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In two years

I hope that you have accomplished at least twice as much as I have since November 21st 2011, the day I purchased this domain and started to take blogging seriously.

As I’m writing this now I remember sitting there conceptualizing a name for my site (ha haaaaa! got that one right no spell check) .

I ended up settling on Your Online Biz as an abbreviation of Your Online Business.

I wanted to create an online resource for entrepreneurs AND wanna bees.

This post is a walk down memory lane, I want you to consider my journey as you look at where you are along the path.  Don’t forget to add your feedback below I appreciate it.


Here’s what I’ve learned in the last 104 weeks or 730 days:

*In no particular order.

Also this includes what I learned building my niche trucking site TruckLicense.net which I launched in February of 2012. 

#1 – It takes Commitment.

COMMITMENT the bacon and eggs story

You have to sacrifice and be completely committed before anyone will believe anything you’re saying for one second.

It’s like the story of the bacon and eggs that I wrote about in the Spring.  The pig is committed the chicken is involved.




#2 – Knowledge is Wisdom.

imaged inspired by Jessica Hagy

The problem when you’re starting out is you don’t know what to do because you don’t even have a clue what to learn and it’s frustrating but that’s ok. My advice get formal training AND educate yourself THEN start testing.

Train on it > Read about it > Experiment with it.

Learn by listening then by researching and finally by doing.   Understand there’s a difference between having a map and wondering in the wilderness due to your own stubbornness.

One thing a guide will do is cut down your time on arrival to your destination. If you want to get there faster get training. 


#3 – Publishing frequency.  More isn’t better, better is better.

by karitickle
image by karitickle/flickr

The ongoing discussion continues and there are two main camps left standing, those who think that you should post more frequently like every day because you’ll get more traffic and those that think that you should ONLY post when you have something really important to say.

I can tell you from personal experience that the latter is the BEST decision by far for me.

Without going into painful detail in short you have to let people finish “chewing their food” before you put another piece of fish on their plate.

Stacking up your visitors “plates” with more food than they can eat only leads to uneaten food or waste.

The same is true with your content.  Posting everyday just because you feel you “have to” will encourage your audience to have a shorter attention span instead of paying close attention to what you say.

Also you risk becoming annoying and people will start to tune you out, it’s like oh great another post from mr. blah-blah-blah yeah right I’ll go your post right way, sure I will, no I wont.




#4. Make deals.

by aarongilson

Image by aarongilson – Flickr


There are NO shortcuts to the top.

Get used to doing what you initially thought to be impossible, difficult, or unthinkable.  Your NEW reality doesn’t exist because you haven’t created it yet.

You have to make deals for yourself.

For example, negotiate an affiliate agreement with a iPhone app developer or contact a software company to sponsor your blog.

Your imagination can become revenue when you take action on what is important.

Stop doing the “busy work” immediately, comment posting will not get you to where you’re going, trust me.  It’s like yelling stuff from the audience trying to get the attention of the featured speaker on stage.  Don’t fool yourself.  It doesn’t work that way.  Instead figure out a way to get your ideas on stage.


#5 – Write about what you’re working on.

This is me in demo mode in my bathroom renovation. 

Always work on something difficult and important.

I learned this from Spencer Haws.  It’s not about what you know it’s about what you’re doing and learning.

This is why surveys and case studies are so popular.  Answer questions with your content discuss and solve complex problems by doing and conducting tests.  It works like mouthwash on bad breath.




#6 – Serve your audience.

by Franschhoek Wine Valley

Image by Franschhoek Wine Valley – Flickr


If you do it right they should be happy to buy what you recommend because it helps THEM not you.  Take their concerns “person-ably”.

When someone in the audience asks you a question by sending you an email or posting a comment make it your mission to answer it as thoroughly as possible.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your audience questions as this is the BEST possible way to know what content to create as they will literally tell you what they are struggling with.




#7 – It’s all about referrals.


And, the best way to get one is to give one.

Remember, it’s not who YOU know it’s all about WHO KNOWS YOU.

It’s a small world after all and you need to know these damn bloggers especially the good ones tend to know each other man I’m telling you.  

Focus on impressing one of them and then you’ll get another and then the next one like a domino effect.

Write guest posts on popular sites that have interaction like tons of comments and shares.  This will encourage people to “refer” you via a social share, any referral you can get will help you.

