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How Lahaul Seth went from a cub to a Lion Blogger in 12 months

This featured guest post is a success story submitted by Lahaul Seth.

It’s about what he learned and accomplished as a pro blogger since January 4th 2013, the day he registered his domain lionblogger.comDon’t miss the other success stories in this series.




by Lahaul Seth

I will be happy to let you know that Lion Blogger helped me make $2000+ USD in this very competitive niche – which is the blogging niche. Apart from helping me make money online, it also helped me learn enough programming to complete an IBM project.

$2000 USD is not much when you compare with other bloggers.

Even some of the intermediate level bloggers makes way more money per year than this. But you also need to keep in mind that I’m a full time engineering student – which means I am involved in attending classes, giving numerous exams and studying.

I’m currently in my 4th year of engineering which means I have the final year project and I also successfully completed a project under IBM which lasted almost 4 months.

So, given the time I had left for blogging and marketing, I did pretty well.


Online Success :

My first and the biggest success when it comes to making money online was winning the Affiliate Lights Contest organized by Brian Belfitt of Blog Engage.

The contest was about how much sale one could make. With my heavy marketing, I was able to sell a 99.99 GBP Direct To Front Page Account which was the highest in the contest.

As a result, I was also given a $100 USD bonus as per the rules of the contest which brought my total to almost $250 USD.

blogengage (1)


Other than the contest, Blog Engage has been one of the most biggest earners for me this year which included Affiliate Marketing.

It pays about 25% commission for every customer that you refer. That has helped me earn money as well.



Another source of making money online is winning blogging contests. Apart from the Blog Engage contest, I also won two more. Though in total I made about $100 USD, but I got some great traffic from them to my blog because of promotions.

One of them was on Internet Dreams and another was on Guest Crew.

In the Internet Dreams contest, I came 1st and on the Guest Crew contest I came 4th probably because I had spent less time on marketing. Still it’s better than nothing.



The biggest source of online money for me right now is freelancing.

I do lots of freelancing work on content writing and web designing.

This is now my primary source of income.

Because I have limited time on my hands due to studies and all, so the money for me is also limited. But once I graduate, I have plans to at least triple my freelancing income.

Check out my earnings for the last two months.


So if you’re frustrated about not being able to make money online, just hold onto it.

Sooner or later you will taste success.

Just don’t give up.

Want results? Get the Plugin.

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6 comments on “How Lahaul Seth went from a cub to a Lion Blogger in 12 months
  1. Virtual Edge says:

    Thanks for sharing your honest experience. When I first took a look at my headshots, I wasn’t too thrilled with mine but you’ve given me a new perspective!

  2. Nice post, Darnell. Hi Lahaul, congrats on being able to steadily earn some extra money doing freelance work online while still performing your studies. Wishing you continued success!

    (Article shared on Kingged.com :) and Tweeted.)
    Vernessa Taylor recently posted…Smart Budgeting: Eccount Helps Control SpendingMy Profile

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