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#IBCT Regional Tournament update and why you should give a…



If I had to summarize one lesson that I’ve learned from all of the top bloggers in the #IBCT it would be, “you have to give in order to receive.”

This is a very easy to understand concept but still I think very few people actually get it.



  • Money
  • Advise
  • Time
  • Food

Giving is a seemingly small and insignificant act that actually has tremendous effects.

There’s something BIG to it and I can’t quite explain it fully.

All I can say is you need to incorporate giving into your strategy if you want to GET anything out of your online business.

This reminds me of a post by Steve Pavila on Google+ yesterday,  he said:

 Cold calling for business is like asking strangers for sex. It’s premature solicitation. Try relating first.

I agree with him 100%.


The best way to relate with someone you don’t know is to give first.

Think about how good of a start this will be to your conversation.





UPSET ALERT #1 and #2 seeds are eliminated in the north bracket.


Top ranked Problogger.net and ShoutMeLoud.com is upset in the second round.

Lets take a look at how this happened:


Here’s why BasicBlogTips.com was able to pull off the victory over #1 seeded Problogger.net:

  1. More practical tips.  
    While Darren’s problogger offers really big names and extremely impressive detailed information on technology, concepts, and ideas Ms. Ilean’s blog wins in a photo finish due to her post about how to drive traffic to a brand new blog.  This post is excellent at not only revealing what everyone who commented thinks but also you get to see their reactions as the discussion progresses, you don’t want to miss this.
  2. More available and social.
    I’m as big a fan of anybody of Problogger but for whatever reason I don’t really see Darren Rowse being very active on his blog or social media with random people that comment on his posts.  (Maybe it’s just me?)On the other hand Ms. Ileane talks with people on social media or her blog frequently.Maybe she hasn’t got the email to act more like an “A-Blogger” yet which apparently must mean means you ignore your audience. lol
  3. Better posts written by the blogger.
    Over all I would say that Problogger has better overall content due to the book library.However, if you compare Darren Rowse’s articles to Ms. Ileane’s you can tell a big difference.  Ileane is sharing real life examples, conducting interviews, and doing value ad reviews.Darren rarely ever actually creates new content and the posts that it seems like he writes are actually guest posts written by others.I don’t think Darren is intentionally trying to insinuate that he is the writer of all the articles under his name but I’d bet plenty of people are getting this impression.

    The best way to credit guest authors is to use a separate WordPress account for each writer.  This eliminates confusion and potential accusations that people could make of plagerism clownism.

    *This highlights an opportunity for Problogger.


Here’s why iBlogZone.com was able to knock off #2 seed in the North ShoutMeLoud.com:

  1. Best review.  
    This in depth review of the best SEO plugins for 2013 couldn’t have arrived at a better time.  One of the things I learned from interviewing the best bloggers is they take SEO more seriously than you think.
  2. Toolbox.  
    I’m always interested to know what tools successful bloggers use.   DiTesco has published an impressive roundup of the tools that he recommends, this highlights a valuable opportunity for ShoutMeLoud.com.
  3. #IBCT Participation.
    DiTesco and his iBlogZone.com audience was more active socially and on the blog.

Which is your fav blog  iBlogZone.com or ShoutMeLoud.com?

Which design do you like best?  What would you change?





UPSET ALERT #2, #4, and #5 seeds are eliminated in the west bracket.


Underdog #15 GrowMap.com  pulled off the shocking upset over #2 Abduzeedo.com and #7 TrafficGenerationCafe.com.

Here’s why:

  1. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. 
    Unless you buy the full version of commentluv WP Plugin I don’t know where else you can get this extremely useful functionality.
    The fact that Gail Gardner had the idea to collaborate with Andy Bailey to create this plugin is an example of what the #IBCT is all about.Blog posts are cool and all but the most valuable thing you can create is something that actually helps people.Abduzeedo.comcreates a tremendous value with the photoshop tutorials.  If you can master these you will possess a skill that is extremely valuable.

  2. Timeless advise.
    This quote from a two year old interview that I think is very interesting because of how relevant it still is today:

    “there is room for more than one business on the first page of the search results and those who collaborate are more likely to be able to get there”

  3. #IBCT Participation.
    Gail Gardner and the GrowMap.com audience were more active socially on posts related to the #IBCT.


Underdog #12 ZacJohnson.com upsets #4 seed JohnChow.com and #5 seed Entrepreneurs-Journey.com to move on.

Here’s why:

  1. $500 cash contest. 
    Zac has this awesome contest going on right now where you share your best blogging tips in exchange for a chance to win $500.
    I’m a huge fan of Yaro and John but I haven’t seen them ante up like that.  Who knows, maybe this post will influence them to put up $500 for a contest. That’s chump change for these guys.
  2. Guest Posting.  
    I agree with Ileane when she says that blogging is social media.  Zac doesn’t just write for his already very popular blog he still makes time to write great guest posts like this one on exciting blog niches.
  3. #IBCT Participation.
    Zac Johnson and his ZacJohnson.com audience were more active on the blog posts related to #IBCT.