Also don’t forget, Google search is basically a huge referral database.

They have all of the “contacts” in their directory and people search keywords hoping to “get referred” to someone good.  That’s why the traffic you get from Google is “referral traffic”.  This is the entire point of SEO ultimately, to obtain a referral via search traffic from GOOGLE.

HOWEVER,  I have found that Google referral traffic is of a LOWER quality than referral traffic coming directly from other blogs.  The image below shows my point as you can see Average Visit Duration for Google referred visits are down 26.05% compared to the site average.

This means people coming from search engines aren’t nearly as engaged as people coming from another blog.  See for yourself:






#8 – Have realistic Time/Cost expectations.

by Tax Credits
Image by Tax Credits – Flickr


BLOGGING.  It will cost more than you think and take longer than you expected.  Why?

Quality aint cheap.

My advice, get out now or strap in tight because it will be an expensive, exhausting, and bumpy ride.

It will definitely cost you a TON of TIME which IS money after all please don’t get confused.

If you want professional results you’ll have to invest in the right tools for the job this is the difference between amateurs and real probloggers.




#9 – Take care of the human.

by RambergMediaImages
Image by RambergMediaImages – Flickr


Blogging can be very stressful which is dangerous actually, that’s why I wear a helmet for safety #blogsohard.

Working out is a great way to add balance to your life and it’s much cheaper than coffee.  Jump rope, do calisthenics, run around the block, just keep it simple.

You don’t have time to go to the gym anyway so make the most out of what is immediately around you and DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES just make sweat pour out of your pours a few times a week, more like every other day to be honest.

This is extremely important because HOW you feel which will determine HOW you perform which will determine HOW much money you make online.

You need a reason to FEEL good and getting your body in better shape gives you something to be HAPPY about everyday instead of being down in the dumps about the fact that NOBODY is reading your blog.

Also, to ease your mind when you write try listening to jazz or classical music as somehow your brain becomes “coordinated” while listening to these instrumentals somehow for some reason.

Whatever it takes find something that works for you but just remember you only get one human, take care of it.




#10 – YOU don’t need to be on Facebook but your content does.


Facebook users are quality.

There is no other way to put it.  I have seen this happen time and time again.

Every time I interview someone or post an article about someone who has a huge Facebook following I’ll get more comments than usual and my post will be viewed for longer than the site average here’s proof, see the spikes in traffic, also notice they stay on the page for 11.93% longer than the site average.  

Also notice I really don’t use or LIKE Facebook to be honest, I only have about 3 likes on my page and one of them is me however, it would still be cool if you liked my page THANK YOU.





#11 – You could be HUGE overseas.


When I started blogging in 2011 the idea that my blog would be read by people in other countries was expected because the internet is after all international but the idea that I would have SUBSCRIBERS in 29 countries was beyond what I could fathom.

One of the things I’m learning is people can like you in other places sometimes even MORE than they do at home.  Kind of like how David Hasselhoff is popular in America but a  LEGENDARY MEGA STAR in Europe.

As an old IT pro I used to work with 99% Indians all the time and I enjoyed it because they treated me like I was one of them.

That’s why I couldn’t be more pleased to see that my blog is very popular there.

As a matter of fact subscribers from India seem to be the most loyal of all countries, they dig me and I dig them can you dig it?

I only have two countries with over 100 subscribers US and INDIA.  27% of subscribers from America unsubscribed where as only 16% of subscribers from India unsubscribe.

Why is this?  I don’t know I would be interested to hear your opinion below in the comments.

One thing I can say for sure is I try to be personable I learned this from Harsh


#12 – You have to build your list.

by Nimages DR

Re-tweets, shares, likes, and re-pins are good and all but only if it leads to a new subscriber.

Also, I have learned that no one will opt in to your list unless your offer somehow unlocks a door that would otherwise be locked and closed shut to them.

This is what I learned from my trucking site where I obtained my first 100 subscribers actually.  People were already looking to get into the trucking business so my report about how you could get your license without going to trucking school unlocked this opportunities for them.

I learned that a “free report” or “ebook” is not enticing enough to lure a subscriber unless it contains something that people already want and can’t find anywhere else.



#13 -Value > Money

US Dollar Purchasing Power

I hope this chart doesn’t confuse you.

