biz Erica Douglass
maximizeyoursocial.com Neal Schaffer
phoenixrealestateguy.com Jay and Francy Thompson
williecrawford.com Willie Crawford
AlexWhalley.com Alex Whalley
johnnybtruant.com Johnny B. Truant
jeffkorhan.com Jeff Korhan
CarrieWilkerson.com Carrie Wilkerson
planningwithkids.com Nicole Avery
thehappiesthome.com Meagan Francis
VirtualMissFriday.com Michelle Dale
flourishinprogress.com Elizabeth Jayne Liu
highonhealth.org Fran
theamericanreader.com Uzoamaka Maduka
startupgap.com Andy Nathan
aj-leon.com A.J. Leon
ann-tran.com Ann Tran
Probloggertips.com Yeremi Akpan
hypertransitory.com John Garrett
mikeshreeve.com Mike Shreeve
paulspoerry.com Paul Spoerry
GradMeetsWorld.org Amanda Abella
cc-chapman.com CC Chapman
erinblaskie.com Erin Blaskie
amandaabella.com Amanda Abella.com
blogbloke.com Blog Broke
fingercandymedia.com Jessica Northey
RichardSherman25.com Richard Sherman
SimplyStatedBusiness.com Cathy Miller
30yearoldninja.com Izzy
StandOutBlogger.com Thomas Sinfield
fearbuster.com Jia Jiang
brianmoran.com Brian Moran
thepintertestkitchen.com Allison Boyer
contentmeasures.com Russ Henneberry
gabejohansson.com GABE JOHANSSON
christianbookblogger.com Ruan Oosthuizen
EMFastincome.com Enstine Muki


Now it’s over to you.

How do you feel about the blogs that didn’t make this year’s tournament?


Who would you nominate for the top 256?

See who made the cut…[click here]


Want results? Get the Plugin.

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