2013 IBCT Regional Semifinals



UPSET ALERT #1  and #2 seeds are eliminated in the south bracket.


Underdog SteveScottSite.com knocks out top ranked #1 Copyblogger.com in the first round and higher seeded #9 Michaelhyatt.com in the second.

Here’s why:

  1. Better Books. 
    I’m a big fan of CopyBlogger just like I’m sure you are since you’re reading this.  However, where Copyblogger excels in areas like helping you understand how to write effective marketing copy.
    Steve Scott  excels as a author in explaining practical common sense steps to help you become a successful online entrepreneur.Both have stellar and exceptional content, Steve’s books are just better.  This leaves a huge opportunity for CopyBlogger I’d bet a new book by Brian Clark would be a NYTimes best seller.
  2. More specific advice. 
    This post is an excellent example that demonstrates what I mean.  Steve doesn’t just talk about the concept in depth or the ideas and pro’s and con’s, etc.  He provides step by step instructions on how to accomplish extremely important goals like How to Build an Authority Internet Business.
  3. #IBCT Participation.
    Steve Scott and his SteveScottSite.com audience were more active on the blog and social posts related to #IBCT.


Underdog PenelopeTrunk.com upset #2 ranked SlashGear.com and #7 seed MarieForleo.com to move on to the regional semifinals.

Here why:

  1. Fearlessnessiocity 
    I would bet most people who have ever seen any one of Marie Forleo shows are instantly impressed.Also if you’ve ever been to SlashGear you know they’re one of the best sources for the latest in technology and gadget addiction.However, Penelope Trunk is one of those rare writers that can do what few can and that is WOW you with IDEAS and CONCEPTS.This is what I notice many blogs trying to do but instead they come off as EXPLAINING which is boring.  Somehow Penelope presents topics and discusses ideas in a way that I can only describe as fearless.    Examples:  8 New ways to think about financial security;  Yahoo kills telecommuting. Three cheers for Marissa Mayer!I couldn’t disagree with her more on some of her more spicy topics but I admire her courage.
  2. Design.
    Seriously.  PenelopeTrunk.com is the best looking site out of these three.
  3. The Farmer.
    The way that Penelope characterizes the important people in her life and makes her story A STORY is one of a kind and a shining example of HOW TO DO THIS about page thing.





*NO UPSETS IN THE EAST the higher ranked blogs advance to the regional semifinals.

Why the #1 seed SixRevisions.com beat #16 FirePoleMarketing.com in the first round and #8 ComLuv.com in the second to move on:

  1. Better Design.
    SixRevisions.com is a better looking site hands down.
  2. Content.
    Jacob Gube crushes it.  There really isn’t a better way to put it.  More higher quality interesting articles.

*This creates an opportunity for FirePoleMarketing.com and ComLuv.com.



Why the #2 seed WPbeginner.com beat #15 SmartBloggerz.com in the first round and #7 ViperChill.com in the second:

  1. Better Design.
    Syed Balkhi has an advantage since he is an experienced advanced WordPress developer.
    Because of this skill you really can’t compare WPbeginner.com to either of these two blogs in terms of design and I’m being objective.  ViperChill is cool looking but I’d Glen is already thinking about updating his design.
  2. Content.
    Syed’s setting trends with his excellent reviews, guides, videos, and blog posts.  Much higher quality and more frequent posts.

*This creates an opportunity for SmartBloggerz.com and ViperChill.com


Why the #4 seed 2CreateAWebsite.com beat #13 TheBloggess.com in the first round and #5 IncomeDiary.com in the second:

  1. Design.
    I know Lisa recently started an internet bruh-ha ha when she chose Genesis over thesis.  I’m not 100% in agreement with her review but I think her site looks better every since she switched.If it wasn’t for design TheBloggess would have pulled off an upset.
  2. Videos.
    One of the strongest cards in Lisa’s deck has been her YouTube channel. It’s where I first discovered her site well over a year ago.

Why the #3 seed SmartPassiveIncome.com beat #14 CarAdvice.com.au in the first and #6 Source-Wave.com in the second:

  1. Podcast.
    Pat’s podcasts are probably the best out there.  In my opinion the next step for pat would be to start thinking about XM radio or something crazy BIG like that.
  2. Content.
    You never get the sense that Pat is rushing anything you always feel like every post he publishes took him like a week to write.  He also sets a great example by turning negatives into positives like after his site was recently hacked by haters and baller blockers.


Stay tuned for the next round.

You can follow all the latest on the tournament from the main page.

Remember to vote via blog comment, social media or send me an email

Thank you for participating.

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What's up! I'm Darnell the founder of Your Online Biz. I believe "We come from absolute greatness. Accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves." In 2012 I launched TruckLicense.net which redefined how to get a CDL without expensive trucking school. I also created the #IBCT - International Blogger Championship Tournament which features the top 64 blogs worldwide in a competitive comparative analysis. When you support me you help #PayItForward as I contribute 10% of my online income to help children in need.

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