The point is to understand that over time money or “paper currency” buys less value.  For example in 1963 one US dollar would have bought a huge large basket of oranges like a bushel but in 2013 one dollar will only buy you two or three individual oranges.

Therefore it’s best to chase VALUE not MONEY.

Reviews are a great way to create value for your audience, Marques Brownlee on YouTube is a perfect example of this with his reviews of smart phones.

It’s a really simple strategy actually, if you want money create value.  

It is completely within your hands to create value.

Also, I learned that comparisons take reviews to another level as people aren’t as compelled by lists of some product’s specs and features they really want to know, “which one is better”.

I can tell you this works, in fact I was able to generate affiliate sales off of a comparison review of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. 

The coolest part of it was I didn’t even have to BUY the software that I reviewed in the demonstration I just realized that I had access to use the plugin because it was installed on a blog that I was a guest writer for.  Therefore I could test it out as I optimized my posts.

It was in this process that I recognized the differences between the two plugins and I saw the VALUE of explaining this to the public.




#14 – Put your best foot forward.

by betsystreeter

Image by betsystreeter – Flickr


At EVERY every stop at each turn give it everything you got.

It’s not just that you have to overcome stiff competition there are also unseen forces like GOOGLE who knows the search terms that people use to find your site but won’t share this valuable info with you. 

This puts you at a disadvantage and helps them at your expense.

You put in the energy to build a site that people would search for and they extract this information and then don’t share it with you.  You can best believe they share this info with someone probably someone who is competing with you. 


Don’t worry about what you can’t control just focus on becoming better each day and remember these concerns are small to a GIANT, like you.

Also, keep track of and document your accomplishments.

Climb the ladder one step at a time don’t try to reach the top rung in one reach you could fall out of the damn ladder and break your back.  Where ever there is reward there is also RISK.



#15 – Turn negatives into positives.


When someone steals your work like Aaron the idiot.

Or when someone who doesn’t like you doesn’t want to help you. Take it with a grain of salt and keep going.  

But, If you’re really mad get revenge  just remember success is the BEST revenge of all.

Perfect example, I won’t say any names but there is a popular BLOGGER out there who actually charges MONEY to “evaluate” your guest post and only after you pay this fee will they even look at your article for consideration of publishing it on their blog.

Earlier this year I sent a post to one of these blogs with a policy like this and they actually declined it.

I wanted to see if they were just trying to get my money and I think I was right because I sent that same post to a bigger blog with WAAAAY more readers and it was published and it also attracted comments and social shares.  This tells me the post was good the blog I sent it to was bad. (both blogs are of the same topic BTW)


Also, when you make a mistake especially on your blog use it as an opportunity to impress, try to make the people you “hosed” with your screw up WINNERS.

Earlier this year I screwed up my email list by making a change that inadvertently caused me to spam my readers over and over again with the same message and I didn’t know.

I made up for it by calling everyone on my list who wanted to talk about their online business.

I listened carefully to their concerns and I offered my best tips for free.  I really think this helped me to better understand who my readers are and what they expect from me.  *If I spoke to you I would love to hear your thoughts on this also in the comments below please THANKS.


#16 – Freelance writing is the easiest way to start an “online business” for most people.


It’s true.

The most dangerous weapon that you’ll probably ever get your hands on is a pen AND if you want to make money online you have to be willing to use it.  (Ok-ok freelancers actually use a keyboard but you get my point.)

Unless you’re really into making videos I really don’t know how else you could realistically make money on the internet.

  • You have to write guest posts to promote your site if you’re an affiliate marketer or blogger.
  • You have to write copy in the emails and on the squeeze or landing pages to convert visitors if you’re an email marketer.

So, you may as well get used to writing as a means to getting paid.

Also, freelance writing can help your business in many ways actually.  It separates you from your competition and people will think more highly of you once they know you have an article published on a popular blog. This can also help offset the shameful reputation that you have built up over the years on Facebook, #imjusthavingfun.

Anyway, if you’re serious about learning how to become a pro freelance writer unless you have two years to figure it out on your own, I strongly recommend you get formal training.



#17 – Don’t confiscate elevate.


What I didn’t know before I started taking blogging seriously was that WordPress will notify you when other bloggers link to your site.

