Is it time to sell Google?

Is it time to sell Google?




What, you thought I would spend the whole article wasting your time before I just told you straight up what time it is?


Are you put off by my 1980′s hip-hop modified vernacular?

Don’t be.


I’m the same person that would have saved or made you boat loads of cash if you listened to what I predicted about APPLE last year.

Yes, I was the ONLY one who told you that IT WAS DECLINE TIME FOR APPLE when everyone else was singing their praises.


Ohhhh, ooooohhhhh, Apple’s the biggest company in the world they’re sooooo awesome ooooohhhh.




Now I’m trying to get your attention about GOOGLE.

If you want’ to know what’s happening with the company and the movements of the stock chart and the head and shoulders or tea cup Fibonacci horse crap “movements” then you are on the WRONG site.

I’m not about trying to put on a show to impress you with STUPID sounding terminology that’s meaningless and only designed to confuse you.

I’m also not selling you anything either I’m just keeping it all the way real with you, double OG.

DISCLAIMER:  In case you’re a suit this article is my humble opinion.  

I am not licensed to sell any type of security nor would I ever try to get a licence to sell paper securities that are barely worth the paper they’re written on.


I’m simply writing this article to document my next BIG prediction:


The GOOGLE decline will begin within the next 12 months, but definitely before 2015 is over.


Here’s what happened the last time.


That doesn’t mean that Google’s stock will not run for a little bit here throughout the end of the year into next year or so.


Before you know it $GOOG will start a decline comparable to the chart above.

The stock will go up a bit more from here but soon there after it’s watch out below.


What do you think?


Is it time to sell Google?

  • $800 for 1 stock of Google are you a buyer?
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