Why was the International Blogger Championship Tournament started?

To motivate positive change.

The point of the #IBCT is to share high quality information about professional blogging in a 4 week competitive comparative analysis.

The goal is to make reviewing the business of blogging fun and interesting for newbies and veterans alike.



How it works.

International:  The top blogs in the world are reviewed for nomination to the tournament.

Blogger:  Websites that consistently create value for their audience by publishing high quality engaging content.

Championship:  The tournament winner is the blog that generates the most #IBCT social media shares see below.

Tournament:   View schedule/bracket.  The website with the most votes and social media buzz wins each contest.


Blog Owners.  Create buzz for your website ask your visitors to add the hash tag #IBCT to their twitter and Google+ posts.

Example.  In the latest bracket you can follow where your favorite blog is seeded in the tournament.

All you have to participate is post a comment and add your opinion on who you think should win or vote using social media.





When does it start? Who’s winning? Who won?


DOWNLOAD your 2014 #IBCT Bracket

BROWSE the top 256 Blogs in the World



Who is this for?

The #IBCT promotion was designed to motivate people to consider the fastest growing opportunity of the last decade.  Making money online.  Blogging for profit is real.

You might be shocked if you knew how much money many of the websites featured on #IBCT are earning every week.

The blog owners will tell you that it’s not about the money it’s about the freedom they enjoy in their day to day life.

Hopefully this information will inspire and motivate you to consider blogging as a means to grow your business online.

The #IBCT is for you it’s also for me as I dream to one day have a website on a list like this.  One step at a time, lets move it.


What is the Future of the #IBCT?

The future of the tournament is unlimited.




I am extremely excited by the success of the technology conferences and I have big hopes of one day seeing the International Blogger Championship Tournament make it to this level.

Imagine the possibilities?