I can’t tell you how many times I have linked to a popular blog and then the blogger would respond by reading my post and leaving a comment.  Many times they would also share my post to their social media followers too which would then bring me more readers and followers.

Had I not given them credit with a link they would have never known about my post.

Perfect example is the image above Ms Ileane shared a coupon code in an article on her site I linked to it so she appeared on my site to comment which I always get so giggly about anytime a popular blogger that I admire stops by and leaves a comment.  I’m like a little kid or something, really it’s embarrassing, but I appreciate the love yo. 

In short what I learned was stealing other’ideas will get you nowhere but remixing or adding a new take can take you places.


#18 – You need to publish your own product.


Having your own product provides opportunities that you’re not aware of and allows you to enter discussions with influential people that otherwise would have been impossible.

For example I never had another blogger write about me until I created HIC.  


There was no reason for them to.

If I did not create HIC what would I have had to ask Mitch to write about?

This is what I learned.

I also learned that I wouldn’t recommend clickbank for most people and as a matter of fact the next product that I create will not use clickbank.

The problem is they hold on to your money until you get more sales and if you don’t have a pipeline of steady sales instead of paying you immediately upon each transaction they hold your money until you get another sale.

I have to say this can leave you feeling “ripped off” and that’s not good.

However they do pay if you have a product that gets regular sales but if your product is seasonal then somehow they could end up sitting on your money and I don’t like that.

That’s why I would recommend the following as an alternative to Clickbank:




#19 – Simplify and concentrate do not dilute.

by ekai

Image by ekai (Meditating Mr. T) – Flickr


I learned in the last two years that you don’t need to be everywhere and do everything just focus on one or two things and do them better than everyone else.

See for yourself, look at the top bloggers on the #IBCT and you’ll notice they don’t even have a profile set up on ALL the social media platforms.  In fact most of them are only active on one or two at the most like G+ and Twitter or FB and Pinterest.

The same goes for the message in your content.

The point is to narrow down the point of your posts to a singular goal so that you and your audience stay on the same page.  If you jump around to too many topics you’ll loose people.

It’s like a restaurant owner knows it’s best to stick to ONE cuisine.  If you try to sell Mexican food, Chinese, and Italian you will likely have no CUSTOMERS.



#20 – You get what you measure.


This was a lesson that I had already learned from my previous life in corporate America but I had to relearn it again when I became a full time blogger.

You have to understand and leverage your performance analytics or you’re just guessing about what’s going on with your site.

There is an objective way to know what you audience likes best and wants more of.

In fact I conducted a cast study for 26 weeks where I explained in detail exactly which statistics you should watch like a hawk if you want to grow your audience.

I started it at the beginning of this year, I called it the 5M report or the Monday Morning Momentum Marketing Manual because you have to concern yourself with this process every single week, preferably on a Monday so that you can make adjustments and improve on last weeks performance.




#21 – It’s easier to give people what they’re already looking for.


I learned that your ideas are just that ideas, unless there is already a market for your idea you’re in for a tough lesson.

I learned it’s best to study a market that already exists and figure out how you can contribute in a way that will distinguish you from everyone else.

For example, when I was studying to get my CDL I was searching the internet for information and I was not satisfied with what I found so, once I got my CDL I made it a point to create a manual on how you could get your CDL without going to trucking school.

This was exactly what I was doing so all I did was document the steps that I took.  As it turns out there are tons of people who also want to learn how to drive a semi truck.

This is key, learn from me.




#22 – FREE will only take you so far.


Don’t get me wrong I still think Craigslist is probably the most important website on the internet for marketers.

It’s amazing how much money you can make using this free service and it’s no accident that the content mills frequently publish their advertisements there, craigslist ads work and they are still MOSTLY FREE (Some areas its $25 to publish an ad).  

SEO works also, and so does social media, all these things are FREE to use however they will only take you so far.

In order to REALLY break through you are going to have to spend some money.

Eventually, you’ll get to a point where you’ll need to either hire someone or buy something.

