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It’s all about YOU

It's all about U

Big shout out to everybody who thought of the Tupac song when you saw this headline, lol.


It’s the truth.

People are most interested in what other people are doing that will improve their lives.

Think about it.

In one way or another isn’t this true?


I can imagine my little nieces and nephews asking me:

Hey uncle Darnell, “Why do people watch television?”

Because, we like to watch OTHER PEOPLE entertain us and tell us what’s happening.


Hey uncle Darnell, Why do people listen to music?”

Because, we like to listen to OTHER PEOPLE sing, play instruments, or rap over hot beats.


However, when I talk to small business owners and entrepreneurs many of them want to HIDE themselves.

They think they are BRANDING by using a LOGO as their image on social media.

They think that somehow they’re going to connect with their potential customers by “becoming” a logo.


Out of 128 blogs selected for the #IBCT only ONE has been able to successfully pull this off and that’s the CHAMP Gail Gardner.


I’m DEFINITELY not trying to insult you but you’re not the champ.

Gail knows what she’s doing but most small business owners don’t so I don’t recommend you try this technique.


Instead here’s what you should do to make it all about you:



People tend to summarize other people by “their story”.

It’s crazy how this works, especially in corporate America where people tend to get typecast by some event that brought shame or fame they just never seem to get past it.

Bob, oh yeah he’s the guy from maintenance that forgot to open the storm water valve, that’s why the admin building flooded that time, “he’s an idiot”.
Every body know’s Sara, you know the girl from sales who had the $1 million dollar day back in 2001, “she’s a star”.

It doesn’t matter how long ago it happened people just never seem to get over it.

This is why it’s important for YOU to take control of YOUR story.

  • Use YOUR photos yes, the ones with YOUR FACE. NO, don’t use a motorcycle helmet like me,  I only wear it for safety, I #BlogSoHard that sh1t cray.
  • Use YOUR top 5 or 10 most interesting accomplishments that someone may not know about you.
    WAIT, Before you click over to read my about page I’ll tell you there’s more things about me that I haven’t added yet like I’ve owned my own business for 10 years and I also arranged for a local rap group to open for legendary hip hop icon SCARFACE.



If everything was perfect in the world what would it look like?

What are you fighting for?

Here’s my favorite quote for what I mean:


I know some of you reading this may think,

I don’t want to get political I don’t want to talk about important stuff, everybody says don’t talk about that stuff, it’s scary man, I’m afraid.

Well, just keep talking about what ever your talking about now, good luck with that.

Fear is as good a reason as any to fail I guess.

However, If you want SUCCESS and REAL results then you need to keep it real about the causes that you stand for.

In 2013 there’s no doubt that you stand for something, what is it?

  • Maybe you added a STOP CISPA banner to your site.
  • Maybe you changed your avatar to support the idea that men can be wives and women can be grooms.
  • Maybe you got involved with the gun rights debate.

What ever it is there is a huge opportunity that you will never discover if you don’t “go there”.

Ultimately people like most what’s connects with them emotionally and causes do this better than anything else.




The #1 reason why people say they shop where they shop or buy where they buy is because they LIKE the people who sell them stuff.

If you are not LIKED by your audience then they aren’t going to buy diddly squat from you.

If they like you and you DON’T make an offer they still aren’t going to buy, do you know why?


However, timing is probably the most important concepts of strategy to master.

It’s not what you do it but WHEN you do it that counts the most.

Just like asking your boss for a pay raise,

…let me just give you a FREE tip, MONDAY is the worst day and FRIDAY is the best day to ask, you can thank me later.

It’s just as important which day you ask as it is THAT you ask to begin with.

Your offer should only be made after you have established WHO you are and let people know what you’re ABOUT.

Then you need to make a judgement call on if you think you’re at a point where your prospect “likes” you enough to buy something from you.

The truth is Seth Godin was right, you only need a finite number of people who like you in order to find success.

How to make a great offer:

  1. Research the biggest problems and questions that your audience is facing so you KNOW your offer will be seen as helpful and useful information when you make it.
  2. Watch like 10 infomercials on YouTube and crack up on how theses marketers identify the PROBLEM.  This is key, your offer has to identify the problem that it solves.  Tired of burning your fingers flipping over burgers try our new spatula, lol.
  3. Charles Barkley.
    From now on when I talk about this important step in making an offer I’m going to call it the Charles Barkley effect.  This is what Weight Watchers is doing by paying Charles Barkley to lose weight.  He is a walking testimonial.  In order to make a great offer you have to have a really great testimonial, what’s more proof that a weight loss plan works than watching a celebrity lose weight right before your eyes?



Check out these amazingly talented people from the #OneSpark recap video above, don’t forget to tell them I sent you.

They inspired me and I hope they have the same effect for you, don’t miss the results from this years event.


BONE SHAKER  By Ronald L. Schroer.  You’ll see more of this i’m sure, this thing was a major HIT at one spark.

FLORIDA GREEN RECORDS  Ha haaaaaa! these dudes man can’t say enough about them, creating inventions to power to make music, come on man that’s freaking awesome.

JENNI REID MUSIC Home girl put’s it down MAN straight up thanks again Jenni your awesome it’s obvious.

TUNE – UP Bluetooth Stereo Converter Interesting invention will let you play music in your car through your phone.

ADRIAN PICKET  The extremely talented artist that I linked to yesterday, but some American art.

FERTILE EARTH FARMS  John’s a genius and he hooks me up with awesome deals on ORGANIC fruits and veggies.

MISTER COOLER – Anthony DeClementi This is a great invention for anyone living in the south where it’s hot as a MOFO and you want to entertain people.

SOLAR SHUTTERS I didn’t get to meet the inventor but I like this idea.

EZ-DC THERMOVOLT POWER GENERATOR By Tony Brown I had an excellent discussion with Tony on how this thing works very impressive.  This will help people big time when the power goes out.


Want results? Get the Plugin.

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  1. Keral Patel says:

    Nice point there that we watch TV in order for them to entertain us. If we apply same techniques in online world then it would also give similar results.
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  2. Karnal Singh says:

    It is very important to learn from others and let others learn from your experiences….
    Karnal Singh recently posted…Medical / Dental Faculty Vacancy in ESI Hospital Rohini Delhi 2013My Profile

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