Link Building. The #1 reason why you're doing it wrong.

Link Building: You’re Doing it Wrong pt. 1


From the very moment you register your domain name the race is on.

The stress begins.

How in the hell am I going to get anyone to look at my new website?


What can I do to get more views NOW.


Most people follow the path left by other successful internet marketers and that is to focus on building back links trying to rank for SEO.


This is somewhat of a controversial topic.

>  Last month I wrote about a back-link building strategy that works.

This month I want to talk about what doesn’t work.


Link Building:  The #1 Sign that you’re doing it wrong.


1.  You are focused on ‘link building’ not content marketing.

Too many bloggers are putting the cart before the horse when it comes to promoting their websites and blogs.

They are focused on the link FIRST and the content SECOND, big mistake.

That’s like being focused on passing out a set number of business cards with phone numbers and no names.

If you passed out 500 cards, yeah you’ll get some calls but of what quality?

Think about who would call a number on a business card without a name?  Is this person a real prospect for your business?

Why this doesn’t work:

  • It’s counter intuitive.  Why would someone click a link from an article that they didn’t like or a comment that’s obviously spam?  Shout-out to the people still using a KEYWORD as their name, spamming blog comments, good luck with that strategy, lol.
  • Trash in, Trash out.  The more you want out of something the more you have put IN to it.   THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS!   Mass link builder types don’t seem to understand this.  They put trash content out there with a link and expect the world to just magically show up, NO.

The truth is most people are hard headed by nature so, we usually learn our lessons the hard way.

The internet is no different.


The good news is:

You don’t have to embarrass yourself like Giovanna Plowman to get people to check out what you’re doing online.

You also don’t have to hire useless contractors like “Caren Smocker” who’ll take your money then make you AND them look like a complete spambot idiot.  Is this the reputation you want?


The bad news is:

You’ve got some work to do.

Sorry spoiled brat crowd, you actually have to work for what you want, there are no free lunches on the internet.

Just like the product or service that your website promotes it takes serious effort to produce quality results online.


UPDATE:  DON’T MISS PART 2: Link Building:  You’re Doing it Wrong


Now it’s over to you, time for confession hour.

It’s ok you are safe here you can be honest.

Have you been doing it wrong?   

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2 comments on “Link Building: You’re Doing it Wrong pt. 1
  1. Sire says:

    I get a lot of spam comments from people who just don’t know any better and think they can just pop in leave crap and pop out or people who think their time is better spent elsewhere and have paid someone else to do the work for them. Unfortunately they usually pay as little as possible and the results are crappy comments which I usually send to Akismet hell.

    I sometimes get an email from them months later saying they want the comment removed because of Googles latest update and they think its hurting their ranking. Unfortunately for them if the comment exists it must have been pretty good and someone has usually replied to it and is now part of my content. I figure if they want it removed it’s going to cost them because it’s costing me time and I don’t work for free for no-one ;)
    Sire recently posted…Valentine Gift Ideas For The Person You LoveMy Profile

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