Here’s the top 6 expenses that I believe are unavoidable:

  1. Laptop.  This is your office.  Lets face it you will need a reliable Laptop unless your Sid, the student who built his blog on a smartphone.  Also you’ll need all the peripherals that go along with the laptop like a really good headset so that you can Skype and people will actually be able to hear you and a video camera so they see you.  Oh yeah Skype isn’t FREE EITHER btw.
  2. Smartphone.  This is your mobile office.  You’ll need a way to take pictures that you can later use for posts.  Use it to take notes, etc while you are on the go.  I use mine to make YouTube videos, especially when I’m in the car.  I also text my self notes that I don’t want to forget.
  3. Domain and blog.  You have to own your own domain, sorry Mike.
  4. Email management.  You have to build your list and send emails reliably, RSS won’t cut it you need a real email system and in my research I found that most pros use Aweber, there’s a reason for this.
  5. Desktop Software.  I recommend camtasia for editing video, FL Studio for editing and mixing audio tracks, and photoshop for images.   You can hire someone to do this as well I recommend elance to find people.
  6. Training. Having a toolbox full of shiny tools doesn’t make you a mechanic.  You need to know what you’re doing or you’ll send the wrong impression and build the wrong reputation.  If you want to get paid like you know what you’re doing get training for Pete’s sake.



#23 – It’s all about strategy.


It’s not what you do but HOW you do it.

People have to understand this its critical.

I remember once I was “rabbit sitting” a friends pet and it got out of the cage and was running all around in my condo.

The only reason why I was able to catch it was due to my strategy which slowly cut off the area of the hoouse that it could run until eventually it was in one corner in one room and I could throw a blanket on it.

The same goes to the approach you take with your online business and internet marketing-blogging career.

You have to be STRATEGIC and that means knowing what would motivate someone to do something.   This lesson is the most tricky of all but it yields the biggest reward BY FAR.




#24 – Help other People because you want to.



Not because you expect something in return.


Here are the people that helped me the most in my journey over the last two years other than my beautiful wife who is proof that God loves me and wants me to be happy:

  1. Lisa Irby- 2CreateAWebSite.com  I’ve been following your blog since my days in corporate America.   I learned from your example that it was more than “possible” to build a successful business online it’s actually “likely” if I was willing to put in the effort.  This gave me ultimate confidence when I started out two years ago. Also, once I got going you took the time to share knowledge in an interview and I really appreciate it, thank you.
  2. Mitch Mitchell – ImJustSharing.com  If it wasn’t for you HIC would not have been a success in its first year. I can’t thank you enough for taking a risk with me man, I look forward to our next collaboration in two years–no I didn’t forget.  Ha haaaaaa!
  3. Steve Scott – SteveScottSite.com  I don’t think I would have any book sales if it wasn’t for your help.  I learned some email marketing tips from you that made a huge difference for me.  Also, you were the FIRST interview I ever published, If it wasn’t for your interview I’m sure many of the others that followed would have passed when they saw my request in their inbox.  I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help me out when basically NOBODY knew who I was, I really appreciate it.
  4. Gail Gardner – GrowMap.com   Thank you for your leadership.  I created the #IBCT as a social experiment to see how the public would react to the question, Who is the best blogger in the world?  All I can say is once you got involved things really took off, survey says you’re the best.  No wonder so many people say you’re awesome.   
  5. Jeremy Schoemaker – ShoeMoney.com  I learned that there’s levels to this game and in order to climb you have to be strategic.  You were the first big blog” to publish one of my guest post and after that all types of doors opened up for me in freelance writing and I can’t thank you enough for giving me a shot.
  6. Carol Tice – MakeALivingWriting.com  I learned from you that a pen can remove the cap off of your salary permanently.  Thanks for being so down to earth and genuine.  Also, thanks for linking to my site, ever since the “Carol Tice’berg” incident everything has improved for me.
  7. Harsh Agrawal – ShoutMeLoud.com   From you I learned to speak to one individual reader at a time and not the masses.  Since I have taken a more personable approach with my blogging things have been improving for me.  Also, thank you for the opportunity to contribute on ShoutMeLoud which I’m in awe of how much your site continues to grow and the outstanding job your doing.
  8. Francisco Perez – iBlogZone.com  Thank you for taking the time to share knowledge with me I’ll always remember to return the favor and help others whenever I get a chance.  Also, it is very impressive what you have built with iBlogZone which is now in the Alexa top 25K WOW! Also, thank you for the opportunity to contribute to a first class blog.  I take all the credit for this recent jump in rankings BTW, it was ALL because of MY guest posts, ha haaaa! just having fun.
  9. Bamidele Onibalusi – WritersInCharge.com   Your example inspired me to seriously challenge myself as a freelance writer.  You proved that through hard work and sacrifice like maybe not watching so many movies you can accomplish seemingly impossible goals like making thousands of dollars writing.  You were also good enough to take the time and share knowledge and I really appreciate that man, thank you again.
  10. Adrienne Adrienne – AdrienneSmith.net   I learned from you the value of following up with any and everyone who leaves a comment on your blog.  I didn’t understand it at the time but later I found out this is a great way to reward the behavior that you want to see more of.  Now I just need another 100 or so comments per post to catch up with you, ha haaaaaa!  Also, thanks for taking the time to share knowledge in an interview.
  11. Annabel Candy – SuccessfulBlogging.com  I learned from you that it’s ok to write “how I talk”.  I used to struggle with how I should come off in my writing but ever since I started using a conversational style I have become far more productive and my articles have grown in popularity too.  So in a way it’s your fault if some people get miffed at my modified 1980 hip-hop inspired colloquialisms and deep south vernacular because that’s how I am.  Also thank you for taking the time to share knowledge.
  12. Penelope Trunk – PenelopeTrunk.com  I’ll never forget our discussion.  I learned from you that online business models must be scalable to truly be successful.   I also learned from following your blog and from our discussion to define success so that you’ll know when you’ve made it.  Thank you for sharing knowledge I appreciate it.
  13. Ari Herzog –  AriHerzog.com  I learned from you to share my unique voice and never become someone’s repeater or “echo chamber”. I also learned to be creative and come up with ideas that people could never anticipate.  Thanks again for introducing me to your audience and thanks for taking the time to share knowledge.   (PS I don’t think having you as #13 on this list will curse the Boston Redsox chances for repeating as Champs next year but it probably did, ha haaaaaaaaaa!)
  14. Enstine Muki – EMFastIncome.com  - Thank you for being the first blogger to interview me man I really appreciate it.  I am also in awe of how fast your blog is growing the last time I checked you were in the Alexa top 60k now you’ve cut your ranking in HALF, WOW man you’re kicking ass thanks for all that you do to promote other bloggers too you’re setting an excellent example.  Also, thanks for sharing knowledge in an interview here.

Also I want to specifically thank everyone who’s shared knowledge in an interview submitted a guest post or participated in the #IBCT.  Thank you for believing in me and helping out, seriously.  I owe you a tremendous amount of gratitude. 


Over the last two years everything hasn’t been peachy keen.  I’ve had my share of shortcomings here’s a few that bother me the most:

  1. I’m still not making enough money.  I won’t be satisfied until my wife doesn’t have to work.  So, as much as I have accomplished and as far as I have come I still have a long way to go.  However, once I get there I look forward to doing a follow up interview with Penelope Trunk to talk about it.
  2. I’m still not out of the damn 100k Alexa club yet.   Honestly I spend so much time working on client work that I don’t have as much time to dedicate to promoting YourOnline.biz.  This is something that I”m looking forward to improving on in year #3.  WRITE MORE GUEST POSTS
  3. Unsubscribe rate too high.  Especially in America I don’t want almost 30% to unsubscribe but I can’t control it when some people opt-in just to get you’re goodies and then opt-out.  I’ve seen a trend of this happening and I’ll find a solution for this in year #3.


Proudest Accomplishments

  1. Right now I’m beating Qucksprout.com, ThinkTraffic.net and Moz.com on Google search for the term, “Guest Post Wanted”.  The idea that I’m beating Neil Patel and Corbett Barr at ranking for anything is awesome for me.
  2. I passed 1,000 email subscribers in about a year.  It took me 371 days to acquire 1,135 email subscribers. That’s about 3 opt ins per day.
  3. I passed 14,000 followers on GooglePlus in 616 days that’s about 22 new followers per day.  The oldest post I could find that I shared on G+ was a March 13, 2012 link about the #IBCT



WOW how time flies when you’re having fun.


It’s hard to believe it’s been two years, but it has.


Here’s what YourOnline.biz has survived:

  1. The world is going to end on 12-20-2012 or whatever date they claimed or changed it to.
  2. All the latest Google Algo Animals, the panda, penguin, and whatever else they have I don’t even pay attention anymore to be honest.
  3. The Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman case.  Looks like dude is back in jail.  You know it’s funny I wrote about this before when they were promoting that #StopKony bs.


Interesting stats about YourOnline.biz:

Alexa.com – siteinfo – YourOnline.biz

I”m happy to have a longer average time duration than many of the top blogs like QuickSprout.com according to Alexa.  Ha haaaa I’m coming for you NEIL don’t sleep ;)


How far I’ve come and yet still so far to go, it’s like fractals the more you zoom in the more complex the design, there is no actual there to get to I guess.



That’s why I want you to focus on the journey, that’s what I’ve learned in the past 24 months.




I would love to hear from you thanks for letting me know how you heard about the blog any questions, commentary, or feedback will be GREATLY appreciated.  TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FRIEND.



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What's up! I'm Darnell the founder of Your Online Biz. I believe "We come from absolute greatness. Accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves." In 2012 I launched TruckLicense.net which redefined how to get a CDL without expensive trucking school. I also created the #IBCT - International Blogger Championship Tournament which features the top 64 blogs worldwide in a competitive comparative analysis. When you support me you help #PayItForward as I contribute 10% of my online income to help children in need.

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20 comments on “In two years
  1. Pinar Tarhan says:

    Loved this one, Darnell. It’s bookmark-worthy. I agree with pretty much every word. But even if you know what you have to do, you do need a comprehensive motivational post that also includes a guideline.

    I’m now off to read some of the links, especially the one with Penelope Trunk and Carol Tice.

    PS You have at least one reader in Turkey.
    PPS I liked the FB page. :)
    Pinar Tarhan recently posted…How to Get Back to Writing After a Mandatory Break By Realizing Your Resolutions (No Matter The Time of the Year)My Profile

  2. S-P-E-E-C-H-L-E-S-S

    Darnell, you live to dazzle… thanks for this one. You can only imagine the honor I feel right now for having the opportunity to interview Bamidele Onibalusi, which is fixed to come up in a few short days from now. That feels even the more special with super inspiring people like you (and Tom Ewer, a few weeks ago) paying tribute to him.

    And congrats on your Google ranking results :)
    Nicholas Godwin recently posted…FOREX Trading Signals: What the Expert Aren’t SeeingMy Profile

  3. M.C. Simon says:

    I could start my comment with a huge WOW, but let me start saying that today is my second NaNoWriMo day and before starting I promised to myself that each day, I will first write and only after this I will read my emails. Trying to be soft with myself, I said that yes, I can read the email’s titles only.

    So… I woke up early this morning to write. But first, I read my email’s titles.

    And Bang!
    I saw… another email from Darnell.
    I have to admit… the fight with myself was not easy… my hand was shaking near the keyboard and my mind was asking… “would I open the email or not?”. Several minutes later, I opened it. And landed on this page.
    And now let me say it…

    WOW !!!!

    Again you blew up my mind! I saved already your article and I am sure I will study it a lot.

    And Darnell… I think we have a problem. A big one… I became addicted to your posts. I never break a promise, but because of your email today, I just broke a promise to myself.

    Well… I think I’m done for today. Usually I don’t comment too much. The time management is a serious problem in my life :-))))) But it’s funny, I have to admit it.

    Now I couldn’t resist anymore. You tempted me too much with this blowing mind article.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Darnell.

    Going now back to write… but… I AM WATCHING YOU! :)
    M.C. Simon recently posted…MY 500 WORDS – DAY 31My Profile

  4. Siddharth says:

    Thankyou for sharing the post with me. Again, you have helped inspire me to the core.

    Thanks for the support.
    Siddharth recently posted…Useful WordPress Plugins for Various Blog TasksMy Profile

  5. Retha Burger says:

    Ah Darnell…. Another awesome post. It is so refreshing to read your stuff as what you have to say, is so different from the politician-style posts that a lot of so called pro bloggers :) :) share. You know – the ones that string together a lot of words to form a lot of sentences to take up a lot of space – that give you no info. :) Still learning from you, bro. Maybe I will share something like this post in a year or 2 and name YOU as one of the people who got me where I am. Kudos on still being around and being such a good teach. God bless for the next 2, 4, 6…. 20 years. :) Retha
    Retha Burger recently posted…Anger and stress, anxiety, depression and PTSDMy Profile

    • Wow Retha this made my day,

      Thanks for your very kind words I really appreciate it. Thanks for looking past my 1980′s hip-hip styled vernacular and seeing the value in the information that I share. I know that people are struggling online as DID I and I’m excited about the chance to help others close their learning gap in less time than it took me. It’s rough out there but with a MAP it’s much easier.

      Also, you bring up an important point “self censorship” I notice this more and more on social media and bloggers even seem to focus on political correctness on their own sites. I know from experience this is a big mistake. I have found that people respect you even if they disagree with you as long as they know where you stand on important issues. I learned it’s better to have strong opinions than to try and please everyone all the time with political correctness.
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…2014 #IBCT – Sweet SixteenMy Profile

  6. Max Arthur says:

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned. Now we learned something too.
    Max Arthur recently posted…The new Play Lead Guitar My Profile

  7. Adrienne says:

    Hey Darnell,

    Wow, what a journey you’ve been on and some experiences you’ve had these past two years. I know that these are your thoughts about what you’ve learned and view but I will say I don’t totally agree with them all. I think that’s why we all may do things a little differently.

    I’m flattered to be mentioned here though among these other amazing people who you’ve learned from as well. Great list if I say so myself and that responding to comments is important right! I think once you dive into it and see how it can help you build relationships then people wouldn’t view it as a waste of time. As you said, those are the people who will grow to trust you and buy from you and it works beautifully.

    Thank you again and I know you’re the kind of guy that once you put your mind to something then you’ll accomplish it. I’m sure your wife is very proud of you too!

    Thanks for being so honest and sharing this with us all. We can learn from you too!

    Adrienne recently posted…Warning: Some Backlinks Can Harm Your BlogMy Profile (dofollow)

    • What’s up Adrienne, Thanks for the very kind words. You know how it is we both come from corporate environments so it’s all about the process. It’s taken me a long time to overcome my own stubbornness and put together a process that works. I resisted creating an Aweber account for MONTHS, why? Because I thought I could create the same “effect” with wordpress scheduled posts and feedburner. uh, no. One of the things however that I was willing to do was learn from people that I could tell knew what they were talking about like you. Thanks for setting an awesome example.
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…What I learned from Amal Rafeeq the founder of BloggerDoc.comMy Profile

  8. Speaking of Neil Patel check out his latest post it took him 4 years to get to 100k visitors per month. Here’s to me beating that:

    2 years to go help me out.
    Darnell Jackson recently posted…How to Make MORE Money Online as a Freelance WriterMy Profile

  9. marilyn cada says:

    hi darnell. i thought i am the only one who is not really earning enough in blogging. we are both in the same situation. i cannot also focus much on my blog because i am focusing now on my clients and searching for new clients as well.

    i will only have enough time around january since it is my non-peak season in freelance writing. that would be the time to promote my blog and to search for more high paying clients

    wish you luck Darnell and hoping that we both get out from 100K Alexa Club and earn more from blogging
    marilyn cada recently posted…Get Tech News Updates At Danaty.orgMy Profile

    • Ha haaaa! what’s up Marilyn,

      Thank you for sharing your experience I really appreciate it.

      Yeah, it is some what of a conundrum now isn’t it?

      You want to write for your blog more but you have to SEARCH FOR CLIENTS and then write for your them so then you’re blog doesn’t grow as fast as you know it can.

      This is why in year #3 I will be writing more about how important it is to diversify your online income.

      As an online entrepreneur it’s critical to get at least 3 paychecks.

      #1 – Freelance writing
      #2 – Selling Products – affiliate/etc.
      #3 – Blogging – (niche sites, PPC, etc.)
      Darnell Jackson recently posted…How to Make MORE Money Online as a Freelance WriterMy Profile

  10. Hey Darnell,

    I’ve not been a regular reader of your blog, but this post might just make me one.

    Really enjoyed it.

    Congrats for coming so far ahead of where you initially started.

    Jawad Khan recently posted…11 Powerful Twitter Tips for Small BusinessesMy Profile

  11. Thanks for sharing this, your journey in 2 years is very inspiring! Congrats!

    Ayodeji Onibalusi recently posted…Top 19 SEO Experts Share Their Best Advice on SEOMy Profile

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